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					                                      Policies and Procedures
                                   Intermediate Algebra - TRS 92
                                            Winter 2010

                                              Student’s 900 Number: _________________________
Instructor Information
Instructor                                   Leslie Goldstein
Office                                       Jones 108
Phone                                        247-7161
Personal web page
Office Hours                                 10-11 MW, 12:30-3 T

NOTE: Course Syllabus is published in a separate document. The Syllabus will be given to students
on the first day of class and posted on your instructor’s website.

Course Description
Intermediate Algebra provides review and instruction in college preparatory mathematics for students
with deficiencies or apprehensions concerning required entrance-level mathematics courses. The
instructor will use a combination of lecture, problem-solving skills, group work and individualized
assistance. Students will be substantially involved in the instructional process through class
participation, problem solving, and completing homework, in-class activities, and group work. Student
work will include writing, as well as doing calculations. Throughout the course, topics such as number
systems, algebraic expressions, algebraic properties, and algebraic manipulations will be learned to
solve and graph linear and quadratic functions, equations and inequalities; applications will be
included. Credit for this class does not count toward the minimum semester credits required for
a degree.

Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed at least the equivalent of Algebra I and have
been placed in TRS 92 as a result of the FLC Math Placement.

Challenging your placement: If you feel you have been placed into this course inappropriately, you
may challenge your placement by taking the Accuplacer Exam. There is a $20 fee and you must have
a photo ID and a #2 pencil. Individual appointment can be made, but consultation of the schedule is
recommended. Questions can be answered by calling or emailing the Testing Center at 970-382-6938

Required Materials
    Intermediate Algebra through Applications, Geoffrey Akst/Sadie Bragg, Pearson Addison
       Wesley, 2006.
    A TI-83, TI-83 Plus, or TR-84 Graphics Calculator is required; a TI-85, TI-86 TI-89, or TI-92
       will be prohibited.
    A 2-inch, 3-ring binder/notebook with 5 tab dividers.
    Access code to Math XL
    A commitment of at least 2 - 3 hours/day of your time and effort outside of class along with
       active participation in class.
Grade Composition
Exams          There will be 6 exams. The first five exams will be given in the regular classroom at your
               regular class time. Make-up Exams: Tests cannot be made up.
               Corrections must be made on all tests. With any grade of less then 74% on a test, you must
               go to the ALGEBRA ALCOVE for corrections.
               The sixth exam will be the final exam. The final exam MUST be taken during the specified
               TRS 92 Common Exam time, which is Wednesday April 28th at 4:30 P.M. A 3x5 index card
               is permitted on the final exam.
               Your final exam location will be announced later. The final exam can be taken only on the
               day it is scheduled. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
               FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, April 28th , 4:30-6:30 pm.
Homework/      Twelve homework assignments will be graded. The lowest two grades will be dropped.
In-class       Homework will not be accepted except on the date it is due - NO EXCEPTIONS! All work
Activities/    must be shown, if credit is expected. Answers alone are not acceptable. Homework will be
Quizzes        due the next class period after it is assigned, unless otherwise specified and late homework
               will not be accepted.
Writing        There will be several writing assignments throughout the semester. These assignments will
               focus on study skills and course content. Your instructor will review the assignments and
               grading criteria.
Portfolio      See the Portfolio sheet attached.
Math XL        Math XL assignments are a required part of your grade. Access codes for Math XL are
               included in your textbook when purchased new at the book store. If you purchase your
               textbook on line, or used, you may be required to purchase an access code on line.
               Information is included in an attached sheet.

Credit does not count toward graduation or GPA. However, a student must obtain a grade of
 “C-" or above to be allowed to advance to the next course and to satisfy the Colorado Assessment
Law. There are external consequences to be considered if a grade of “D” or lower is earned. Some
of the consequences may include financial aid, academic standards, NCAA eligibility, and housing.

How your final grade will be     Exams                       50%
determined                       Written Assignments         30%
                                 Math XL Assignments         15%
                                 Portfolio                   5%

Grade Cut-offs                    100 - 92 %                A
(If a student earns a “D” or       91 - 83 %                B
“F” as a final grade, he/she       82 - 74 %                C
will not be allowed to enroll      73 - 60 %                D
in the next higher-level math      59 % or below            F
class. TRS 92 must be
Last Day to Drop with a “W”     The last day that you can drop with a grade of W is Monday March 8th . It is
                                your responsibility to discuss a grade of W with your instructor. After March
                                8th dropping the class will result in a grade of F.
Learning Grade Policy           See the Learning Grade Policy letter attached.
Class Policies
Attendance     It is very important that you come to class and actively participate every day. Students
               who miss class may not make up any in-class exercises or activities, quizzes, or exams.
               Students who miss more than 6 class periods during the term will receive an F. He/she
               will NOT have the opportunity to receive a “W” as a final grade in the class.
               There is no difference between an “excused” absence and an “unexcused” absence.
               However, students who know they must miss class due to school sponsored activities or
               religious holidays should discuss this matter with the instructor at least one week in
               advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made. It is the responsibility of the
               student to ensure the instructor of the class has received such notification. You can
               contact your instructor by e-mail, voice mail, and, of course, by going to his/her office
               to make the necessary arrangements.
Tardy          Tardy arrivals and early departures will affect your attendance, at your instructor’s
Behavior/      discretion. An absence may be recorded if a student leaves for any amount of time
Leaving        during the class period.
Incompletes Incompletes will only be given under very special circumstances, upon the decision of
               the instructor
Teaching       A Teaching Assistant (TA) may grade your homework assignments and portfolios in
Assistants     this class. This TA is a student who has qualified for this position by completing this
               class with a B+ or better and being recommended by an instructor. He or she has
               signed a confidentiality agreement pledging not to discuss information about the work
               he or she sees to anyone other than the instructor. TA’s are also not allowed to grade
               the work of students with whom they have a personal relationship. If you have
               concerns about a TA grading your work, please contact your instructor. If you ever
               have questions about a grade on an assignment, you must bring it to your instructor’s
               attention immediately upon having the assignment returned to you.
Cell Phone     Cell phone usage is NOT allowed in the classroom. They are to be turned off before
Use            class starts and not turned on again until class ends. You are especially not allowed to
               use them during any exam.
Foundation     At the end of the first week of the term, all TRS 92 students will be given a test on the
Skills         “must have” skills. Students who do not pass at a level of 80% in each category will be
Requirement given two choices: to take TRS 82 or to remediate their skills. This will take the form
               of a self-guided packet. Students will be required to satisfactorily complete the packet
               within 3 weeks or have their final grade dropped by a letter grade. The remediation
               will also require visits to the Algebra Alcove.

Learning Support
Office Hours Your instructor is your best resource. Go to office hours. Ask questions.
Algebra      The Algebra Alcove is located in Jones Hall147. It is staffed with math instructors to
Alcove       answer your questions. The current schedule is posted on the door and on the FMP web
             Please bring your 900 number. You need it to check in.
Writing      The Writing Center is located in Jones Hall105B. It is staffed with writing instructors
Center       and trained peer tutors. They provide assistance with reading and writing.
Instructor   Your instructor’s web page provides important resources for students.
Web page
College Policies
Disabilities Students with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations to fully participate in
             course activities or meet course requirements are requested to bring their letter of
             accommodation to the instructor as soon as possible. Students can pick up their letters
             through the Coordinator of Disability Services at the Academic Success Program, 280
             Noble Hall, 247 -7459.

Academic     Our course is an academic community that is bound together by the traditions and
Honesty      practice of scholarship. Honest, intellectual work – on examinations and on written
             assignments – is essential to the success of our own community of scholars. Using
             classmates’ responses to answer exam questions or disguising works written by others as
             your own undermines the trust and respect on which our course depends. When you work
             with others, which is encouraged in many situations, it is important that they are given
             credit for any written work they did.
             The work in this course is challenging and will demand a good deal of each of you. I
             have every confidence that each of you can succeed. Doing your own work will enhance
             your sense of accomplishment.
             Academic honesty is taken very seriously. Any students caught cheating will
             automatically fail the course and be reported to the Academic Vice President for
             additional sanctions. Dishonest work includes, but is not limited to, submitting papers
             that are identical in wording even if you worked together, submitting exams where
             answers are obviously copied, signing into class for somebody else, submitting
             someone’s work as your own, and borrowing someone’s calculator during an exam
             whereby the answers may be located in the calculator’s storage.

Drug and     Increasing concern about the effects of the use and abuse of alcohol and other substances
alcohol      requires a reminder that attending class under the influence of alcohol or other substance
             is detrimental to academic achievement and effective classroom activities and will not be

You must read and understand the above policies and procedures. Your signature will be required on a
separate piece of paper acknowledging that you understand what you have read, and what will be
enforced during this course.