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									                                JOB APPLICATION FORM
                                   CURRICULUM VITAE
Applicant's Id:             W-010111048-Food
Category Name:              Food Processing
Name:                       Md. Arif Hossain
Father's Name:              Md. Awal Howlader
Int. Passport Number:       B 1461571
Date Of Birth:              Year:             Month:                                 Day:
                            BANGLADESH WORKER SOURCING CO.
                            Room: 02, 4th Floor, Red Crescent Building,
Address(Present):           61 Motijheel Commercial Areas, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
                            Tel. 880-0171-2525962, E-mail.


Nationality:                Bangladeshi
Height:                                                       Weight:
Present Occupation:
1) School/Madrasa:
Field of study:
Certificate:                                                      Passing Year
2) College (High School):
Field of study:
Certificate:                                                      Passing Year
3) University:
Field of study:
Certificate:                                                      Passing Year
Typing Known:               Do Know
Language Known:             Bangla
Computer Literacy:
Training #1
Field of Training:
Year:                                                                      To                              2002
Training #2
Field of Training:
Year:                                                                     To
                                          JOB HISTORY
Employer:                   To be submit upon EMPLOYER’S request
                            Items making: Carrot cake, Plain / Dry cake, Marble cake, Soft cake, Apple cake, Coconut
                            collar cake, Pineapple cake, Mixed fruit cake, Collar cake, Citron cake / Icing sugar frosting, Nut
Responsibilities:           frosting cake, Tea cake, party cake, pastry cake, chocolate layer cake, orange cream layer cake,
                            butter layer cake, confectioners frosting, butter cream frosting, orange frosting, cocoa frosting,
                            butter frosting, chocolate frosting, lemon frosting, fruit frosting, jelly frosting etc.
                            With recipes: carrot, egg, sugar, oil, white flower, butter, milk, baking powder, salt, spices,
                            vanilla, coco, margarine, vanilla powder, apple, lemon, banana, brown sugar, coconut,
                            pineapple, dry grapes, different grapes, pea nuts, cashew nuts, akhrot nuts, pesta nuts, jam,
                            juices, Icing sugar, orange rind, instant coffee, cream of tartar, corn flower, whipped cream,
                            absence, gelatin, grease paper, cheese, east, soybean
          Tools using: Woven in different capacities, refrigerator, spoons different, measuring
          components for liquid and solid, knife, grater, different moulds for co-ordinate designs, donut
          cutter, bitter, sucker, bowl, whisk, backing pan/pot, muffin pan/pot, baking sheet, pie pan, pastry
          brush, piping bag, roller, backing tray, delivery tray, display tray
Period:                                                 To

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