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					 Instructor contact information
Instructor:       Anna Schmidt                        Office Phone:           281-290-3288

Office:           HSC 117 I                           Office Hours:
                                                      (or hours of availability)
E-mail:          Website:      

 Welcome to
Course Title:                     Writing I                  Semester and Year:              Spring 2009
Course Prefix:                    ENGL
Course Number:                    0306                       Class Days & Times:             T Th 12:30 – 2:30
Credit Hours:                     4
          Lecture Hours:          3                          Class Room Location:            TECH 201
          Lab Hours:              1
          Total Contact Hours:    64
          (All hrs. x 16)

 Course overview
           For details go to

 Catalog Description:
 The first of two developmental writing courses designed to improve the student's basic writing skills. Class
 activities and lab assignments will be used to produce clarity and precision in sentence and paragraph structure.
 Specific course topics include an introduction to the writing process and a review of grammar, usage and
 mechanics. This course carries institutional credit but will not transfer and will not be used to meet degree

 Course Learning Outcomes:

          Select a topic appropriate to the audience, purpose, situation, and length of assignment.
          State and maintain a focus in a brief piece of writing.
          Edit to avoid major errors in formation and punctuation of basic sentence structures.
          Recognize and edit for mechanical errors such as capitalization, subject-verb agreement, pronoun
           reference, and tense shifts and punctuation errors such as commas.
          Use a variety of tools to recognize and edit for the correct spelling of common words.
          Provide at least minimal support for statements.
          Produce a piece of writing that includes a paragraph that functions to introduce the main idea and a
           paragraph that creates a sense of closure.

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In our efforts to prepare students for a changing world, students may be expected to utilize computer
technology while enrolled in classes, certificate, and/or degree programs within LSCS. The specific
requirements are listed below:

Students have to have a working knowledge of the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to type, save, and edit their
work. Students are also expected to use MyWritingLab - an on-line program that supplements the textbook and
the classroom instruction on a regular basis. In order to do that, students have to have access to a working
computer with reliable Internet connection. If a student does not have a computer and Internet access at home,
he/she should plan to come on campus and use college computers. Students are expected to use e-mail and
know e-mail etiquette to communicate with their instructor. If during the semester an instructor introduces a new
computer tool or program, students should be willing to learn the tool and/or program. The instructor will be
understanding of students’ individual base knowledge and comfort level with computers and will work with
individual students as needed.

Getting ready
Prerequisites:                   Placement by testing

Required Material:             Textbook: “The Writer’s World: Sentences and paragraphs” by Lynne Goetz
and Suneeti Phadke, 1 edition. MyWritingLab access code card.

Optional Materials
or Reference Texts:                Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
                                   3-ring binder with notebook paper;
                                   blue/ black pen, pencil,
                                   clean PC formatted disk or USB drive (Flash)
                                   working e-mail account
                                   4-5 different colors highlighters;
                                   Merriam-Webster’s dictionary (at home or on-line)
                                   positive attitude,
                                   desire to succeed
* you will be notified in advance if additional materials are needed for this class

Instructor guidelines and policies
                    Attendance is not optional. You can miss no more than 4 classes or 8 hours of instructional
                    Upon 5 absence, you will be withdrawn from this class. I reserve the right to review
                     individual situations and use my discretion;
                    There are no excused or unexcused absences;
                    If you exceed the number of absences after the official withdrawal date, I will use my
                     discretion to determine the penalty;
                    Should you miss a day, you have to notify your instructor; however, it does not mean that
                     your absence will be automatically excused. I understand that there might be some
                     extenuating circumstances beyond your control, I will deal with such situations on an
                     individual basis;
                    I will count 3 (15 minute) tardies as an absence;

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                     Leaving class early counts as a tardy; come in quietly if you are late;
                     Notify the instructor before class if you must leave early and do so quietly;
                     Make up work for days missed will not be allowed
                     If you were asked to leave the classroom due to inappropriate behavior, improper use to
                      computers, cell phone or any other electronic devise, or if you came to class unprepared,
                      you will be counted absent for the entire 2 hours regardless whether you were dismissed at
                      the beginning of class or 5 minutes before the end of class.

 Assignments:                The assignments in this class will include textbook chapter exercises, work in
 MyWritingLab, writing 4 out of class papers, taking a midterm examination and a final. Students will also have
 to complete work in class. All homework assignments and due dates are recorded in the Instructional Outline.
 Additional requirements for papers and such will be handed to students in class. Handwritten work: Some of
 the chapter exercises and homework practices will be handwritten. Remember to use your best handwriting, for
 I cannot grade something that I cannot read. If I cannot read the work you submitted, I will count it wrong, and
 you will receive a zero for that assignment. Please, make sure your handwritten work is neat and presentable.
 Remember that we are in a professional academic environment and the look of your assignments reflects level
 of your professionalism. Do not submit papers torn out of a spiral notebook, or papers with stains and smudges.
 Although corrections and revisions are strongly encouraged in this class, dirty, illegible work will deter my ability
 to give it a fair evaluation. Paper Drafts: should be complete, typed, saved, and printed to work with in class. A
 complete draft means a draft of a paper with every part finished and with every paragraph ready. An incomplete
 draft is a draft which is missing some parts like an introduction or details, etc… Your draft should be about the
 same length as your finished paper will be. It is important that you have your drafts when they are due for editing
 and revisions to get help from me in class.

 Make-up: work for days missed will not be allowed. Your instructional outline lists every assignment and every
 paper with specific details and due dates. There is no penalty for early work, so plan accordingly. If you miss
 one of the major in-class assignments due to serious circumstances, you might be granted a makeup
 opportunity upon review of the circumstances and written documentation.

 Cell phones: are not to be seen or heard in class. Please, switch your phones to the “silent”
 mode or turn them off before class and put them away so that they are not visible. Should
 you try to use your cell phone during class in any way (including having the phone on your
 desk), you will receive a zero for the day’s work and a warning. If the problem persists, I will
 consider dropping you from the class. Please, communicate to your instructor any additional
 circumstances and concerns regarding cell phone usage in class.

 Computer lab rules and policies: Computers in the computer lab are for educational purposes only.
 Students are expected to follow the college computer use policy. In addition, students are not to use computers
 to check their personal e-mail, chat, browse different sites, shop, play computer games, etc. The computer
 screens have to be turned off when I lecture or when we are not using computers as part of the class work.
 Students who do not comply with the rules will be asked to leave the class, will be assigned a full day’s absence
 (see attendance policy), and will receive a zero for the class work. Make up work will not be allowed.

 Department/Division Contact:              Fawn Kleff – 832-482-1068
                                           Anna Schmidt – Department Chair – 281-290-3288


     Your grade will be                              Details                      Percent of
determined by the following                                                         Final
Papers # 1, 2, 3, 4                Each paper will earn 10%                         40%
Midterm examination                                                                  10%

                                             Page 3 of 12
MyWritingLab                      Completion of minimum of 3 Recall and 3         20%
                                  Apply exercises for each assigned
                                  Module will be counted as quiz grades
Homework, Class work,                                                             10%
Journals, etc…
Final examination                                                                 20%
                                                                       Total:     100%

                   Letter Grade                                           Final Average in Percent
                         A                                                        90 - 100
                           B                                                       80 - 89
                           C                                                       70 - 79
                           IP*                                                     60 - 69
                            F                                                     Below 60
 * Please note that an “IP,” which stands for “In Progress,” is assigned to a student at the
 instructor’s discretion based on a case-by-case basis. The instructor has the option of giving a
 student an “IP” in lieu of an “F” if a student has put forth a substantial effort throughout the course
 but is still unable to successfully satisfy the course requirements. If an “IP” is assigned to a
 student, the course must be repeated again to receive institutional credit.

 Lone Star College–CyFair is committed to your success

 Early Intervention Program and Services

 Your success is our primary concern! If you are experiencing challenges achieving your academic
 goals, please contact your instructor or an early intervention coach. We can provide assistance with
 academic needs, ADA accommodations, classroom difficulties, financial concerns and other issues.
 Contact for more information.


 Lone Star College-CyFair is committed to student success. To facilitate this, free tutoring for most subjects is
 offered on the 2nd floor of the Learning Commons building. Please refer to for
 more information regarding our tutoring services.

 Tutoring in MATH, ENGL BIOL and ESL is also available at the Fairbanks Center.

 Counseling Services

 Counseling services are available to students who are experiencing difficulty with academic issues, selection of
 college major, career planning, disability accommodations, or personal issues. Students may contact
 Counseling, Career and Disability Services at (281) 290-3260,, or LRNC 110.

 Students may contact counseling services at the Fairbanks Center at 832-782-5110,, or FBC120.

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The Assistive Technology Lab

The Assistive Technology Lab is available for students who benefit from its various technologies to convert text
to speech, magnify items, convert text to Braille, etc. To contact the Assistive Technology Lab directly, please
call (281) 290-3207 or e-mail the lab at The AT Lab is located in LRNC 105.

Students may contact the IT dept, at FBC at 832.782.5072 or FBC 210 for assistance.


The Harris County Public Library - CyFair College Branch is located in the Learning Commons Building and
contains information resources for both college students and community members. A librarian is always on duty
to assist with research. The Library contains over 125,000 books, online information databases, 185 computers,
free wireless internet and many more information/research related amenities to ensure students success.

For Library hours and contact information please visit or call 281-290-3210.

Tentative Instructional Outline:
Date/week                          Homework                               In-class Agenda and Assignments

                                            January 12, 2009 – First day of school

    Tue                                                                Welcome, Ice-Breaker;
   01/13                                                               Sign up to MyWritingLab (MWL)
                                                                       Course and Syllabus overview
                                                                       Diagnostic Writing
    Th         Homework for Thursday, January 15:                       Journal and H/W check;
   01/15      Complete Syllabus Scavenger Hunt                         Review Chapters 1;
                                                                       Introduce the Writing Process
              Ch. 1 “Exploring” pp. 3 – 11. On your own paper
                                                                       Discuss the paragraph structure
              complete Practices 1, 2, 3 and all exercises titled
              “The Writer’s Desk”
              Select and complete on your own paper 2 topics
              from “The Writing Activity I” in “The Writer’s Room”
              on pp. 10-11.
     2                              Monday, January 19 – MLK Holiday (college closed)
   01/20      Homework for Tuesday, January 20:                    Journal and H/W check
                                                                   Review Ch. 4
              Ch. 2 “Developing” pp. 12 – 31. On your own paper
                                                                   Discuss Ch. 2; and Ch. 29;
              complete all Practices and all “Writing Desk”
                                                                   Review the paragraph structure
              exercises. Think of these Practices and Exercises
                                                                   Assign first essay: Narrative;
              as a start of an essay.
                                                                   Begin drafting Narrative
              Complete the “Writing Activity I” in “The Writer’s
              Room” on p. 30.

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        Ch. 29: read essay “Birth” by Maya Angelou (p.
        432); Answer questions that follow in writing on a
        separate sheet of paper.
01/22   Homework for Thursday, January 22:                     Journal and H/W check – narrative drafts
        Ch. 4 section B “The Narrative Paragraph” pp. 49 –
        54 – Read carefully, complete all writing activities
                                                               Review Ch. 4 section B, 20 “Fish Cheeks”
        and exercises.

        The final product should be a draft of a Narrative     Work on the drafts of your Narratives
        essay (2-3 paragraphs – typed, saved) – due in         Introduce revision and editing techniques
        class. Students without drafts will be asked to
        leave and will receive a zero for the day’s work.      Practice revising and editing own Narrative
        Ch. 20 Reading 1: “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan p. 421
        – read and answer the questions that follow on a
        separate sheet of paper.
01/27   Homework for Tuesday, January 27:                      Journal and H/W check
        Continue working on your Narrative. Review the
        draft with a tutor!
                                                               Review Ch. 23;

        Ch. 23 “Spelling” Complete all                         In-class practice

        MyWritingLab – Study Plan – Handbook – Spelling        Ch. 28 Editing Practice 2 p. 409
        – Complete minimum of 3 recall and 3 apply
        exercises. Print out the results page.                 Library Orientation

        Ch. 28 (complete practices # 1)
01/29   H/W for Thursday, January 29:                          Journal and H/W check
        Ch. 24 “Easily Confused Words”
                                                               Collect Narrative essays.

        MyWritingLab – Study Plan – Handbook – Easily          Review Ch 24 “Easily Confused Words”
        Confused Words – Complete minimum of 3 recall
        and 3 apply exercises. Print out the results page.     MWLab practice

        Final copy of the Narrative paragraph is due at the
        beginning of class. The Narrative HAS to be
        revised with a tutor in the tutoring center.
02/03   H/W for Tuesday, February 3:                           Journal and H/W check

        Ch. 4 “Paragraph Patterns” sections A “The             Narrative Essay Contest
        Illustration Paragraph”, C “The Descriptive
        Paragraph”, D “The Process Paragraph”                  Ch. 4, “Illustration paragraph, Descriptive
                                                               paragraphs, The Process paragraph”
        Read the sections and complete ALL Practices and       review
        “The Writer’s Desk” exercises (you may write in your

                                    Page 6 of 12
        textbooks).                                             Assign paper # 2 – Description

        DO NOT complete any of “The Writer’s Room”
        activities at the end of the sections.

02/05   H/W for Thursday, February 5:                           Journal and H/W check

        Select a picture for your descriptive paper; print or   Students present the paintings they have
        save and have ready to show in class;                   selected for the Description paper.
        Prepare a brief presentation on why you have
        selected your picture;

        Ch. 8 “Subjects and Verbs” – Complete all Practices     Review Ch. 8 Subjects and Verbs
        and exercises.                                          Phrases and Clauses
                                                                Diagnostic quizzes
        Complete at least 3 Recall and 3 Apply exercises in
        MWLab Handbook – Subjects and Verbs

02/10   H/W for Tuesday, February 10:                           Journal and H/W check
        Draft of Description paper is due for editing and       Revise and edit Description drafts
        revisions in class. The draft has to be typed, saved
        in electronic form, and printed.
        Students without drafts will be asked to leave
        and will receive a zero for the day’s work.
02/12   H/W for Thursday, February 12:                          Journal and H/W check

        Final copy of the Description paper is due at the       Collect Description papers
        beginning of class. Submit all your drafts and pre-
        writing activities, include a colored copy of the       Introduce phrases and clauses.
        painting you are describing.

        One of the drafts of this paper HAS to be revised
        with a tutor in the tutoring center.
02/17   H/W for Tuesday, February 17:                           Journal and H/W check

        Ch. 4 “Paragraph Patterns” sections E “The              Ch 4. “Definition Paragraph, Comparison
        Definition Paragraph”, F “The Comparison and            and Contrast Paragraph, The cause and
        Contrast Paragraph”, G “The Cause and Effect            Effect paragraph” review

        Read the sections and complete ALL Practices and        Description Essay contest
        “The Writer’s Desk” exercises (you may write in your

        DO NOT complete any of “The Writer’s Room”
        activities at the end of the sections.

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02/19                  Thursday, February 19 – College Conference Day – no classes
02/24   H/W for Tuesday, February 24:                         Journal and H/W check

        Ch. 15 “Sentence Combining I”                         Review Ch. 15
                                                              Practice sentence combining
        Complete all Practices and exercises (you may do
        so in the textbook).

        DO NOT complete “The Writer’s Room” activities.
02/26   H/W for Thursday, February 26:                        Journal and H/W check

        Ch. 16 “Sentence Combining II”                        Review Ch. 16
        Complete all Practices and exercises (you may do      Practice sentence combining
        so in the textbook).

        DO NOT complete “The Writer’s Room” activities.
03/03   H/W for Tuesday, March 3:                             Journal and H/W check

        Ch. 26 “The Apostrophe”                               Review Ch. 26

                                                              Review Ch. 27

        Ch. 27 “Quotation Marks and Capitalization”           Review for midterm

        Review for Midterm examination:
        Ch. 1, 2, 4;
        All grammar chapters
                    Midterm examination                               Midterm examination!!!!

  9                                March 9 – March 15 – College Spring Break
03/17   H/W for Tuesday, March 17:                            We will meet in the library on the second
                                                              floor. Bring your MWLab print outs to be
        MWLab 3 Recall and 3 Apply exercises for Ch. 26       collected in class.
        and 27 (each). Print out the results pages to turn in
        class.                                                Library research: by the end of the
                                                              session each student has to find 5

                                                              Assign Paper # 3: Summaries
03/19   H/W for Thursday, March 19:                           Journal and H/W check

                                    Page 8 of 12
        Read and annotate ALL 5 articles                     How to write summaries;
                                                             Begin working on paper/project # 3
03/24   H/W for Tuesday, March 24:                           Journal and H/W check

        Have drafts of summaries for 3 articles typed,       Bibliography: MLA format;
        saved, and printed for work in class.
        Also MUST have the copies of all articles            Revise and edit summaries
03/26   H/W for Thursday, March 26:                          Journal and H/W check

        Final copy of the summaries and bibliography are     Collect summaries and bibliography.
        due at the beginning of class.
03/31   H/W for Tuesday, March 31:                           Journal and H/W check

        Ch. 19 “Run-ons”                                     Review Ch. 19 Run-ons
        MWLab: Complete at least 3 Recall and 3 Apply        Diagnostic quiz
04/02   H/W for Thursday, April 2:                           Journal and H/W check

        Ch. 25 “Commas”                                      Review Ch. 25
                                                             Diagnostic quiz
        MWLab: Handbook – Commas Complete at least 3
        Recall and 3 Apply exercises
 12                 “W” date is Monday, April 6. This is the last day for students to drop
                                          a class and receive a “W.”
                                 April 10 – April 12 – Spring Holiday (Easter)
04/07   H/W for Tuesday, April 7:                             Journal and H/W check

        Ch. 5 “Writing the Essay”                            Discuss the essay structure

        Ch. 4 Section H “The Argument Paragraph” p. 81       Assign Argument essay
                                                             Begin brainstorming and drafting
04/09   H/W for Thursday, April 9:                           Journal and H/W check

        Ch. 20 Reading 7 “For Marriage” p. 435               Discuss Ch. 20 reading selections;
        Ch. 20 Reading 8 “Against Marriage”                  Continue working on the Argument essay

04/14   H/W for Tuesday, April 14                            Journal and H/W check

        Draft of Argument essay is due at the beginning of   In class edition and revisions of your drafts
04/16   H/W for Thursday, April 16:                          Journal and H/W check

        Argument Essay Final Copy is due at the beginning    TBA
        of class.

                                     Page 9 of 12
  04/21       H/W for Tuesday, April 21:                             Journal and H/W check

              Ch. 21 “Adjectives and Adverbs”                        Argument Essay Contest
                                                                     Review Ch. 21
              MWLab – Complete at least 3 Recall and 3 Apply
              exercises in the Handbook for Ch. 21
  04/23       H/W for Thursday, April 23:                            Journal and H/W check

              Ch. 22 “Mistakes with Modifiers”                       Review Ch. 22
              MWLab – Complete at least 3 Recall and 3 Apply
              exercises in the Handbook for Ch. 22                   Grammar/essay catch up time
  04/28       Portfolio is due at the beginning of class:           Portfolio presentations and consultations.
              All journals, MWLab packet, revised essays for re-
  04/30       H/W for Thursday, April 30:                           Portfolio presentations and consultations.
              Review course material for final;                     Review for final and practice
    16                                  May 4 – May 10 Week of the finals. No classes.
  Final       May 7              12:30 – 2:20

Lone Star College-CyFair Campus and System Policies
Academic Integrity

Lone Star College-CyFair is committed to a high standard of academic integrity in the academic community. In
becoming a part of the academic community, students are responsible for honesty and independent effort.
Failure to uphold these standards includes, but is not limited to, the following: plagiarizing written work or
projects, cheating on exams or assignments, collusion on an exam or project, and misrepresentation of
credentials or prerequisites when registering for a course. Cheating includes looking at or copying from another
student's exam, orally communicating or receiving answers during an exam, having another person take an
exam or complete a project or assignment, using unauthorized notes, texts, or other materials for an exam, and
obtaining or distributing an unauthorized copy of an exam or any part of an exam. Plagiarism means passing off
as his/her own the ideas or writings of another (that is, without giving proper credit by documenting sources).
Plagiarism includes submitting a paper, report or project that someone else has prepared, in whole or in part.
Collusion is inappropriately collaborating on assignments designed to be completed independently. These
definitions are not exhaustive. When there is clear evidence of cheating, plagiarism, collusion or
misrepresentation, disciplinary action may include but is not limited to: requiring you to retake or resubmit an
exam or assignment, assigning a grade of zero or "F" for an exam or assignment; or assigning a grade of "F" for
the course. Additional sanctions including being withdrawn from the course, program or expelled from school
may be imposed on a students who violate the standards of academic integrity.

Student Behavior Expectations

Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately while on College property or in an online
environment. Students may receive disciplinary action up to and including suspension, if they violate System or
College rules, disrupt classes or interfere with the opportunity of others to obtain an education. Students who
pose a threat to the safety of others will be subject to immediate withdrawal from the classroom, campus
environment, and/or online environment, as well as face subsequent criminal charges, as appropriate. Please
refer to the Student Code of Conduct located online at for additional

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Americans with Disabilities Act Statement

Lone Star College-CyFair is dedicated to providing the least restrictive environment for all students. We
promote equity in academic access through the implementation of reasonable accommodations as required by
the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title V, Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
(ADA) which will enable students with disabilities to participate in and benefit from all post-secondary
educational activities.

If you require reasonable accommodations because of a physical, mental, or learning disability, please contact
the Counseling Office to obtain the necessary information to request accommodations. Upon completion of this
process, please notify your instructor as soon as possible and preferably before the end of the first two weeks of
class to arrange for reasonable accommodations.

Computer Virus Protection

Computer viruses are, unfortunately, a fact of life. Using removable devices on more than one computer creates
the possibility of infecting computers and diskettes with a computer virus. This exposes the computers of the
college, your personal computer, and any others you may be using to potentially damaging viruses. The college
has aggressive anti-virus procedures in place to protect its computers, but cannot guarantee that a virus might
not temporarily infect one of its machines. It is your responsibility to protect all computers under your control and
use and ensure that each diskette you use, whenever or wherever you use it, has been scanned with anti-virus
software. Since new viruses arise continually, your anti-virus software must be kept current. And, since no anti-
virus software will find every virus, keeping backup copies is extremely important.

Equal Opportunity Statement

It is the policy of the Lone Star College System to provide equal employment, admission and educational
opportunities without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, veteran's status, sexual
orientation, or disability.

Lone Star Colleges strive to provide an excellent learning environment free from harassment or intimidation
directed at any person’s race, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, veteran's status, sexual orientation, or
disability. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated.

Guaranteed Graduate Policy

Under certain circumstances, Lone Star College System will provide graduates of its Associate of Arts,
Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, or Certificate programs additional education and training
tuition free in order to achieve appropriate mastery of specified competencies. For specific guidelines and
information please refer to the LSCS catalog at

Internet and E-mail

The System provides computing and network resources to students. You are encouraged to use the computers,
software packages, and electronic mail (e-mail) for educational or System-related activities and to facilitate the
efficient exchange of useful information. However, the equipment, software, and network capacities provided
through the district computer services are and remain the property of the System. Use of the equipment and
networks is to comport with the policies and procedures of the System and access may be denied to any
student who fails to comply with the System’s policies and procedures regarding its use.

Access to the System’s e-mail and similar electronic communications systems are a privilege and certain
responsibilities accompany that privilege. All users are expected to demonstrate the same level of ethical and

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professional manner, as is required in face-to-face or written communications. Threatening, anonymous, or
forged messages will be treated as a violation of this policy.

Software Piracy

Law strictly prohibits unauthorized copying of software purchased by Lone Star College-CyFair for use in
laboratories. Lone Star College-CyFair administration will take appropriate disciplinary action against anyone
violating copyright laws.

Evaluation of Instruction

Lone Star College-CyFair is committed to student success. As part of its’ institutional effectiveness efforts, our
instructors are assessed in several ways. For the continuous improvement of our instruction, all students are
required to provide input for each course they take each semester using the Course Evaluations Questionnaire,
which can be accessed online for each course. This occurs approximately half way through your course and
your instructor will provide you more information on this process. Once you evaluate your course, print and turn
in the receipt of completion to your instructor. The college deans review these evaluations each semester. The
deans, and/or department chairs may visit each instructor’s class at some time during the semester to observe
the instructional environment being provided, and complete an assessment of the instructor.

Final Examinations

A final evaluation activity will occur during the published final evaluation period. The appropriate associate dean
must approve any variation to this schedule.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal from the course after the official day of record and prior to “W” Day, (see current catalog for this
date) will result in a final grade of “W” on your transcript. Instructor approval is necessary if you want to
withdraw after official day. No credit will be awarded for a course earning a “W”. If you stop attending class, you
must withdraw at the registration office prior to “W” day. If you stop attending class and do not officially
withdraw, you will receive an “F” for the course.

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