THE MASS COMMUNICATOR July 2006 Meeting minutes And sunscreen dispensary

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					            THE MASS. COMMUNICATOR
                                           July, 2006

                               Meeting minutes
                             And sunscreen dispensary!
      Meeting was held at Yarmouth PD, we thank Chief Peter Carnes for his hospitality.

                         To Order: 10:05        Presiding: AM Cullen

In Attendance:
Phillip Anderson     Sandwich PD                   Patty Graney         Norton Comms
Dick Beaulieu        Danvers Police/Fire           Scott Halligan       Mashpee PD
Leslie Carroll       Waltham 911                   Noelle Merchant      SETB
Stephen Cote         W.Mass. EMS                   Paul Polonsky        Ipswich Comms
Anne Marie Cullen    Hamilton/Wenham               Anne Ponticelli      Easton PD
Tracy Eldridge       Rochester Comm                Peter Thomas         Barnstable Sheriffs
Laurie Favreau       Gardner Pub Sfty              Monna Wallace        SETB
Charlene Fisk        Seekonk Comms                 And others who did not sign!

Greetings and introductions to and by all. (And don’t touch my sunburn!!) President Ann
Marie Cullen opened the meeting and welcomed new people and old. She also came up with a
plausible reason for holding the meeting on Cape Cod on such a gorgeous day. (I don’t
remember what it was…the sun was shining, the gulls were wheeling, and I…Uhh, I was
diligently taking minutes!! Yes, that was it.)

MINUTES: Accepted as reported.
TREASURY: No report given

Peter Thomas (Barnstable Sheriff’s Dept.) spoke on behalf of all the Cape Cod departments to
welcome us their neck of the woods and to thank MCSA for actively promoting the
professionalism of Public Safety Communications. And also for our work on Training and
funding for same.

He gave a synopsis of the state of communications on the Cape and the role of the Sheriffs
Department. They have been providing communications for Fire Mutual Aid since 1992 and now
dispatch Fire for 6 towns.

911 PSAP services are now provided out of BSD for 7 communities, with more coming on soon.
The Sheriffs Department dedicates 22 staff to communications; all APCO EMD trained as
minimum standard. Initial training for new hires is 8-12 weeks.

BSD also provides CMED communications to Cape EMS from Provincetown to Carver; linking
78 ambulances to the 5 area hospitals and overlapping EMS comms with Bristol and Plymouth
CMEDs. This service is supported by a $20,000/year fee from communities and a user fee of
$16.50 per patch.
(Ed note: Being involved with CMED at the other end of the Commonwealth, I can say that the
Cape has a really slick system…I’m jealous. And, uhh, Western Mass, did you see that User Fee?
Now leave me alone about our fee!)

Discussion of a proposed merger of MCSA and NENA was raised but deferred due to the
smallish attendance today. The decision will be made at the Annual Meeting in October. We will
try to set up an “on-line” forum for discussion in the interim.

 (Editor’s note: Send me names and email addresses of all your staff. Member or not. No reason
that our mailing list should not include them. But kindly let me know which ones are members. In
fact, send me ALL your names with titles, departments, email, etc. Our list is getting “stale” with
more bounce-backs. Thanks.)

President Cullen requests that anyone who has a formal, written Policies and Procedures Manual
for their PSAP please transmit a copy to her. Those of you who went through the agony of
creating one know that, afterward, things go smoother than just “winging it”. Ann Marie would
like to create a template document which other agencies can use to build their own P&P.

Jack Collins (the attorney advising us on this) tells us that the cost to overturn the Raposa
Decision will be upwards of $25,000. He suggests we get a Lobbyist…that is, frankly, how the
other Public Safety disciplines get the considerations they do. It is the job of a lobbyist to be
constantly visible at the Statehouse, indeed, “in their faces” lest our solons forget who we are
(like in about 5 minutes).

Discussion of the State’s “Blue Ribbon Committee” indicates that they are sympathetic but have
placed retirement far down their priority list.

Local retirement boards are freezing in place; no decisions being made. They say: “They’re
going to be making changes at the State level; so we won’t do anything now.” But there is no
action there either. The legislative session, and our bills, came and went.

We will schedule a special meeting dealing solely with Retirement in September or October in
the Boston area. See the MCSA website for up to date activities on Retirement.

The APCO convention will be October 25-27 this year. Once again, by popular request, it will be
held at the Sea Crest Resort in Falmouth. Special Guest Speakers will be from the New York
Port Authority to tell us about that terrible day 5 years ago.

Monna Wallace reports that an Academy will begin on September 11 in North Andover. A CTO
course will be run the week before. See the SETB website for details on this.
They expect to be running Modules in October in Springfield.
911 Rollout
Monna also related that there are still issues evolving with the rollout. So many centers are on
hold. The situation is being re-evaluated weekly. Have Faith.

SETB will be running an informational booth at the Eastern States Exposition (The Big E) in
West Springfield (September 15th through October 1st). Noelle Merchant is coordinating and
looking for volunteers to staff the booth. In return for a 4 hour tour (No, Gilligan went on a three
hour tour), volunteers will get a free pass to the biggest fair in the East. They figure to bust the
million guest mark this year, so you can see it’s a BIG event! EMT’s needing continuing
education credits will get 4 hours for it. So call Noelle (508-828-2911) to get set up.

And while you are there, go around the corner and visit the Western Mass EMS booth, staffed by
volunteers from all EMS services west of Quabbin.
(And some of you Westerners may wonder “Which booth should I volunteer at?” Noelle and I
agree the correct answer is “BOTH!” Besides, you EMT’s can get another 4 hours from that

August will be the time for local meetings. VP’s (and VP candidates), get your folks together and
pass the word around. And bring back the views, needs, and gripes of your “neighborhood”

September: TBA, but may be the special Retirement info meeting.

October will be our ANNUAL MEETING and elections. If anyone wants to stand for office, the
floor is open. Let President Cullen or Vice President Fosque know your thoughts. We usually
have a great time and meal. So plan on being there!

Adjourned: 12:05

And then…a bunch of us went out to enjoy Cape Cod! We had lunch on the pier in Hyannis,
overlooking boats and ferries just feet away. We were amused by the criss-crossed wires over the
dining area and the signs warning not to leave food unattended even for a moment. The sea gulls
are apparently quite adept thieves. I was not so much worried about “withdrawals” as I was
about “deposits”!

S.J. Cote Recording