Media Cost Comparison
                        Total              Size or      Cost        1000   Viewing                Prequalified                               “Tune out”
                       Viewers            Type Ad       of Ad      Viewers Time                    Audience                                    Factor
                                                                                          Advertisers can enhance their
                    Base on 20.000                       $80                 8 seconds
                                                                                            image and Wow Factor is               Almost impossible to tune out
   Car wrap         people per day        Full color     per        $ .16        to
                                                                                          maximized with color and high-            due to large scale of ads.
                     traveling 1200                     month                1 minute
                                                                                               resolution graphics.
                    miles per month
                                                                                          Completely random. The W.P. is
                        389,000            1/4 page                                                                               People skim the paper or skip
                                                                              3 - 10      free, there is no prequalification
 Sun Sentinel           per issue         (5” x 6.5”)    $4000     $ 10.28                                                           pages entirely. Many
                                                                             seconds         of readers. The law of large
                                           Full color                                                                             competing ads on same page.
                        1.800.000                                                          There is no prequalification of
 Yellow Pages
                   Printed only10% of     5 1/4”x 5”     $2863                3 - 10       readers. Can target by certain         Many competing ads on same
    (Dade)                                                          $ 15.9
                   people still look at                 X month              seconds     sections of the book. Law of large                page.
                       it (180,000)                                                                   numbers.
                                                         $400                                                                     Often considered “junk mail”,
   Val-Pak                                 8” x 4”                            3 - 10
                         10,000                          One       $ 40.00                 Able to geographically target.          many times it is never even
  Direct Mail                             Full color                         seconds
                                                        mailing                                                                              opened.
                                             One                                                                                 Seek/Scan buttons help people
     Radio         45,000 during peak                    $300                             Some targeted demographics.
                                            minute                  $ 6.67   1 minute                                            tune out radio messages quite
(3 point rating)         traffic                        Per spot                            The law of large numbers.
                                             spot                                                                                    easily and quite often.
                                           1/2 page                                                                               Often considered “junk mail”,
                         25.000                         $700 per   $ 28.00    3 - 10
Weston Express                            8 1/2” x 5”                                     Some targeted demographics.              many times it is never even
                        “homes’’                         month               seconds
                                           Full color                                                                                        opened.
                     40,000 / issue                                                       Some targeted demographics,
                                           1/4 page      $750                                                                     People skim the paper or skip
Florida Sports       Monthly publ.                                            3 - 10      however, area covered is very
                                          45/8” x 6”     Two        $ 8.50                                                           pages entirely. Many
  Magazine         (covers Brooksville                                       seconds     broad, and is probably more area
                                           Blk/Wht      months                                                                    competing ads on same page.
                      to Sarasota)                                                            than advertiser needs.
                                                                                                                                   Remote control and Digital
  TV (Local                                One 30
                                                         $400                   30                                                Video Recorder (TIVO®) helps
  Broadcast              50,000            second                   $ 8.00                Some targeted demographics.
                                                        per spot             seconds                                              people avoid commercials by
   Station)                                 spot
                                                                                                                                  “channel surfing” or skipping

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