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									              Whittle Consulting
   Mining & Mineral Processing Optimization
              ~ Short Course ~
                 “Increase enterprise value by enhancing planning effectiveness
             through a complete framework of optimization principles and methods”
                                                   2010 Timetable
 BOOK                 Gain the Latest Insights in Business Planning                                           After great
 EARLY!               •    Releasing value through better planning decisions –
                                                                                                             success in
                                                                                                          South Africa
                           better asset management                                                         Indonesia, th
                                                                                                        course is no     is
                                                                                                                     w being
                      •    Exploring the latest developments in optimization                              made availa
                           for the mining industry                                                          worldwide.
                      •    Simultaneously optimizing the whole value chain:
                           mining, mineral processing, logistics, production and capital
                      •    Planning and optimization with geological uncertainty
                           and volatile metal markets
                      •    Operational and cost modeling techniques for optimization
                      •    “Bust the myths” that organizations pursue which limit
                           their economic performance
                      •    Implementing an effective planning process

About your expert trainer:
Gerald has more than 30 years of experience in business planning,
analysis and change management in a range of industries in Australia
and internationally. As Managing Director of Whittle Consulting (specialists
in business optimization for the mining industry) for the last 11 years, Gerald
handles optimization project management, optimization strategies and model
design, business analysis and management reporting/presentations. Some
major clients include Xstrata, Vale/Inco, BHPBilliton, Minara, Lihir, Newcrest,
AngloGold Ashanti covering a range of commodities including Nickel,
                                                                                  Gerald Whittle
Copper, Gold, Lead, Zinc, Coal, Iron Ore and Bauxite.
                                                                                  BEcon, GradDipFin, FCPA
Bringing together important lessons learned in other industries, including                                  , MAusIMM
                                                                                  Managing Director,
activity based costing and the theory of constraints, Gerald brings new
light to the peculiar challenges of business planning and optimization            Whittle Consulting Pty Ltd
                                                                                                             , Australia
for the minerals industry.

                                    WHITTLE CONSULTING
                                     Business Optimization for
                                       the Mining Industry
Whittle Consulting Mining & Mineral Processing Optimization Short Course

                          Previous attendees’ comments:
                          “A very powerful event.”
                          “There were lots of new insights and ideas presented which can change the way we
                          have done our planning in the past.”
                          “It was an eye opener especially for a process/metallurgist.The logic makes perfect sense.”
                          “Well organized, relevant and challenging existing paradigms.”
                          “Certainly opened my mind to new and different approaches to business optimization.”
                          “Mindset changing and eye opening.”
                          “Very useful, opens my eyes on the potential that exists in my current operations.”

                                      Increasing the value of your
                                 mining business by 5% - 35% or more!
  OVERVIEW: Effective long term planning can enhance the value of a minerals business by
  5% - 35% or significantly more. This course details an optimization methodology that involves
  10 distinct mechanisms, which when applied simultaneously can produce counter intuitive
  results that challenge conventional thinking on how to run a mining and mineral processing
  business. Covering the latest developments in optimization methods, the subjects span mine
  design and scheduling, cut-off grades and stockpiling, plant configuration, product specification,
  logistics and capital scaling, a comprehensive approach to managing risk and uncertainty,
  strategic optimization and modeling techniques, theory of constraints as it applied to a minerals
  business, advanced cost modeling, and implementation/change-management. The result
  is a comprehensive approach to asset management.

                                This course will change forever the way
                                   you look at your mining business!
                   WHO SHOULD ATTEND:                                                 IT IS RELEVANT TO:
    This course is designed for decision makers including:                                  • geologists
                      • senior executives                                               • mining engineers
                           • directors                                      • process engineers and metallurgists
         • department, divisional or project managers                                  • logistics managers
     • professionals who are currently, or will be, involved                          • marketing managers
       in the technical aspects of optimization analysis                          • finance and HR managers
                 • investors and their advisors                                 (This is not a software course.)

                          It shows how these disciplines can take the economic view of the business and coordinate
                          their activities to extract value that is currently concealed between the organizational silos
                          that the management structure creates.
                          It is also relevant to equity analysts, venture capitalists, fund managers and investment
                          bankers who want to better understand the drivers of value in a minerals business, and
                          to be able to recognize where the full potential of a business has not yet been realized.
                          The principles examined are applicable to Copper, Gold, Lead, Zinc, Iron ore, Coal, Diamonds,
                          Bauxite, Manganese, Platinum and other commodities. Pit, underground and complex
                          portfolios of assets are covered.

  COURSE CERTIFICATE: A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all participants completing 90% of the total
  course hours. This course counts 14 hours towards your Continuing Professional Development for AusIMM accreditation.
  OUTCOMES OF THE WORKSHOP: By the end of this intensive two day program, you will take back to your
  organization fresh views of how economic value can be generated. You will be able to recognize the real drivers
  of value, and how flexibility in all parts of the value chain can be harmonised and exploited to increase value and
  robustness of the business in the face of uncertain resources, technical challenges and volatile metal markets.
Whittle Consulting Mining & Mineral Processing Optimization Short Course

        Attention Business Leaders – Don’t make another business decision
                   until you have considered these perspectives!
    Zimi Meka, CEO of Ausenco Limited – “Whittle Consulting is recognized as the world leader in the field
    of optimization for mining companies – this seminar is of relevance to all decision makers in the industry”
    Cindy Tonkin, Technical Product Manager, Gemcom Software – “This seminar introduces the concepts
     of simultaneous optimization – of significant value for mining and mineral process business planning”

   COURSE OUTLINE DAY ONE                                   COURSE OUTLINE DAY TWO
   8.00 am    Registration and Coffee                       8.00 am    Coffee
   8.25 am    Opening Remarks                               8.25 am    Opening Remarks
   8.30 am    1. INTRODUCTION                               8.30 am    5. COST MODELING: A MAJOR VALUE DRIVER
              • Introductions/Objectives/Agenda                        •   Fixed vs variable costs?
              • The planning framework                                 •   Activity based costing principles
              • What is optimization? Definition of NPV                •   Step costs
              • Creating value and robustness through                  •   Treatment of period/fixed costs
                optimized planning decisions
              • Pros and cons of NPV as a measure           10.00 am   Refreshments and Coffee
                of value
                                                            10.15 am   6. STRATEGIC OPTIMIZATION AND
              • Introducing the case study
                                                                          MODELING TECHNIQUES
   10.00 am   Refreshments and Coffee
                                                                       •   Blending into plant/product
   10.15 am   2. THE 10 OPTIMIZATION MECHANISMS –                      •   Blending for a ratio of two grades
                 CASE STUDY                                            •   Maximizing flexibility for blending
                                                                       •   Non linear recovery models
              1 Pit optimization (Lerchs-Grossman)                     •   Trade-off: Recovery vs throughput
              2 Phase selection                                        •   Trade-off: Recovery vs cost
              3 Mine schedule optimization                             •   Trade-off: Recovery vs concentration
              4 Cut-off grade optimization (Ken Lane)                  •   Optimization model design and data flow
              5 Stockpiles
              6 Simultaneous/global optimization            12.00 pm   Networking Lunch
              7 Process plant calibration
                                                            13.00 pm   7. CONSTRAINTS AND BOTTLENECKS
              8 Product specification
              9 Logistics                                              •   Theory of constraints – general implications
              10 Capital sizing optimization                           •   Identifying the bottleneck
                 • Summary of NPV waterfall                            •   How it applies to mining
                 • Other considerations                                •   What is the significance to strategic
   12.00 pm   Networking Lunch
                                                                       •   Allocation of costs
   13.00 pm   3. ASSET PORTFOLIO OPTIMIZATION                          •   Grade bins and grade control
                                                                       •   Example case study
              Examples of large scale optimization:                    •   Value chain design implications
              • Multiple pit and underground mines
              • Multiple/alternative processing paths                  8. CASE VARIATIONS
              • Downstream plant alternatives
                                                                       • Coal
              • Multiple/alternative product alternatives
                                                                       • Laterite deposits
              • Data compaction
                                                                       • Applicability to other commodities:
              • Managing the model/data
                                                                         Iron Ore, Lead, Zinc, Rare Earths,
              • Lessons learned
                                                                         Phosphates, Manganese, Diamonds,
   14.30 pm   Refreshments and Coffee                                    Precious Metals, others.

   14.45 pm   4. RISK AND UNCERTAINTY                       14.30 pm   Refreshments and coffee

              • Source of risk – focus on geological        14.45 pm   9. DEVELOPING AN OPTIMIZATION
                and market risk                                           CAPABILITY
              • Modeling and measuring the impact
                                                                       •   Technical barriers – data, software
                of uncertainty
                                                                       •   Organizational barriers
              • Managing uncertainty through
                                                                       •   The ideal planning process
                                                                       •   Gap analysis
              • The risk free discount rate
                                                                       •   Implementation strategy
              • The case for flexibility
                                                                       •   Personal action plan
   16.15 pm   DISCUSSION
                                                            16.15 pm   DISCUSSION AND COURSE EVALUATION FORMS
   16.30 pm   End Day 1
                                                            16.30 pm   End of Course
Whittle Consulting Mining & Mineral Processing Optimization Short Course

                                                        2010 TIMETABLE
       February 16 – 17            Brisbane, Australia     To register: www.ausimm.com.au/Content/Default.aspx?ID=365

                                                           Enquiries email: seminar@whittleconsulting.com.au
          March 4 – 5                 Phoenix, USA
                                                           (After SME Annual Meeting: www.smenet.org)

                                                           Enquiries email: seminar@whittleconsulting.com.au
        March 11 – 12               Toronto, Canada
                                                           (After PDAC: www.pdac.ca)

           April 8 – 9               Perth, Australia      To register: www.ausimm.com.au/Content/Default.aspx?ID=365

                                                           Enquiries email: seminar@whittleconsulting.com.au
         April 19 – 20               Santiago, Chile
                                                           (After EXPOMIN: www.expomin.cl)

                                                           Enquiries email: seminar@whittleconsulting.com.au
          May 13 – 14              Vancouver, Canada
                                                           (After CIM: www.cim.org/vancouver2010)

         June 28 – 29                  Lima, Peru          Enquiries email: seminar@whittleconsulting.com.au

                                                           Enquiries email: seminar@whittleconsulting.com.au

          July 29 – 30               Perth, Australia      (After Large Open Pit conference: www.ausimm.com.au/lop2010)

                                                           (Before Diggers and Dealers: www.diggersndealers.com.au)

                                                           Enquiries email: seminar@whittleconsulting.com.au
     September 11 – 12             Brisbane, Australia
                                                           (After IMPC: www.impc2010.org)

                                      Freemantle,          Enquiries email: seminar@whittleconsulting.com.au
      November 29 – 30               West Australia        (Before MPES: www.ausimm.com.au/MPES2010)

   This timetable is accurate as at Jan 27th 2010. Changes are possible, and additions are likely.
   See www.whittleconsulting.com.au or contact email: seminar@whittleconsulting.com.au for latest details.
   This course can be provided in-house by arrangement – recommended for groups of 8 or more.

                                        WHITTLE CONSULTING
                                         Business Optimization for
                                           the Mining Industry

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