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Christmas Gift Ideas
BBQ Lovers Foodie Pack

Capri Gourmet Gift Pack
                                           FREE custom ribbon printed with your logo*

                                                                                 Ribbon colour


BR105 Paul Bocuse Corkscrew






                                                                                * For orders over 25 units
                                                                                  for any Paul Bocuse products.
BR103 Paul Bocuse Oil & Vinegar Drizzler                                          Subject to availability
BR101 Paul Bocuse Cheese Grater

BR102 Paul Bocuse Apron & Glove Set   BR104 Paul Bocuse Peppermill
                                        BR858/60   BR858/80
                                        Black      Silver

BR857 FERRE Elegant Pen     BR858 FERRE Star Pen               BR852 FERRE Compact Microfibre Umbrella

BR855 FERRE Ladies Wallet                                     BR856 FERRE Mens Wallet
                                                             FREE custom ribbon printed with your logo*

                                                             Ribbon colour

   BR851 FERRE Leather A4 Notebook   BR858 FERRE Star Pen

FERRE Gift Pack






                                                            * For orders over 25 units
                                                              for any FERRE products.
BR853 FERRE Travel Document Holder                            Subject to availability
J058 Active SPF30+ Sunscreen   D269 BBQ Set in Deluxe Case   D272 Adventure Trifold BBQ Set

D915 UV Monitor with Clock     D221 Roadside Kit             D215 Polar Fleece Picnic Rug
D603 Capri Picnic Backpack                     D604 Lakeside Picnic Cooler Basket    D605 Daytrekker Picnic Bag

                        Optional D576
                        Polar Fleece Blanket

D570 Kimberley Picnic Backpack                 D346 Belmont Coffee Picnic Backpack   D224 Party Tub

D600 Adventure Picnic/Cooler Bag   D220 12 Litre Cooler Bag/Radio     D216 Cruiser Cooler Bag

D572 Kimberley Wine Cheese Set     D607 Lakeside Picnic Cutlery Set   D573 Cheese Board and Knife Set
D559 Sherwood Deluxe Cork Pull Set

                         D906/60 Black

                         D906/96 Sand

D906 Safari 2-bottle Cooler Bag
D233 Wine Bottle Gift Box       D228 Polo Wine Carrier                      D243 Yarra Wine Cooler

D270 Marlborough Wine Carrier   D602 Oslo 2 Bottle Cooler & Waiter’s Tool   D557 Deluxe Corkscrew Stopper Set
Charcoal & Light Grey

D850/63                      D850/12             D853/62
Black & Charcoal Grey        Navy & Light Blue   Charcoal & Light Grey

       D850 Journo Bag

Charcoal & Light Grey

D851/12                  D851/63                 D853/12                      D853/63
Navy & Light Blue        Black & Charcoal Grey   Navy & Light Blue            Black & Charcoal Grey

       D851 Urban Bag                            D853 Boston Laptop Satchel
D852/12             D852/62
Navy & Light Blue   Charcoal & Light Grey

                    D852/63                 D854/12             D854/63
                    Black & Charcoal Grey   Navy & Light Blue   Black & Charcoal Grey

       D852 Senate Bag                      D854 Courier Bag

       D878 Linden Zippered Compendium      D900 Travel Bag
D256 Titan Flashlight                                D284 Executive Golf Set

D445 Sentinel Pedometer/Torch   D365 Classic Photo Frame                   D371 Florence Photo Frame
D499 Teardrop Keyring     D476 Leather Keyring

D492 Lynx Keyline Torch
     D649 Black Ceramic Mug/Plunger                                    D355 Car Mug/Flask Set

D265/20                                 D265/62
Red                                     Grey

          D265/60             Blue


     D265 Pacific Car Mug                          D582 Java Mini Mug                        D652 Coffee Plunger and 2 Stainless Steel Mugs
                                                                     *Pens not included.

EC800 Recycled Business Brief Bag   EC802 Recycled Convention Tote      EC804 Recycled Satchel

                                    *Pens not included.

EC820 Recycled Deluxe Backpack      EC822 Recycled Urban Sling          EC850 Recycled Photo Frame
EC012 Recycled Coloured Pencils   EC210 Recycled Notepad                            EC220 Recycled Notebook

          *Pens not included.                                      *Pens not included.

EC900 Recycled A4 Pad Cover                            EC920 Recycled Zippered Compendium
                    Silver Barrel & Blue Grip

                    F141/82                          F896/68
                    Silver Barrel & Red Grip         Gloss Black/Silver

                    Silver Barrel & Black Grip

                    F141/88                          F896/88
                    Silver Barrel & Silver Grip      Metallic Silver/Silver

                    F141 Bling                       F896 Vision Twist

                    F450/10                       F450/51

                    F450/11                       F450/52

                    F450/20                       F450/53

                    F450/30                       F450/54

                    F450/45                       F450/56

                    F450/60                       F450/81

                    F450/70                       F450/86

BR001 Ferrari Pen   F450 Expo
X-Stream Drink Bottles

                                         J054/10   J054/11    J054/20

                                         J054/21   J054/30    J054/31

J053/10   J053/20    J053/31   J053/45

                                         J054/40   J054/45    J054/50

J053/50   J053/51    J053/70   J053/80   J054/60   J054/70    J054/80

J053 X-Stream Drink Bottles              J054 X-Stream Drink Bottle Lids

                                                                          Gift Cylinder
                                                                          Great packaging option for confectionery,
                                                                          chocolate or hampers. Supplied empty.
                                                                          Limited stocks available.

            F209 Black Gift Box           F210 Silver Pen Tube

                                                                                                          350mm Diameter
            J087 Pillow Pack              J086 Noodle Box                                               350mm High
            * Confectionery not included   * Confectionery not included
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