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									                                              T h e         U n i v e r s i t y               o f   To r o n t o

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  LUNCH/LECTURE              SUCCEED!            TRANSFORMING               COMPUTER SCIENCE         PROFESSIONALS            EVENTS               EVENTS
PETRO JACYK CENTRAL   INSPIRE COLLABORATION       SCHOLARSHIP                                                                                   EXHIBITIONS

            L e ad Gi ft f o r
          Ro ba r t s Li b r ar y
           Re vi t al i zati on

               he largest private      create 1,200 additional study
               donation ever made      spaces and ensure students have
               to the renewal of a     24-hour access to the resources
               library in Canada       they need to be productive and
has been given to the Robarts          connected. We are deeply grateful
Library by Russell and Katherine       to Russell and Katherine
Morrison as a challenge gift. The      Morrison for supporting this
Morrison’s donation represents         important hub of our campus
one quarter of the cost of the         community.”
$40 million Robarts revitalization         “Katherine and I are delighted                 v   PRESIDENT NAYLOR   ANNOUNCES THE GIFT.

recently launched by the               to support this important
University of Toronto.                 project,” said Mr. Morrison.                      builds on what is already an          College to be built in almost
    “The renewal of Robarts is         “Libraries are the font of creati-                impressive record of investment       50 years.
ultimately about lifting the           vity on campus and it is vital that               in University of Toronto                 The government of Ontario
student experience,” said U of T       students have high quality spaces                 students. The Morrison Pavilion       has committed $15 million to
president David Naylor. “Close         to study, collaborate and research.               (2003) added 650 study spaces to      the renewal of the Robarts
to 85 per cent of our students at      We view the renewal of Robarts                    the Gerstein Science Information      Library. With their gift, the
the St. George campus commute          as an opportunity to contribute                   Centre, effectively doubling the      Morrisons hope to inspire others
to school. This means they rely        to the foundations of education,                  capacity of Canada’s largest          to help complete this three-year
on libraries, especially Robarts,      advance groundbreaking ideas,                     academic science and medicine         project and get financially
for study spaces and for a sense of    and dramatically improve the                      library. Morrison Hall (2006) was     involved. The Toronto firm
engagement with university life.       quality of student life.”                         the first new on-campus               Diamond & Schmitt are the
The proposed renovations will              This latest Morrison gift                     student residence at University       project’s lead architects.

                                              U n i v e r s i t y o f To r o n t o   1    Libraries Newsletter Spring 2009
                                       Library Associates Lunch/Lecture

                       Vi v i e n n e Poy Spea k s o f her
                                 Fam i l y Hi s t o r y

                                                                         enator Vivienne Poy,            est given the historical context in
                                                                         author of Profit,               which it developed. She spoke of
                                                                    Victory, and                         tales from the search of her roots,
                                                                    Sharpness: the Lees of               her various encounters while
                                                             Hong Kong (Toronto, 2006),                  gathering information all over the
                                                             talked about how and why she                world, as well as what she has
                                                             took up the enterprise of writing           found to be the most effective
                                                             her family history, and her                 tools in writing a biography. She
                                                             rigorous research methodology.              uncovered mysteries of the past
                                                             The story of Poy’s family is of             found in old books, antique
                                                             particular significance and inter-          documents, and dusty rooms.

               he Petro Jacyk
               Central and East
               European Resource
                                                   Pe t ro Ja c y k C en t r a l &
               Centre (PJRC)
recently relocated from the 8th to                Eas t Eu ro pea n Res o u rc e
the 3rd floor of Robarts Library
thanks to generous support from
the University’s Stepping UP
                                                       C en t re Open s in
Academic Initiative Fund. The
Library held an opening on 16
                                                         Ne w L o c a t io n
April 2009 to celebrate the move,                                                                                           Ginutis Procuta, and Olga
and to reacquaint students,                                                                                                 Kowal. Speakers included Carole
faculty, library staff, donors, and                                                                                         Moore, University Chief
members of the community                                                                                                    Librarian; professor Peter
with the Centre’s programs and                                                                                              Solomon, Department of
services.                                                                                                                   Political Science; professor
    Opened nearly 15 years ago,                                                                                             Christina Kramer, Department of
the Centre is named after the late                                                                                          Slavic Languages and Literatures;
Petro Jacyk, a Toronto business-                                                                                            Nadia Jacyk, President of the
man and philanthropist, who                                                                                                 Petro Jacyk Education
donated the necessary start-up                                                                                              Foundation; and Ksenya
funds. The Centre supports the                                                                                              Kiebuzinski, Head of the PJRC
activities, teaching, and research                                                                                          and Coordinator of Slavic
of the Centre for European,                                                                                                 Resources at the Library.
Russian, and Eurasian Studies,                                                                                                  Among the benefits of the
the Department of Slavic               v   NADIA JACYK, OKSANA KOVALENKO, OLEKSANDR DANYLEIKO, VICTOR                       PJRC’s new location that were
Languages and Literatures, and             OSTAPCHUK, PETER SOLOMON AND LUCAN WAY                                           highlighted by the speakers
the five research chairs connected    distinguished guests, among                                              r
                                                                                      of the Czech Republic, Jiˆí Slais.    were its greater accessibility and
with Estonian, Finnish,               them the Consul Generals of                     Also in attendance were some of       visibility, extended hours, and
Hungarian, Polish history, and        Bulgaria, Guenka Beleva; the                    the Library’s many donors of          larger physical space, a “splendid
Ukrainian studies.                    Republic of Serbia, Dragan                      Slavic and East European books        location, right in the heart of
    The opening was well attend-      Grkovic; Ukraine, Oleksandr                     and book funds, among them
ed and included a number of           Danyleiko; and the Vice-Consul                  Joseph Medwecki, John Stanley,                           CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

                                           U n i v e r s i t y o f To r o n t o   2    Libraries Newsletter Spring 2009
                                            He l p in g St u d en t s
       f you build it, they will
       come! In late February                                                                                                  One Millionth
       construction in the 9th floor
       north apex study area was
completed and the refurbished
                                                  Su c c eed !                                                                    Volume
                                                                                                                                Milestone at
                                             New Library Spaces to Inspire                                                      Downsview
space was quietly opened.
Immediately, without announce-
                                              Collaboration and Learning
ment, the group study rooms,
wired tables and individual
carrels were occupied and the
                                                                                                                              A      significant milestone was
                                                                                                                                     celebrated in February
                                                                                                                              by UTL at Downsview. The
area has now become a favourite                                                                                               Library’s high-density storage
place for students in Robarts                                                                                                 and preservation facility,
Library. Comments from                                                                                                        opened in 2005, shelved its
students using the space have                                                                                                 one millionth volume.
been enthusiastic and positive.                                                                                                   Built by the University of
Users have expressed their delight                                                                                            Toronto to alleviate existing
using words and phrases such as                                                                                               overcrowding at libraries, the
“amazing”, “a great idea” and                                                                                                 facility now houses materials
“the modern design with lights at                                                                                             from several libraries, such as
each seat is very much loved by                                                                                               Robarts, Gerstein, Earth
students”.                                                                                                                    Sciences, Mathematical
    The renovation and refur-                                                                                                 Sciences, Engineering and
bishment program which has                                                                                                    Computer Science, OISE,
transformed the 9th floor north                                                                                               Faculty of Information,
apex will be repeated in the five                                                                                             Architecture, Music, and
other apex areas on the 9th and         v   NORTH APEX, 9TH         FLOOR                                                     Criminology, and special
11th Robarts stack floors starting                                                                                            collections from the Thomas
in July 2009. In summer 2010,          additional study space including                area will draw people into the         Fisher Rare Book Library,
the same program will extend to        two group study rooms.                          building and invite them to            University Archives, Media
the 10th, 12th and 13th floors.            These projects herald                       experience the comfort, grandeur       Commons, and the East Asian
Overall a total of 1,500 new           the beginning of a multi-year                   and magnificent resources of one       Library.
study spaces will be added in          improvement plan for the                        of the world’s best libraries.             The entire collection at
areas that incorporate the best        Robarts Library focused on                          The library is greatly apprecia-   Downsview is accessible
of natural and artificial light,       meeting the needs of today’s 21st               tive for the financial support it      through a state-of-the-art
comfortable surroundings,              century students. While preserv-                has received from the Ontario          document delivery service
acoustical sound treatment,            ing the strength of the Library’s               Government and from the                available to the three campus-
state-of-the-art wiring and wire-      print and digital collections and               leadership gift from Katherine         es every weekday. Requests for
less connectivity capability, and      building on the tradition of inno-              and Russell Morrison.                  books and articles are placed
close proximity to the Library’s       vative service, the new direction                   This three year renovation         through the library catalogue.
outstanding collections.               will reinvigorate the Library’s                 plan marks the beginning of an             Moving low-use material
    In April 2009, a second            physical spaces to focus on                     ambitious project which in the         out of U of T libraries to
construction project began on the      student needs and on creating a                 end, with ongoing support from         the Downsview facility has
5th floor of the Library.              home-away-from-home study                       friends of the Library and the         not only allowed for the
The work will be completed in          environment designed to                         University community, will             reclaiming of study and
summer 2009 so that students           contribute to academic success.                 include additional expanded            reading space for all library
returning in September will be             As the plan moves forward,                  space on the west side of the          patrons, but also for the
welcomed back to a completely          revitalized spaces will be created              Robarts building to meet grow-         creation of room on the
renovated Data, Map and                on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor.                  ing graduate and undergraduate         shelves for new acquisitions.
Geographic Information Systems,        The Library’s entrances will be                 student needs. We invite you               At Downsview, work on
incorporating a teaching lab, a        updated to take advantage of                    to join with us in watching the        the next million volumes is
well equipped reference and            natural light and to provide a                  plans unfold and playing an            underway.
consultation area, reorganized         welcoming approach and a                        active part in supporting the
collection space, improved             gathering space for students and                success of students at the
lighting, new furniture and            faculty. The 2nd floor lobby                    University of Toronto.

                                            U n i v e r s i t y o f To r o n t o   3    Libraries Newsletter Spring 2009
                                                                                                                               communication and collabora-
              Di g i t al Hum a n it i es :                                                                                    tion. The challenge for humani-
                                                                                                                               ties scholars is to make sure they
            Transfor m i n g L ib r a r ies ,                                                                                  are driving these transformations
                                                                                                                               and not just reacting to them.”

            Advan c i n g Sch o l a r s h ip                                                                                       Indeed they are, as illustrated
                                                                                                                               in the following examples of
                                                                                                                               digital humanities initiatives:
                                                                                                                               • The TAPoR Project,
                                                                                                                                 University of Toronto: Led by

                 igital humanities is      In their 2008 report, “Green                 • multimodal scholarship, such           English professor Ian
                 an evolving area of    paper on digital humanities at                    as integrated, multi-functional        Lancashire, TAPoR (Text
                 scholarship that       U of T,” philosophy professors                    tools to access, discover,             Analysis Portal for Research)
                 combines compu-        Robert Gibbs and Brian Cantwell                   investigate, experiment,               is a multi-institutional project
tational methods with materials         Smith cite the following as                       collaborate and create visually,       that goes beyond statistically-
from the various disciplines in         possible typologies of digital                    aurally and textually.                 based textual analysis to incor-
the humanities. Digital humani-         humanities:                                                                              porate dynamic tools such as
ties is not a discipline. It is         • the computing humanities,                          Gibbs and Cantwell liken the        interactive concordancers,
a methodology that has trans-              including digitizing and                     transformative power of digital          XML browsers and usability
formed humanities scholarship              delivering content;                          humanities to the changes in how         software.
by creating new modes                   • networked scholarship,                        we understood, created and
of enquiry, experimentation,               encompassing tools for                       shared our world view — culture,      • Vectors Journal of
construction, expression,                  communicating and                            society, ourselves — when we              Culture and Technology
scholarship and dissemination.             collaborating; and                           transformed from an oral to a             in a Dynamic
                                                                                        primarily written culture. We are         Vernacular, University of
                                                                                        now rapidly moving into a digital         Southern California: This
                                                                                        culture, and digital humanities           project started in 2005 as a
                                                                                        provide a way to investigate,             vehicle for multi-modal schol-
                                                                                        debate and share critical                 arship. The process towards
                                                                                        epistemological questions.                publication in Vectors is
                                                                                             “Although the                                     emergent, immer-

                                                                                        popular concep-         The challenge for              sive and non-linear
                                                                                        tion of a humani-                                      where the research
                                                                                                                humanities scholars is
                                                                                        ties scholar might                                     questions inform
                                                                                        still be a professor    to make sure they are          the product of
                                                                                        in a side chair         driving these transfor- research. Vectors
                                                                                        with a well-                                           does not accept
                                                                                                                mations and not just
                                                                                        worn folio of                                          works that could

                                                                                        Shakespeare in his      reacting to them.              be published in
                                                                                        or her lap, it is                                      print.
                                                                                        just as likely that
                                                                                        today’s humanist is amassing          • Digital Humanities
                                                                                        and analyzing digitized images            Quarterly, Alliance of
                                                                                        of WWII propaganda or partici-            Digital Humanities
                                                                                        pating in a globally-linked digital       Organizations: This open
                                                                                        forum on deejay cyber-                    access, peer-reviewed journal
                                                                                        aesthetics,” says Professor Gage          serves as a forum for sharing
                                                                                        Averill, Vice-Principal and Dean          work in all aspects of digital
       v  THIS IMAGE OF A MAORI GOD DURING THE CREATION OF                              Academic, U of T Mississauga.             media.
                                                                                        “The digital revolution has radi-
      MAORIS" (CIRCA 1907) BY WILHELM DITTMER, CONTRIBUTED             TO               cally transformed our methods of          The challenges with a rapidly
      THE I NTERNET A RCHIVE ' S FOLKLORE COLLECTION BY ROBARTS                         research, analysis, information       burgeoning area of scholarship
                                                                                        storage, publication, instruction,    are the multiplicity of projects

                                             U n i v e r s i t y o f To r o n t o   4    Libraries Newsletter Spring 2009
not easily discovered — unique
to the research interest, creativity
                                                                                            En g i n eer i n g &
and passion of an individual                          he Engineering and
scholar — and not easily                              Computer Science
transferred to another field.
Approaching digital humanities
                                                      Library, serving a
                                                      community of
                                                                                          C o m pu t er S c ie nce
at an enterprise level could
address some of these challenges.
                                         approximately 5,000 undergrad-
                                         uate students, 1,600 graduate                           L ib r a r y
A recent Mellon-funded initiative        students and 290 faculty
between the UC Berkeley and the
University of Chicago is Project
                                         members, has recently under-
                                         gone a renovation made possible
                                                                                              Ren ova t io ns
Bamboo, which aims to under-             through funding from the
stand the needs of humanities            Student Experience Fund, and
researchers and, in turn, develop        the collaboration between
shared technology services for           the library and the faculties
the arts and humanities commu-           of Applied Science and
nities. The U of T is a participant      Engineering, and Arts and
in this initiative. Multi-discipli-      Science.
nary and inter-organizational,               Fresh paint and the
Project Bamboo brings together           installation of about 6,000
faculty, information technology          square feet of carpeting in most
leaders, librarians and technical        public areas, new furniture, and
specialists.                             flat panel computer monitors
    What is the role of the library      have provided the library with a
in digital humanities?                   much brighter and pleasant
    At its core, the research            environment.                                   rewiring of power and data        study spaces. Students have
library collects, organizes, makes           Space functionality has been               cables.                           voiced their appreciation for the
accessible, stores and preserves         largely enhanced by the                           With a better use of the       welcoming new appearance of
collections for current and future       rearrangement of study space                   space and the shipping of         the library and for the more
generations of scholars. In the          furniture and the relocation of                20,000 volumes to the storage     comfortable individual and
digital age, libraries, including        the reference desk and some                    and preservation facility at      group study spaces now available
the U of T Libraries, have been          book shelves. Connectivity has                 Downsview, the library has been   to them.
involved in digital humanities           also been enhanced by the                      able to increase the number of
including mass digitization
projects, such as the Internet
Archive, which provides print           to provide leadership with new        nicate research results digitally for       humanities. At the U of T
materials in digital form to            technologies that support             the benefit of the international            Mississauga Library, liaison
increase accessibility and facilitate   research,” says Carole Moore,         academic community.”                        librarians collaborate with faculty
new modes of scholarship. To            University of                                            The U of T               across disciplines to provide

date, approximately 169,000             Toronto Chief            As we build a critical       Libraries leads the         support, expertise and assessment
texts from the U of T collections       Librarian. “At the                                    Fine Arts Digital           with learning technologies critical
                                                                mass of digitized
have been digitized in the              U of T Libraries,                                     Imaging Service,            to digital humanities scholarship.
Internet Archive, which itself has      we’re collaborating     material, libraries           recently re-named           For instance, the Library intro-
over 1.2 million texts. “As we          on initiatives to       need to work with             the Federation of           duced a “Learning 2.0” program
build a critical mass of digitized      advance humani-                                       Academic Digital            to guide faculty in an exploration
                                                                faculty to build data
material, libraries need to work        ties scholarship                                      Imaging Service, a          of Web 2.0 applications for use in
with faculty to build data analysis     and spread              analysis and                  repository of over          their teaching and research.

and archiving tools to exploit the      knowledge by            archiving tools …             75,000 digital                  Working from a solid base of
full potential of this format,” says    connecting vari-                                      images used for             collecting, organizing, making
Jonathan Bengtson, Chief                ous individual digital humanities     teaching and research. The                  accessible and preserving
Librarian, University of St.            projects and scholars, working        U of T Libraries and the                    resources, librarians increasingly
Michael’s College.                      with them to create shared            Jackman Humanities Institute are            engage in collaborative research
    “Digital humanities is tied to      research tools and methods, and       also discussing collaborative,
the Library’s role as it transitions    then developing ways to commu-        tri-campus initiatives in digital                          CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

                                             U n i v e r s i t y o f To r o n t o   5    Libraries Newsletter Spring 2009
                                                                                     Michael Meth has                        Institute and a master
                                                                                     been appointed as                       of information studies
                                                                                     director of the recently                from the University of
                 L i b ra r i e s We l c o m e                                       opened Li Koon Chun                     Toronto. His previous
                                                                                     Finance Learning                        experience includes
                                                                                     Centre at the                           positions as senior
                Ne w                                                                 University of Toronto v MICHAEL METH research associate at
                                                                                     Mississauga Library.                    Korn Ferry
            Infor m ati on                                                           Meth holds a bachelor of
                                                                                     administration from the
                                                                                                                    International, and research
                                                                                                                    portfolios with Standard &

            Profe ssi on al s                                                        Schulich School of Business at
                                                                                     York University, certification
                                                                                                                    Poor’s and the National Bank of
                                                                                     from the Canadian Securities

 Michelle Baratta                             While completing her                   Margaret Wall joined                       department, she
 joined the Engineering                       MISt, she worked at                    the Reference &                            worked as a Graduate
 and Computer Science                         the Engineering and                    Research Services                          Assistant Library
 Library as a Reference                       Computer Science                       Department of                              Technician in the
 and Instruction                              Library providing ref-                 Robarts Library as a                       Data, Map and
 Librarian. Michelle                          erence services. Her                   reference librarian.                       Government
 holds an Honours                             prior work experience                  Margaret obtained                          Information Services
                         v MICHELLE                                                                           v MARGARET
 Bachelor of Science        BARATTA           includes Information                   her Master of                WALL          Department of
 in Forensic Science                          Analyst at the Toronto                 Information Studies                        Robarts Library and as
 and Anthropology, and a            Stock Exchange, and Adult                        at the University of Toronto in   an Assistant Library Technician
 Master of Information Studies      Services Librarian at Vaughan                    2008 and her Bachelor of Arts     at the University of Toronto’s
 from the University of Toronto.    Public Libraries.                                from the University of Waterloo   Dentistry Library.
                                                                                     in 2001. Prior to joining the

 Allison Bell joined the                    University. Allison was                   Edward White joined                           information literacy
 Gerstein Science                           previously Electronic                     the OISE Library                              instruction. His ability
 Information Centre as                      Resources Librarian at                    under a short-term                            to contribute to a
 Coordinator, Reference                     McMaster’s Health                         contract. During his                          variety of functions
 & Research Unit. She                       Sciences Library. Prior                   time at OISE he has                           has been appreciated.
 received her graduate                      to that, she held refer-                  contributed to several
 degree in library and   v ALLISON BELL     ence and research                         key areas: a signifi-    v EDWARD WHITE
 information science                        positions at the UTM                      cant amount of work
 from the University of Western    Library and at the Ontario                         on the reference desk, cata-
 Ontario and her undergraduate     Ministry of Natural Resources                      loguing (in Dewey) and some
 degree from McMaster              Library.

NEW LOCATION                        portal to world wide Slavic and                 languages, other alphabets, other      microfilm a collection of serials
                                    East European library and                       systems, and knowing how to            published in Western Ukraine
Robarts Library” that has made a    documentary resources. It was                   discover and access material in        during the former Austro-
“huge difference” in raising the    also emphasized how the PJRC                    all of its physical and virtual        Hungarian Empire, and an
Centre’s profile. Both faculty      staff supports the needs of faculty             manifestations.                        endowment created in 1994 to
speakers stressed the importance    and students working in Slavic                      Petro Jacyk’s charitable contri-   support annual subscriptions to
of the Centre’s latest work in      and East European studies by                    butions to the Library and those       Ukrainian periodicals. In 2006,
developing its virtual space and    their understanding of what it                  of the foundation in his name          the Petro Jacyk Education
creating a user-friendly online     means to work in other                          include funds received in 1983 to      Foundation provided funds for

                                         U n i v e r s i t y o f To r o n t o   6    Libraries Newsletter Spring 2009
                              Fr i e n ds o f Fis her Even t s
                                     WERNER PFEIFFER
                                     Book Objects & Artists Books

                                     T     his exhibition ran from
                                           January 29 to May 1, 2009
                                     in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book
                                                                                     “book-objects speak loudly of
                                                                                     machines and their myriad com-
                                                                                     ponents, of assembly and prefab-
                                                                                                                            exhibition the viewer will be
                                                                                                                            lured into Pfeifer’s distinctive
                                                                                                                            topographies, for as much as his
                                     Library. In the accompanying                    rication; it’s hard to look at these   work is about constructing new
                                     catalogue, the Curator of Rare                  artworks without imagining a           architectures, it is also about
 v   WERNER PFEIFFER                 Books at Smith College, Martin                  man with tools in his hands            mapping new landscapes, new
                                     Antonetti, says that Pfeiffer’s                 behind them. … throughout this         terrains.”

                                     ANNUAL DAVID NICHOLLS MEMORIAL LECTURE
                                     The History of the Book in the Kitchen

                                     E    lizabeth Driver, author of
                                          Culinary Landmarks: A
                                     Bibliography of Canadian
                                                                                     individual titles from 1825 to
                                                                                     1949 from all parts of Canada,
                                                                                     written by Canadians or
                                                                                                                            different modes of publication,
                                                                                                                            cookbooks reveal the customs of
                                                                                                                            the country and the rich back-
                                     Cookbooks, delivered the 2009                   Canadian editions of works by          grounds of the many different
                                     Nicholls Lecture on February 4,                 other authors. Traditionally rare      peoples who have inhabited this
     HILARY NICHOLLS                 2009. Driver’s book contains                    because of the ways in which they      land and each one has its own
                                     detailed descriptions of 2,276                  have been used and their many          story to tell.

                                     INAUGURAL LEON KATZ MEMORIAL LECTURE
                                     Going Native? Canadian Missionary to Korea,
                                     James Scarth Gale

                                     T     he inaugural Leon Katz
                                           Lecture was delivered on
                                     March 4, 2009 by Professor Ross
                                                                                     Toronto, arrived in Korea as a
                                                                                     missionary. He, however, went far
                                                                                     beyond the normal duties of his
                                                                                                                            collecting books and compiling
                                                                                                                            and annotating bibliographies of
                                                                                                                            the old Korean literature. By the
 v   JOHANNA SEDLMAYER-KATZ          King, Head of the Department of                 calling, quickly learning Korean       1920s he was actively engaged
                                     Asian Studies at the University of              and also studying Classical            in collecting books for several
                                     British Columbia and professor                  Chinese. His Korean-English            institutions, including the Library
                                     of Korean. In 1888, James Scarth                Dictionary is still considered a       of Congress.
                                     Gale, a graduate in Modern                      standard reference source. He
                                     Languages from the University of                became a Korean bibliophile,
                                                                                                                                  MORE FRIENDS OF FISHER EVENTS
                                                                                                                                          CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

the purchase, preservation,              Mr. Jacyk’s donations to the                from the philanthropy of Vlasta        received a donation from the
and/or digitization of retrospec-    Library were meant to be a chal-                Scheybal who endowed The Josef         John and Mary Yaremko
tive Ukrainian library materials,    lenge to members of Toronto’s                   Scheybal Czech Collection in           Foundation for special projects to
and, beginning in 2008, spon-        East European communities to                    1996; and John and Anne                preserve and improve access to
sored a library fellow to work on    broaden the scope of giving to                  Zdunic who since 2003 have             Ukrainian materials held by
projects in the field of Ukrainian   the University. Several have risen              provided generously for the            Robarts and Fisher Libraries.
archives, librarianship, informa-    to this call. The Slavic collections            acquisition of Croatian library
tion sciences, or bibliography.      at the Library have benefited                   materials. In 2008 the Library

                                          U n i v e r s i t y o f To r o n t o   7    Libraries Newsletter Spring 2009
                                  Fr i e n ds o f Fi s h er Even t s
                                         THE FIFTEENTH ANNUAL GRYPHON LECTURE
                                         “If you are ignorant, books cannot laugh at you”:
                                         Sir John Lubbock’s Hundred Books

                                         U     niversity Professor Emeritus
                                               Ted Chamberlin delivered
                                         this year’s Gryphon Lecture
                                                                                         both The Origin of Species and
                                                                                         The Descent of Man, and
                                                                                         who wrote a best seller on ants,
                                                                                                                                which George Rutledge
                                                                                                                                published in the 1890s in a series
                                                                                                                                that was widely popular. His list
v   GEORGE KIDDEL AND                    on April 1. Lubbock was a                       bees and wasps. Lubbock was a          inspired the Great Books and
    TED CHAMBERLIN                       distinguished archaeologist, who                passionate proponent of public         liberal arts programs that spread
                                         coined the terms “neolithic” and                parks and lending libraries.           throughout North America; but
                                         “paleolithic” and shaped the                    Arguing for the importance of          while many of these programs
                                         study of prehistoric times. He                  reasonably priced and well             focused on “Western” texts,
                                         was a naturalist of considerable                chosen books — books that were         Lubbock’s Hundred Books
                                         stature whose discoveries were                  a pleasure to read — he recom-         embraced Arabic and Asian
                                         recognized by Charles Darwin in                 mended a hundred of them,              works as well.

                                                                                         DIGITAL HUMANITIES                     Professor at the University of
                                                                                         CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5
                                                                                                                                Minnesota University Libraries,
                            Exhibitions                                                  with faculty that is part-             “the library has the potential to
                                                                                         constructor — by creating tools        become more involved at all
                                                                                         and services and by making             stages and in all contexts of
          BEIJING OPERA                     CALVIN BY THE BOOK: A LITERARY
       April - August 2009                  COMMEMORATION OF THE 500TH                   content available for multi-modal      knowledge creation, dissemina-
     2nd floor, Robarts Library            ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIRTH OF JOHN
                                                        CALVIN                           digital scholarship — and part-        tion, and use. Rather than being
                                               22 May - 4 September 2009                 contributor to knowledge               defined by its collections or
HALAS LACE - OVER 100 YEARS                  Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
  15 April - 29 May 2009                                                                 creation through librarians’           the services that support them,
  1st floor, Robarts Library                                                             unique skills and knowledge.           the library can become a diffuse
                                                                                            Increasingly, as noted by           agent within the scholarly
                                                                                         Wendy Pradt Lougee, University         community.”
                                                                                         Librarian and McKnight

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