Gymnasium or Classroom Rental Form by hfp39456


									                                                PEACE RIVER SCHOOL DIVISION NO. 10

                                        GYMNASIUM OR CLASSROOM
                                                    RENTAL APPLICATION
Application to Rent                                          School
      Gymnasium                         Classroom

       Home EC Room                     Computer Room
Name of Organization_____________________________________________________

Address of Organization___________________________________________________

Name of Applicant________________________________________________________

Telephone number of Applicant_____________________________________________

Date(s) requested________________________________________________________

Time: Doors to be opened __________________ Closed:_______________________

Exact use to made of facility________________________________________________

Age group of users_______________________________________________________

Admission to be charged     Yes __________________ No______________________

I/We have read the attached rules and regulations pertaining to the use of this gymnasium or
classroom, and agree to abide by same. Cheque or money order (Category I functions only)
to cover the stated rental is attached on the understanding that this will be returned if
permission is not granted.

______________________________          _____________________________________
Date                                         Signature of Authorized
                                             Representative of Organization

Principal's Statement
1. I hereby certify that the gymnasium or classroom is available at the time and on the
     date requested above.
2. I recommend that this application be ( ) granted ( ) refused
3. I recommend that custodial supervision by the caretaker or designate be
     ( ) __ required
     ( ) __ waived
4.   Additional comments (if any)____________________________________________

     Principal's Signature

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