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									                                                        Multimedia of Mathematics 2010

                      MULTIMEDIA MATH
                        Presented by Felicya Timmes and Janet Bell

                                    According to an article in the
                                      November 2006 edition of
                                        T H E Journal entitled,
                                             “Picture This!”
“Statistics indicate that kids prefer to learn in a visual world and like to have information at their
                                          fingertips (Villano).”
   By providing teachers with the latest technology resources           it enables them to use an
    inquiry-based approach to learning – an approach that forces students to find answers
                                       for themselves (Villano).

Online Textbooks
Many textbook companies are making their products available online. Sometimes you have to
access the resources and books with a password but they have all of the following advantages:
• They are always available
• They are hyperlinked
• They offer multimedia options
• They offer homework help

Examples : Holt Rinehart and Winston           Glencoe Mathematics

Teacher Web Pages
Providing your students with information is critical to their success.
Making that information accessible whenever they need it will allow
your students and your program to become even more successful.
•    You can post assignments
•    You can give them suggested links
•    You can offer online quizzes
•    You can get feedback through class Blogs

Some examples:

Lessons prepared in PowerPoint can be:
•   More interactive
•   Archived and organized for future use
• Easily modified or updated

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                                                      Multimedia of Mathematics 2010

On-Line Databases
On-line databases can help you prepare lessons. You can find articles about teaching methods
and styles. You can also find diagrams, images, and activities.
• They allow for a more focused search for information.
• They provide users with organized, archived informationthat is very often reviewed by
   experts and selected forschool use.
• Many of these resources require a username and password.
   Facts-On-File                            EBSCO

United Streaming
Video on-demand has made its way into our
homes. It is only natural that it should be
used in the classroom. United Streaming is
one company that provides on-demand
video for all curriculum areas and all
knowledge levels

Lesson Plan Archives
The Internet is an incredible resource for teachers. Listed below are just a few of the lesson
plan sites available for math.
Teacher Web                                   Math Central
Interactivate                                 Math Archives
Math Forum @ Drexel                           Newz Crew
Awesome Library                               Thirteen Ed Online Lessons
ESubjects                                     Discovery School

Teacher Resources

TI Interactive
      Graph functions, parametric and polar equations
      Performs zoom, trace, and animation of graphs
      Also works as a word processing document

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