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					          DATELINE: WILL COUNTY

                   One of the nation’s fastest growing counties

                                                                                        MARCH 7, 2008

Transportation issues continue to make area headlines
Dear County Executive Office Staff,                they have made available accurate and appro-
Well, we’ve made to March and hopefully the        priate data. Their efforts include a white paper
month will bring warmer days, more sunshine        addressing the proposed plan and a website
– and no more snow. Today’s column is going        full of important information. The website
to consist of some of the news that has hap-       serves as the “clearinghouse of information”
pened during the past several weeks that I         on the CN-EJ&E acquisition proposal and can
hope you’ll find informative.                      be accessed by going to
                                                   www.willcountylanduse.com and clicking on
As you may have heard, for the first time in
                                                   the Canadian National-EJ & E Information
history, Will County will have a seat on the
                                                   Clearinghouse link.
Regional Transit Authority Board. The board
serves as the corporate authority and govern-      I also want to let you know that the Illinois
ing body of the RTA and with this change in        Department of Transportation has announced
the governance structure, the board of direc-      it will formally submit a preferred Airport Lay-
tors will go from 13 to 16 members on April 1.     out Plan to the Federal Aviation Administra-
With that in mind, I have recommended J. D.        tion. According to IDOT’s Division of Aeronau-
Ross, current executive director of the Will-      tics, the new plan for the proposed Will County
Grundy Medical Center and former president of      airport is not only the preferred plan, but is
Joliet Junior College. I made the recommenda-      the most environmentally sound and cost-
tion based on many factors, including his          effective alternative of all plans under review.
knowledge and competency. However, I also          The announcement comes one year after the
put forth his name because he is very re-          FAA rejected two airport layout plans submit-
spected throughout the community and known         ted simultaneously by IDOT. One proposal was
for his unbiased and ethical behavior.             IDOT’s, and the other was from the Abraham
                                                   Lincoln National Airport Commission. FAA re-
And speaking of unbiased behavior, I want to
                                                   quires that only one preferred plan be identi-
commend the Land Use Department and spe-
                                                   fied before submission.
cifically, Director Curt Paddock and long-range
planner Colin Duesing, for their work on issues
regarding the proposed Canadian National           Finally, I just want to remind everyone to re-
acquisition of the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Rail-   member to move your clocks up one hour this
way. They have provided information on the         weekend. Although, we may be losing an
matter in a way that holds no bias. Through        hour, it also is a sign that, hopefully, spring is
research, input and collaboration with others,     just around the corner.

        Don’t forget that you can help others
   Today is the LAST DAY to participate in the Executive Department
 Food Drive to benefit the Spanish Center. The Center gives out about
     40-50 bags of food each week to families in our community.
    The Center’s goal is to offer nutritious meals to ALL individuals
who count on the Food Pantry. They began this Countywide effort be-
 cause there was not enough food available for everyone. With your
 help, the Spanish Center may be able to provide food to all families
                     who come to them in need.
               Thank you to all who have participated.
Ribbon-cutting celebrates first-phase renovation at Sunny Hill
   County officials, staff members, and resi-
dents and their families crowded around the
doorway to Third Avenue at Sunny Hill
Nursing Home for a ribbon cutting on Tues-
day, March 4. Forty-six residents were cho-
sen by lottery to live in renovated rooms.
    Administrator Karen Sorbero told the
crowd the renovation of Third Ave. “had
been a long time coming,” as it was one of
the first residential units built after the 1968
referendum. Like the other five units, it had
not been updated or had furniture replaced         Mel Rull (back row from left) and Joe Mikan from
since it opened.                                   the Public Building Commission join Administrator
    County Executive Larry Walsh heralded          Karen Sorbero (front row from left), Will County
                                                   Executive Larry Walsh and Resident Council Presi-
both what has been accomplished and what is
                                                   dent Mary Lauterbach for the ribbon cutting at
yet to come. “This is only the beginning. We       Sunny Hill Nursing Home of Will County.
will continue to update this facility. Someday
we won’t have to have lotteries. Someday,          are only part of the allure of the rooms. Be-
we’ll have new rooms for all residents.”           sides other updates, the new bathrooms in-
     Walsh pointed out the joint commitment        clude a counter and drawers for residents’
with the Will County Board to the $15 mil-         use, amenities the old bathrooms do not offer.
lion, multi-year update overseen by the Pub-           Each resident now has a larger closet and
lic Building Commission. In March 2005,            a four-drawer chest. They also have electric
board members voted unanimously to support         beds with dual controls. Roommates can also
the renovation project. Several Commission-        adjust the temperatures to their liking.
ers attended the afternoon event, including           The unit also includes a new common
Dick Brandolino and Tom Weigel from Dis-           room with a kitchen area, new nurses station
trict 2, Wayne McMillan from District 4, Don       and a spa with showers and a whirlpool for
Gould from District 6, Ron Svara from Dis-         each women and men.
trict 7 and Stephen Wilhelmi from District 9.         Residents will begin moving in on Tues-
Recorder of Deeds Laurie McPhillips, an-           day, March 11.
other staunch supporter also attended.                The project’s next phase will be to reno-
     New drapes and matching padded chairs         vate First Avenue and the lobby.

MARK                                               WORTH CELEBRATING
                               The following people have joined the Health Department staff:
CALENDAR                       Jackie Mansholt, Administration; Niki Mack and Anna Parks,
                               Behavioral Health Programs; and Latonya Burton, Maribel Gal-
Today, Friday, March 7, is     liardo, Juanita Shaw Kelly and Pauline Reese, Community
National Employee Apprecia-    Health Center. Welcome to all.
tion Day. It is observed the                                      —
first Friday in March.         Bonnie Smith of the Health Department’s Behavioral Health Pro-
The March County Board         grams has been named March Employee of the Month for going
meeting will be held at 9:30   “above and beyond.”
a.m. Thursday, March 20, in                                        —
the County Board room.         Health Department employees celebrating work anniversaries in
                               March are Nola Zanelli, 5 years, and Mardissa Brown, 10 years.
County offices will be         Congratulations!
closed on Friday, March 21, in                                     —
observance of Good Friday.
Offices will reopen on Monday, Work anniversaries will be published in Dateline: Will County
March 24.                      beginning with the fifth year and in subsequent five-year incre-
                               ments. Send information to Tammy Reiher at trei-
A belated Happy Birthday to    her@willcountyillinois.com or Roxane Geraci at
County Executive Larry         rgeraci@willcountyillinois.com
Walsh, who turned 60 on
March 3.                          NEXT PUBLICATION: March 20. NEXT DEADLINE: March 18.

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