Volunteer Contract by crg12285


									                                                                      Volunteer Contract

•   Volunteers must have a criminal background check in order to begin service. Fill out the
    online application at www.austindiocese.org Click on eAppsDB to begin. Criminal
    background authorization is at the end.

•   Volunteers are required to take “Protecting God’s Children” class. This is a free workshop
    offered throughout the Diocese.

•   Volunteers must maintain confidentiality of all clients served.

•   Volunteers must promote the mission, work and activities of Catholic Charities of Central
    Texas in a positive manner with all staff, clients and the general public at all times.

•   Volunteers must contact the direct supervisor or the Volunteer Coordinator if unable to
    follow through with their commitment.

•   Volunteers may agree to have their pictures taken and used for promotional purposes for
    Catholic Charities.

•   Volunteers must not have in their possession illegal substances, firearms or alcohol
    during their volunteer time.

•   Worker’s Compensation is not provided for volunteers.

•   Volunteers are responsible for the safety of their own personal property. We recommend
    that all valuables be left at home.

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    Volunteer Signature                                               Date

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