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									                MINUTES OF THE CIP MEETING HELD 19.03.05

Attendance: Aileen Marshall (MZ), Anthea Sutherland (WZ)

Apologies:    Wendy Abbey (CZ), Maxene Argento (BZ), Oriel Gardiner (WGZ),
              Narelle Bond (NZ), Prudence Dewe (NMZ), Sonia Graham (EGZ),
              Sally Francis (SMZ)

As there was no quorum a general discussion was held. Reports submitted from the
absent CI were tabled and included below.

Drafts of the APCC D&C Syllabus were distributed for input and discussion at next


Central Zone
We ran a Dressage and Show Jumping clinic with Jamie Murray and Chris Seivers for
riders competing at the Zone Qualifiers in December. We were able to field a B grade
jumping team for the first time in three years.

The two day national Mounted Games clinic was again held after Christmas in our
Zone at Werribee. At the end twelve riders were chosen for each of the three squads,
Development, Junior and Senior.

Since last October ten Cs and two Ks have been presented. The two Ks have a section
each to complete. Nineteen Cs and one K are getting ready to be processed.

We are to hold a Pony Club instructors day on April 2 nd at Broadford covering
dressage, jumping, horsemastership and games up tp C level.

Alan Mitchell will be instructing Show Jumping at a clinic for E and inexperienced D
riders in July. Unfortunately it will be the same day as an interschool competition.

Two OTC/Instructors days are planned for July

There has been concern re course accreditation and what constitutes an accredited
End of report


   1. There has been concern re course accreditation as to what constitutes an
      “accredited course”. The question is: how many shared fences can a cross
      country course have?
   CIP response. Workshops to educate people
   2. A horse wearing a snaffle bridle has string tied to each snaffle ring across the
      top of the nose and up between the horses ears on to the headpiece of the
      bridle?….sort of like a Kineton nosedband. Is it acceptable
   CIP response. Would hold bit up like a tongue layer. String not allowed, must use
   proper equipment. Would not be allowed in Dressage.

   3. Can a rider wear leather American cowboy boots? They have a small heel, not
      Cuban, a full leather sole. The boot comes ¾ of the way up the leg. The shin is
      highr than the sides with the calf and shin being the same height. ( Rider has
      been on exchange to USA and wants to wear them at pony club)
   CIP respone. No. Does not fit with uniform guidelines see pg 20 24.8 Bylaws

   4. Whips for showing. Just checking that a genuine cane with a flap is acceptable
      for showing as well as a plaited leather one with flap.
   4b At the Summer Royal the whip length is lengthened by the RAS to the EFA
      length for pony club events. Would it be a good idea to have the whip length
      the same as the EFA.
   5 Crossed Stirrups
      In riding classes at Agricultural shows, the judges are not allowed to ask riders
      to cross stirrups in front of the saddle to do a workout, as a result of an
      incident at Adelaide Royal two or three years back when a rider fell on her
      back and I believe successfully sued Adelaide Royal. At the 2005 Summer
      Royal riders were asked to cross stirrups and some parents vented their
   CIP response: Yes this is unacceptable, get Judges name and CD will forward to
      EFA Show Horse sub committee to investigate.

    6. C Certificate
       We have a 13 year old deaf member who only does games once a year
       competitively. Both parents are deaf, the older sister can read lips but is no
       longer at home. The mother is reluctant to let the 13 year old try as she is sure
       she will fail. Any solutions?
CIP response: Sounds like a self fulfilling prophesy. Child should be encouraged and
helped to succeed by adapting any part of the assessment to her needs.

North Metro Zone

K rides and testing coming up, OTC course 25/26 June and 9/10 July plus an Adam
Wooten Show Jumping clinic. Lots of camps and clinics for 4s and 5s and a planned
XC one for 1-3. Are going to suggest our new dressage judge applicants team up with
HRCAV teats and courses.
Problem for general discussion, we have a young rider who is mentally disabled (an
RDA rider too) who wants to ride in the club games team. How can we exempt her
from C test? She is a fairly able rider but could not pass a written paper even with
help. Her experienced DC says her riding is as safe as anyone else’s. I would like to
exempt her from the test on the grounds she is not mentally able to pass the test. What
does everybody else think>
CIP response. Child should have to pass C, setting a precedent. Adapt questions on
written paper in any way so that she can do test.

Northern Zone
This year NZ is still focussing on safety. We are running a mounted instructors
instructional clinic on jumping Equitation tomorrow. This relates directly to safety by
giving riders skills and knowledge to be able to ride more safely over jumps. This is
being presented by Carolyn Earl.
We are also hoping to run 2 Comfort and Safety Clinics with the aid of Clare Lewin
We have also contacted John Barlee and are arranging dates for clinics on cross
country course accreditations.

Questions for meeting
   1. Clare could you please advise dates 2 or 3 options for Comfort $ safety
   2. DCI/ZA meeting has discussed penalties for outside assistance in
       Showjumping. There are rules and penalties regarding this in Dressage and
       Cross Country, but not apparent for showjumping
   CI response. SJ rules are found in FEI rules. PC does not have any of its own and
   used these directly. Art 225 Unauthorised Assistance describes what is and what is
   not considered out side help. Basically the judge must decide wether the
   intervention helps the competitor or not. Rules can be found on EFA site with
   links to FEI.
   3. In recent B Certificate written paper completed by one of our riders there was
       a question asking for the aids to ride a walk pirouette. Could you please advise
       where this is presented in the B Syllabus for our future reference
   CI response. My mistake, revamped an old paper. Pirouette no longer required at
   B 1999 Edn of Syllabus.
   4. Could we please have clarification on the dates for the written paper for K
       cert. In recent “Making a Difference” it stated the options being 1 st Sunday in
       July or 2nd Sunday in November. Is this correct as the latter option has
       previously been the second Sunday in December. Has it changed or is it a typo
   CI response. Suggest it is a typo, dates have not been changed to my knowledge
   5. Are there any State Clinics coming up that could be hosted in Northern Zone?
   CI response. Not at this stage, although C&S are considered State level Clincs.
   Perhaps it can be put in to the mix for 2006.

South Metro Zone
Chief Instructor’s Report – January 2005
Upcoming Events in SMZ Include
   • Cross Country Clinic (Grades 1 & 2) Tooradin Estate, 30 th Jan 2005
   Contact person Sally Francis
   • Dressage Clinic – Basic Training of the Horse & Ringcraft (Grades 1,2,3&4)
       with Mary Longden at Aaron Park Equestrian Centre, Manks Rd, Clyde,
       Sunday 20 th February. Contact person sally Francis
   • Orientation to Coaching 2 day course on Sat 14th May at Tooradin Hal &
       Sunday 15 th May at Tooradin Pony Club grounds. Contact, Liz McComb
   • Speed to Safety Training day Sunday 19th June at Cranbourne racing complex.
       Contact Andy Rouget
   •   Speed to safety Qualifying Competition Sunday July 31st at Cranbourne
       Training complex. Contact Robyn Coutts
   •   APCC Instructors 2 day Clinic, Sat 20th & Sun 21 st August at Werribee Park.
       Contact Clare Lewin
   •   PCAV Speed to Safety Competition Sunday 4th September at Flemington
   •   Cross Country Clinic (Grades 3,4,5 riders) on Mon 19th Sept. Tooradin Estate.
       Contact Sally Francis
   •   Show Jumping & Lungeing Clinic Sun Oct 30 th at Tooradin Estate. Contact
       sally Francis

   Decision has been made that participants will need to pay $10.00 per head to
   attend any of the above SMZ Clinics.

East Gippsland Zone
Schools conducted;
Dressage School
Showjumping and Dressage School
Games Instruction with Prince Philip members 19th & 20th February

Schools coming up:
Cross Country Accreditation 3 rd April final part finalising the cross country course
Lungeing School 17th April Moe PC Grounds with Sue Chandler

Q. The length of whip in the new dressage book has been changed to 120cm. I’d been
told this was because it was getting harder to get a 110cm whip. If so why so why are
we still writing 110cm into other rules such as show rules. Shouldn’t it be the one
standard length for the long whip?
CIP response. There is no new Dressage book and the length of whip has not been
changed. It is 110cm excluding the lash which is the same throughout all rules.

Q. I’ve come across a stirrup grip that is made of metal, it has a raised grip and looks
and feel like a cheese grater. The problem that I see with these is that they could hold
the riders foot in the stirrup instead of letting the foot slip through
CIP response. Bring it in to show before decision made.

Barwon Zone
   • About 30 “C” Candidates will be examined by the end of March
   • 6 “K” Candidates have passed the written paper, worksheets have been
     corrected & now we are looking for a free day to complete the Certificate
   • If Police checks are required for Members of the DCI&ZA panel, who will be
     supervising & collecting this information? Who will Pay?
   • Will any information be sent out to us re Council & CIP meeting on 12/4/05?
     Re venue, topics to be covered, start time etc
   • C&D Instructors Clinic to be held at Barwon Valley Pony Club on 09.04.05
   • 28/05/05 K Coordinators clinic at Winchelsea
   • 30.07.05 Grading clinic, venue to be decided
   • 03.09.05 C&D Instructor’s clinic at Colac Pony Club
Wannon Zone
In January, the Wannon Zone held its annual Horse Trials Workshop at a new venue,
the Emu Creek Pony Club grounds Terang. This year the workshop was restricted to
riders of Grade 4 and above. 33 riders attended & received instruction from Emily
Anker, Georgina Gubbins, Barry Roycroft and Wil Enzinger over two days.
Two “Improve your Skills” workshops were help for riders with D certificate and/or
Grade 5 grading. These were run over two days one at each end of the Zone.
Instructors were Lindy Young, Diana Sutherland &Scott Barclay. Riders who
attended both workshops showed a marked improvement & it is planned to repeat
these workshops on a regular basis, if time can be found in the over crowded calendar.
A Dressage Clinic run by the Barwidgee Dressage Club is being made available to
those in Pony Club, I hope they will attend.
The Zone ran a Speed to Safety at the Warnambool Race meeting in January. 10
riders were selected from two trials run be Jenny Smith & her hard working helpers.
The presentation of the riders was excellent and their performance followed suit. The
10 riders and all helpers stood like statues to observe the minutes silence for the
Tsunami victims.
The DCI Panel is planning to run some training sessions for those interested in
Qualifying for the Dressage and Show Jumping State Championships to be held in our
Zone at Emu Creek Pony Club grounds. Horse Trials have just started for 2005, the
standard of riding to date has been good. A Grade 5 Combined Training was run at
Heytesbury Horse Trials to replace Grade 5 Horse Trials.

Discussion closed at 1200
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