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                                                          October 2008

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President’s Message
by James P. (Phil) Morgan, CMP CCM
Old Dominion SGMP President

                          Welcome Back!
                                             ld Dominion SGMP is extremely pleased to have you back for the
                                             2008-2009 event year! Your board has been hard at work ensuring that you
                                             realize your return on membership investment by planning and developing a
                                             wonderful slate of exciting educational and networking opportunities for our
                                             members over the next several months.

                                2008-2009 will prove to be a pivotal year for Old Dominion as we finish our 21st year
of improving the quality and increasing the cost-effectiveness of government meetings. Did you know that this is an
election year for our board of directors? Many of our current board members will be stepping down or taking over new
responsibilities on the board in June of 2009. This leaves a great opportunity for worthy candidates to step up to the plate
and get involved with your chapter’s management and direction. Speaking from firsthand experience, serving on the board
of directors is a rewarding and fulfilling experience and well worth the time commitment. Board member job descriptions
have been recently developed and are available for your review, should you be interested.

        Would you like to become more involved in your chapter, but are not quite ready to take the plunge by running
for office? Why don’t you volunteer for a committee? We currently have openings on our Membership, Communication,
Education, Special Events, and Fundraising committees. Committee involvement is a great way to serve while gathering
important insight into the workings of the chapter. Contact any board member for more information or to sign up.

        Were you able to go to the SGMP National Conference last June in Dallas? If not, be sure to mark your calendars for
May 13-16, 2009, in Louisville, Kentucky, as the Galt House will be our host for another fabulous conference.

        Once again, welcome to the 2008-2009 programming season. I look forward to working with you as we continue to
improve the quality and increase the cost-effectiveness of government meetings.

                             CONNECTIONnewsletter           2
Looking Through the Keyhole—October Meeting
by Linda Eisan, CHSP

                                                  ur second meeting of the fiscal
                                                  year was a great success. Thank you
                                                  to the Crowne Plaza West for hosting
                                                  our event this month. Everyone at the facility
                                                  was very hospitable, and the Mexican fiesta-
             themed reception was delicious! We truly appreciate your contribution.

                Thanks to Charles Sadler for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend the
          meeting and present: Looking Through the Keyhole, but I want to congratulate him for
         his recent appointment as the new executive director of SGMP. We are proud to say that
         you came from the Old Dominion Chapter! We know the future of the organization will be
         promising and successful under your passionate leadership.

                With that being said, we had a nice turnout for the meeting. The topic, Looking
          Through the Keyhole, was about hotel safety and security and the responsibilities of the
           planner and of the hotel. Charles shared studies showing hotels of all types, addressing
             safety and security issues, and he reviewed important questions to ask during a site
              inspection to minimize risks to your meeting attendees.

                        Charles started out by having a person at each table retrieve an item
                      from a bag—a ruler, light bulb, keys, airplane—to name few. Each
                          of these items was to play a role in the safety issues in a
                               hotel. The presentation was both entertaining
                                     and very educational. All who
                                      attended learned valuable lessons
                                      and tips!                                  3
Industry News
Bureau Partnering
by Ruth A. Hill
Meetings East, October/November 2008

                assandra Matej, senior
                vice president, sales
                and services for the
                Dallas Convention and
                Visitors Bureau (CVB),
says planners often don’t know about
the array of complimentary and low-cost
services bureaus can provide for groups. Matej and other industry people offer the following points:

CVB Misperceptions:

*   CVB services cost money or get kickbacks on meetings booked through them.
*   CVBs broadcast leads to every member, resulting in an avalanche of solicitations.
*   If you are using a hotel company’s national sales office, you don’t need the CVB.
*   CVBs only help citywide conventions, not small meetings.
*   The host hotel(s) can provide all the needed information and resources.

Why you should use a CVB:

*   The CVB has deep destination knowledge about many things other than hotels, including off-site venues and
    restaurants. The bureau can connect planners with leaders in their organizations’ industries who will benefit the
    program in a variety of ways, including attendance-building.
*   While the hotel national sales office may know their brand, the CVB is the local destination expert. Sales offices
    can’t have deep knowledge about every location.
*   A majority of CVB convention services are complimentary or of nominal cost.
*   A CVB drives economic success and enhances the quality of life in the local community. A partnership with a CVB
    shows support of the community.
*   Cities use the data from CVBs to enhance infrastructure like convention headquarters hotels and attractions that
    benefit visitors.
*   CVBs can provide customized services as well as move mountains.

                          CONNECTIONnewsletter           4
Are You Smarter Than a Cheese Grater or the
Team Next to You? Spin the Wheel of Information
to Find Out!
Contributed by Linda Eisan, CHSP, Virginia Beach CVB

                he Old Dominion Chapter’s first meeting of the
                season was a great way to catch up with our friends,
                associates, and learn a few business-related facts. The
                meeting was held Wednesday,September 17, 2008, at the
                Sheraton West, in Richmond, Virginia.

    A special thanks to Crystal Rivera and the Sheraton West Richmond for
a beautiful meeting room and generous reception of tasty food after the
meeting! The hotel staff was quick to respond to our last-minute requests,
accommodating, and showed us true Richmond hospitality. We appreciate
your support!

    Forty people registered for the meeting—18 planners, 20 suppliers,
and 2 guests. It was a great turnout for a fun, interactive, and educational
meeting. For those of you that couldn’t make it, you missed a great
time—some laughs, a little competition, and prizes for the winning and second-place teams. Where were you?

    Charles Waddell and I presented the Wheel of Information. Charles started the meeting by dividing the group into
teams. The teams’ colors were matched with a coordinating can of Pringles on each table. The Pringles can matched
the team color. Who knew there were that many different flavors of Pringles? We had a blue team, green team, red
team, and black team.

    A spinning wheel similar to the wheel of fortune was used. Each slot of the wheel was a question from the CHSP,
CGMP, and CMP exams. A few questions on Virginia Green certification were added to keep current with the latest
environmental trends.

    In order to be fair with the first team to spin the wheel, Charles’ question to the group was regarding chapter
membership, a test to see who reads the chapter newsletter. “How many total members are in the Old Dominion
Chapter, planner, and supplier?”

    The team with the right answer, “Old Dominion has 94 members, 40 planners, 44 suppliers” was given the first
opportunity to spin the wheel for a question.

    Each team took turns spinning the wheel for a random question. The team had 30 seconds to discuss the question
and come to agreement on an answer. For each question answered correctly, the team got 5 points and spun the
wheel again. A wrong answer meant the next spin of the wheel went to the following team on the scoreboard.

                                                                                                continued on next page                                     5
   Here’s a sampling of questions spun on the wheel.            The questions spun by the teams gave everyone
Answers can be found later in the newsletter.               time to compare their knowledge, thoughts on the
                                                            right answer, a few good laughs, and “ah hah“ moments.
1. What is COTR or COR?
                                                            Learning can be fun!
   a. The Contract Technical Representative (oversees
                                                                Each member of the winning team walked away with
       the management of the contract to ensure it is
                                                            prizes donated by the Wyndham Hotel, Virginia Beach.
                                                            The second-place team won Carabineer flashlight key
   b. The center of an apple                                rings or luggage tags from Virginia Beach CVB. Everyone
                                                            got to sample a variety of Pringles chips as the team table
   c. Center for Overseas Transient Reservations
2. What does FTR stand for?
                                                                For those of you that had a really good time, we’ll
   a. Franklin Theodore Roosevelt                           do this again to test your memory. For those of you who
                                                            missed the September meeting, we’ll do it again. Be on
   b. Full-Time Responsibilities
                                                            the lookout for December’s meeting reminder. We’re
   c. Federal Travel Regulations                            meeting at the Omni Richmond! Do you think you are
                                                            smarter than you were in September?
3. What are the 3 “R’s” of Green Meetings?
                                                                Thanks to Kim Phillips, who gave up her time to help
   a. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle                                us compile a list of questions from the CHSP exam.
   b. Reduce, Replace, Reintegrate

   c. Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic                          ANSWERS
4. Federal Travel Regulations allow up to a                 1. a. the contract technical representative (oversees
          % increase in the per diem rate when the                  the management of the contract to ensure it is
   government rate is not available.                                followed)
   a. 25                                                    2. c. Federal Travel Regulations
   b. 15                                                    3. a. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
   c. 150                                                   4. c. 150
5. Which of the following are not recyclable?               5. b. Plastic Bags
   a. Plastic bottles

   b. Plastic bags

   c. Corrugated cardboard

                         CONNECTIONnewsletter           6
                                     City of Virginia
                                  Beach—Virginia’s First
                                   “Green Destination”

                        On Friday, August 15, Governor Timothy
                        M. Kaine attended an event in Virginia
                       Beach honoring the City of Virginia Beach
                      for being designated Virginia’s first “Green
                      Destination” by the Virginia Green Program.
                       He presented the hospitality industry with
                        a proclamation and a framed resolution
                             from the General Assembly in
                              recognition of their efforts.

  Membership News
  by Lynette James

                           Membership Counts!
                          Help us maintain a 50/50% ratio again by recruiting
                          new planner members and renewing your own
                          membership on time!

                          TOTAL CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP: 100
                          Total Planners    49     53.8%
                          Total Suppliers   44     46.2%
                          Retired            3

                                             Old Dominion Membership Report
                                                    as of September 10, 2008                           7
Membership News
by Lynette James

    New Quarterly Membership Drive Incentive

              hank you again to everyone who referred potential members during the 2007-2008
              fiscal year! In order to reward more of our members for your recruitment efforts in the coming
              year, we are continuing our quarterly membership drive incentive this year. To show our
              appreciation, not one, but three (3) members will have a chance to win the coveted American
   Express Gift Card! The member who recruits the most members each quarter will receive a $100 American
   Express gift card. The awards will be made at the December Anniversary Gala for the 1st quarter, the March
   meeting for 2nd quarter, and the June Banquet for the 3rd quarter.

          If you were unable to make it to the September chapter meeting, please ask Lynette James about our
   chapter Recruitment Package. The Recruitment Package includes an introduction letter from President
   Phil Morgan, benefits of being an SGMP member, a membership application, and a copy of our most recent
   newsletter. The package will be available at every chapter meeting for you to share with a potential member!
   Please refer any prospective members to Lynette to ensure you are included in the membership drive
   incentive. Your chapter recruitment efforts are greatly appreciated!

      Membership Renewal Reminder

            f your name is listed below, this is a reminder that your anniversary date is approaching
            and you have not renewed your membership yet. Please process your paperwork and return your
            renewal notice with your membership fees by the last day of your anniversary month to prevent
            your membership in this great organization from dropping!
                                           October Anniversaries
                                 Nora Chiong—Engineering & Environment, Inc.
                                    Harriett Edmunds—The Edmunds Group
                    Vianetta Johnson—Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel and Conference Center
                                     Carolyn Keen—TMC Design Corporation
                                       Phil Morgan—Twin Lakes State Park
                                   Carol Resavage—Supreme Court of Virginia

                          CONNECTIONnewsletter       8
    Board and                                                     Welcome, New
    Committee                                                      Members!!!
    Meeting Highlights                                     Lorna Battles—Holiday Inn Express Richmond
    August 5, 2008
                                                           Jamie Mitchell—Chesapeake Conventions &
    Secretary’s Report: Bea Anderson                             Tourism
        • None.
    Treasurer’s Report: Linda Eisan                        Melissa Soutter—Omni Charlottesville Hotel
        • None.
                                                           Kelly White—Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk
    President’s Report: Phil Morgan
                                                                  Conference Center
    		 •	 President	Morgan	thanked	everyone	
             for a great retreat.
    	 •	 The	20th	Anniversary	was	a	big	
    	 •	 He	expressed	congratulations	to	the	
             chapter for winning the Membership            	 •	 $150	was	approved	to	produce	the	
             and Retention award at the National                 monthly meeting magnets.
                                                          	 •	 $100	was	approved	for	a	mentoring	
    	 •	 Next	year’s	national	conference	is	May	                 program.
             13-16, 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky.
                                                          Hospitality Committee: Carrol Bailey
    	 •	 The	monthly	meetings	are	eligible	for	
                                                          		 •	 $250	was	approved	for	next	year’s	
             CEU’s (.5).
                                                                 hospitality supplies.
    	 •	 Phil	won	the	Sam	Gilmer	award.		
                                                          Community Service and Outreach Committee:
             Everyone expressed their
                                                                 Gloria Colvin
             congratulations to him.
                                                          	 •	 Everyone	should	bring	canned			          	
    	 •	 The	job	descriptions	developed	at	the	
                                                                 food to the monthly meetings for the Food
             retreat will be added to the policies.
    First Vice-President’s Communications
                                                          	 •	 The	chapter	will	support	the	Angel	tree	at		
             Committee: Joyce Fogg
    	 •	 Send	all	articles	in	by	the	15th	of	each	
                                                          Education Committee: Charles Waddell
                                                          	 •	 $5000 was approved for next year’s
    	 •	 Lynette	James	will	get	profiles	of	new	
                                                                 education programs.
             members. Wendy Evalle will send the
             form to Lynette and Carrol Bailey.           Chapter Historian Committee
    	 •	 Corrections	need	to	be	made	to	the	              	 •	 Most	of	the	historical	documents	are	
             website.                                            stored with Wendy Evalle.
    	 •	 Ad	pricing—full	page	$150	and	half	              	 •	 Wendy	Evalle	will	get	items	up-to-date	and		
             page $75.                                           establish a process.
    	 •	 Ad	revenue	potential	$500.                       	 •	 The	secretary	will	maintain	the	records.
    Second Vice-President’s Membership                    Nominations, Awards and By-Laws Committee:
             Committee: Wendy Evalle                             Gloria Colvin
    	 •	 $5000	revenue	to	be	generated	for	               	 •	 $600	was	approved	for	awards.
             2008/2009.                                   New Business
    	 •	 Looking	into	adding	another	                     	 •	 Phil	Morgan	will	establish	guidelines	for		
             fundraising-entertainment book; store               travel.
             coupon.                                      	 •	 Scholarship	monies	will	be	established.
    	 •	 50/50	will	be	held	three	times	a	year.           	 •	 No	more	billing	for	any	meetings.
    Membership Committee: Lynette James                   	 •	 All	regular	meetings	will	begin	at	3	p.m.	
    	 •	 $300	was	approved	for	a	Membership	                     with the exception of the December
             Drive—American Express gift card.                   meeting.                               9
    Use Convenient
    Newsletter Links

         t the top of the
         cover page of
         the newsletter
are links to important
   Access Per Diem info, our Mission
Statement, how to become a
member, meeting schedule, and the
National SGMP website.
   The Old Dominion Chapter Home
link is on every odd page of the                   Advertise NOW in the

                                                           lease e-mail Joyce Fogg at joyce.fogg@vec.
                                                  All ads are due by the 15th of each
                                                           month to be included in the next issue. Send
                                                           ads to ATTN: Joyce Fogg, Virginia Employment
                                                           Commission, 703 East Main Street, Room 300,
                                           Richmond, Virginia 23219. Hard copy or electronic files may be
                                           sent. All electronic files are acceptable. If you have a question
                                           about this, call Joyce at (804) 786-7592. Digital photos are
                                           preferred, but processed photos can be scanned. Electronic files
                                           sent must be PC- or MAC-based.
                                           E-mail MAC files to
                                                            Full-Page Ad                $150

                                                            Half-Page Ad                 $75

                                                            Quarter-Page Ad              $45

                                                            Business Card Ad             $25

                                             15% discount for three or more selected ads in one year.

                    CONNECTIONnewsletter   10
                     SGMP Old Dominion Chapter
                      Monthly Meeting Calendar
                          November 5       Holiday Inn Koger

                          December 3       Omni Richmond

                           January 7       Marriott Richmond

                           February 4      Sheraton Park South

                              March        Educational Conference, TBD

                              April 1      Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk

                               May 6       Holiday Inn Express Richmond

                                June       Banquet, TBD

                                        November 5                    11
               Attention All Old Dominion
                   SGMP Members!!

What:           SGMP Old Dominion Chapter Annual Silent Auction

When:           Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where:          Omni Hotel Richmond

Why:            All members are encouraged to support the SGMP
                Old Dominion Chapter Annual Silent Auction!
                Get creative, and remember Christmas is around the corner.
                Our goal this year is to raise $4,000.

                                   Auction Ideas:
    Hotel stays, local restaurant certificate, specialty items from your area,
 attractions tickets, homemade items, prints . . . your imagination is the limit!

            Please fax or e-mail your item form by November 21 to:

                                    Wendy Evalle
                              Hilton Virginia Beach
                             Phone: (757) 213-3009
                              Fax: (757) 213-3430

         Thanks for your support! We look forward to seeing all of you
                         on Wednesday, December 3!

                  CONNECTIONnewsletter   12
         2007-2009 Old Dominion Chapter
         Board Members

                          President                           Planner Director
                     James Morgan, CMP                            Carrol Bailey
                          (434) 767-2398                          (757) 259-6878

                  First Vice President                       Supplier Directors
                           Joyce Fogg                            Lynette James
                          (804) 786-7592                          (757) 393-5327

                 Second Vice President                          Charles Waddell
                          Wendy Evalle                            (757) 428-7025
                          (757) 213-3009          
                                                         Immediate Past President
                          Secretary                               Gloria Colvin
                      Beatrice Anderson                           (804) 786-8225
                     (804) 674-3507, x1069      

                      Linda Eisan, CHSP
                          (757) 385-6659