2010 Short Course Overview

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					                      2010 Short Course Overview
                                    Communication Profiling
Develop interpersonal skills for recognising Communication Styles in others and better understand why
people often act the way they do. Obtain personal feedback on how others see your normal style of
communicating and why they react the way they do to you. Learn the keys to effective two-way
communication and how to better understand people. Build increased flexibility and tolerance with
specific actions that will help others communicate more effectively with you.
Managers, supervisors, customer service, sales or marketing staff. Any role where teamwork, service
and effective communication is key to performance. Anyone that wants to learn how they are perceived
by others.
Start Dates:
Hobart:                          Launceston:

16/03/2010                       31/03/2010
02/09/2010                       21/10/2010

                                     Manager Development
Current best practices in coaching staff, managing individual performance, identifying talents and
developing staff capacity. Practical approach for building productive working relationships with staff via
pro-active communication and consistent feedback on performance. Systems and tools for people
managers and communication styles for different work situations.
Experienced managers and those with prior management training. Learn current skills in people
development practices and talent management approaches. Inspire and develop your managers and

Start Dates:
Hobart:                          Launceston:

24/03/2010                       06/04/2010
03/11/2010                       10/08/2010

                                       Succession Planning
Identifying and developing future managers is a strategic priority that requires more than a
commitment from HR. This program provides an overview to succession planning and how to
realistically create a customised leadership program. This workshop provides a combination of
reference information, diagnostic tools and competency menus and other information to foster
Management Team discussion and action plans.
For Owners, General Managers & Senior Managers who need to develop their managers and future
leaders. Organisations that need to consider corporate knowledge that may depart in the future.
Organisations that have needed to consistently recruit externally for key staff. Organisations without an
Exit Strategy for Leaders.

Start Dates:
Hobart:                          Launceston:

29/06/2010                       24/06/2010
04/11/2010                       06/10/2010
    Councilor Development Program
                      Bringing your councilors together


LGPerformance Tasmania is pleased to offer your council the choice of six 90 minute modules
which will truly change the way your councilors communicate with each other and with their
constituents. Enhance professionalism and smooth council operations. Now is the time to make
a change and make a difference.

Choose one, three, or all six for a significant discount. Set aside an evening or come together
before your council meeting: the program is entirely flexible.

Sessions can be customised to address individual situations. LGPerformance Tasmania has
many years of experience in Local Government.

Annette Cusick is our Local Government Performance specialist; call her for a frank and
confidential discussion of your requirements.

 Module 1 Governance: Key to Superior Service
Excellence in governance is based on principles and practices that clarify goals, ownership of
processes, opportunity to participate, goodwill, roles, relationships and accountability.

Module 2 Working as a Team
How well you and your councilors can put aside differences to work to achieve common goals can make
a profound difference in your council’s image.

Module 3 Community Leadership
Community leadership is central to ensuring healthy, sustainable and fair communities.

Module 4 Dealing with Difficult People
Whether it’s a ratepayer, your builder, a retail assistant or another councillor, some people are just more
challenging to deal with.

Module 5 Change Management
Change management involves a proactive approach to developing strategies and actions to manage the
impact of change.

Module 6 Manage Your Time, Manage Your Stress
Life in local government is busy. In order to be effective, councillors must be able to read and absorb
vast quantities of information, be confident to make decisions on matters whose impacts may be felt for
years to come whilst balancing constituent concerns with the practicalities and limitations of their

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                                             Hobart Tas 7000
                         E-mail: or Ph: 6236 9055

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