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									THE PRESBYTERIAN                                                                                          Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                          U.S. Postage
VISITOR                                                                                                        PAID
                                                                                                          Bloomington, IN
First Presbyterian Church                                                                                 Permit No. 42
221 East Sixth Street at Lincoln
Bloomington, IN 47408

                                                    April 2008 Volume 50, No. 4

                                     THE THAI DANCERS OF PAYAP UNIVERSITY
Mark your calendar for a special event at the church on April 9th at 7 p.m. The Thai
Dancers of Payap University will be visiting our church that evening to present a remarkable
and very colorful program of Thai music, Bible stories and interpretive drama and dance.
These lovely people were met by Ginny Coppedge in 2005 on her trip to Thailand only 2
weeks after the terrible tsunami, and the friendship has continued. The Presbyterian Church
has had a great influence on the students of Payap University, many of whom have become
Christians through the outreach programs such as the one you will see. It would be
wonderful to see Lyman Hall filled with families willing to show their support for
missionaries Rob and Esther Wakeman-Collins and the fine students they are bringing
to the United States. Please plan to join us for an inspiring evening you won’t forget.
Pastor’s Pen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2        First Presbyterian Church
Announcements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 - 4              221 East Sixth Street at Lincoln
Report of Accounts & PW News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5                            Bloomington, IN 47408
Second Century Fund Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6                                (812) 332-1514
Property News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
From our Missionaries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Christian Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..9                         E-mail Us
New Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 - 11            Church Office:
Birthdays & News & Notes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12                     Pastor:
April Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Insert
                                                                                      Visit Us Online
                                             Pastor’s Pen

        Before the end of the spring, our congregation will be hearing about SCF III. Some of you
are very familiar with this acronym, while others of you may be mystified by it. But it’s a very
important part of our church’s life together, and a word of explanation is in order.

         SCF stands for Second Century Fund. This is the name of the capital fund drive that is
paying off the debt we incurred when we renovated the sanctuary three years ago. As many of you
will recall, the cost of that renovation was $1,151,178. The Roman numeral III indicates that this
June, we will be embarking on our third cycle of debt reduction, with the goal of paying off our
remaining balance of approximately $282,000.

         One of the comments I hear over and over from newcomers is what a beautiful sanctuary we
have. They are correct: it’s open, it’s flexible, it’s traditional, it’s intimate, it has good acoustics—
there are many reasons to appreciate our worship space. We began worshipping in the renovated
sanctuary in May, 2005. Since that time, 80 people have joined our congregation. That means 20%
of our church membership has no memory of our sanctuary looking any other way than it does right

          But many of you will recall that it did look different—much, much different. There was
dripping water, peeling plaster, a carpet, a less flexible chancel, less lighting, a poorer sound system;
the list goes on and on. The sanctuary that we currently enjoy Sunday after Sunday is still quietly
being paid for by those members who have given and continue to give to our Second Century Fund.

         It is my firm belief that we can pay off the remaining debt in less than the three years of a
traditional building fund campaign. In order to do so, however, we need everyone’s participation.
There were 101 pledging units to the SCF II campaign. There are many, many more people than that
who worship in our sanctuary every Sunday.

         Everyone will be asked to pledge to SCF III, whether you were here in the years of peeling
plaster, or whether you joined our congregation this year. The amount is not important. What is
important is participation. It’s not fair for newcomers to “opt out” because they weren’t a part of our
church back then. Neither is it fair for someone to say, “I’ve given to two campaigns—no more!”
What we need is a church-wide effort to pay off our debt.

        My hope is that our SCF III campaign will attract more participation than either of our first
two campaigns. I also hope you will begin giving prayerful consideration to your participation in
this campaign. It is a testament to the generosity of this church that we have such a manageable
amount of debt after five years of debt-reduction. It will be important to the ongoing health of our
church that we finish SCF III with strength, encouragement, and the knowledge that everyone is on

COMMITTEE NIGHT: The next                        THE MAY VISITOR DEADLINE is
committee night will be Wednesday,               Monday, April 21st.
April 2nd. We will share a meal in Lyman
Hall at 5:45 p.m. and committee meetings         ALEX AND JIM ACKERMAN WILL
begin at 6:30 p.m.                               CELEBRATE THEIR 50TH
                                                 WEDDING ANNIVERSARY at a
MCUM SPRING FOOD DRIVE: The                      reception in Lyman Hall on Saturday,
Outreach/Mission committee will be               April 19th, from 3-5 p.m. Everyone is
conducting the Spring food drive for             welcome to join the celebration (no gifts,
MCUM during the month of April. You              please)! They met at a Mardi Gras party
may bring food and place in the MCUM             in Hamburg, Germany in 1956 where Jim
food box any Sunday morning. On the              was studying on an exchange scholarship.
morning of Sunday the 20th we will pass          They married on 4/7/58 at Union
out bags and flyers to remind you to bring       Theological Seminary in New York City,
food on Sunday April 27th, if you haven't        and since then have lived in Cambridge,
already done so.                                 MA, Tuscaloosa, AL, and Groton, CT,
                                                 before moving to Bloomington in 1969
This is a great time to help MCUM. The           and becoming part of First Presbyterian.
dollar value of our food gifts will go           They raised four boys: Ben (married to
toward the Feinstein Challenge, allowing         Janie, with grandsons Isaac and Joey) and
MCUM to receive matching funds for the           Jeremy (married to Annie), living in
value of our gift                                Bloomington; Sam (partnered with
of food.                                         Nancy), living in Indianapolis; and Joe
ON APRIL 18TH: Pat Riggins and Bob               LET’S ALL CELEBRATE
Dodd invite the men of the church to join        BIRTHDAYS! Your Congregational
them for a Dutch-treat breakfast and             Care Committee has chosen the 4th
informal conversation on Friday morning,         Sunday of each month to celebrate the
April 18th, at 7:30 at Bobby’s Too in            birthdays of anyone having a birthday in
Showers Plaza. We will have no program           that month. So please join us that Sunday
and no advanced sign up. The purpose is          for Birthday Cake and other goodies in the
to have a time when we can share                 social hall after BOTH services.
informal conversation and a meal. We             JOIN US IN THE CELEBRATION OF
hope to see you there.                                              LIFE.

MCUM Annual Spring Luncheon and                       BOOKS FOR SPRING
Silent Auction: Once again MCUM is
                                                      New members are always welcome to join the
holding its Spring Luncheon and Silent                book group, which meets the last Sunday of
Action on Sunday, April 13th but in a new             the month at 7 a.m. in the third floor meeting
venue -- the Bloomington Convention                   room at Bell Trace.
Center. Funds raised through ticket sales
and the action will go toward the essential           The book for April 27th is Mohja Kahf's "The
                                                      Girl in the Tangerine Scarf: A Novel"
programs of MCUM including daily child                (paperback, 2006, 448 pp.). The 2008 One
care, emergency services, and the food                Book, One Bloomington choice looks at the
pantry. The silent auction will begin at 11:30        life of a Muslim girl growing up in Indiana
am and the luncheon at 12:30. Tickets are             during the 1970s. The family moved to
$20 for adults, $10 for children (4-8).               Indianapolis from Syria, and Khadra's ever-
Children 3 and younger are free. See John             evolving view of herself and her religion
VanderZee for tickets.                                resonate and provide a valuable portrayal of
                                                      an often misunderstood faith. Martha Wailes
AREA 10 REGULAR DELIVERY TEAM                         is the discussion leader.
NEEDED: The Area 10 Mission project is in             On May 25th we'll discuss Debby Applegate's
need of a team of two who would be willing            "The Most Famous Man in America: The
to deliver groceries monthly to our Area 10           Biography of Henry Ward Beecher" (April
clients in the City of Bloomington. We                2007, paperback, 560 pp.). This lively
normally deliver on the fourth Wednesday or           biography of Beecher (1813-1887), an
Thursday (your choice). The total time                immensely famous minister, abolitionist, and
commitment is less than three hours per               public intellectual, explains how his
month and there is flexibility for the delivery       mesmerizing oratory and fiery newspaper
time( for example, you can deliver after              columns made him one of the first celebrities
                                                      of the nascent mass media. It won the 2007
work). This is an excellent mission for our           Pulitzer Prize for biography. Kathryn Brown
church. Our Area 10 clients really appreciate         is the discussion leader.
this service.
                                                      On June 29th the book is Ian McEwan's
You may volunteer as an individual and Lou            "Atonement" (paperback, 2007, 382 pp.), the
and I will find you a partner.                        source for a current motion picture. McEwan's
Please contact Jim Rusie or Lou Moir for              instantly addictive story line is of the bad-to-
more details.                                         worse variety as he moves from the events of
                                                      a single day in 1935 to the harrowing
                                                      vicissitudes of World War II. He excels
                                                      brilliantly at depicting moral dilemmas and
                                                      stressed minds in action without losing a keen
                                                      sense of the body's terrible fragility, the
                                                      touching absurdity of desire, and time's
                                                      obstinacy. The leader is Judy Schroeder.

                                             PW NEWS

in room 5 at the Church.

CIRCLE MARY will meet at 1pm in the church parlor on Thursday, April 3rd. Sherry Beer will
lead the discussion of Lesson 8 in the study book SEASONS OF OUR FAITH. Call Sherry Beer at
337-0060 for more information.

THE ALTHEA BIBLE STUDY GROUP will meet on Monday, April 21st at 9 a.m. in the church

THE LUNCHEON FELLOWSHIP CIRCLE will meet April 8th at Meadowood at 12:00 p.m.
Please call Gerry Morrison at 339-1467 or Carole Allen at 332-5093 for more information.

THE AFTERNOON STUDY CIRCLE will meet at 1 PM on Monday, April 28th in the Church

                                     REPORT OF ACCOUNTS

          29 February 2008
                                         General      Special     TOTAL
                                          Fund        Funds      GF and SF    Reserves
Balance on Hand February 1              $ 31,387.87 $ 36,874.16 $ 68,262.03 $   71,299.25
February Income                           29,831.61     1,146.65   30,978.26        98.86
February Disbursements
                                            (32,747.03)      (555.58)  (33,302.61)
Balance on Hand February 29, 2008       $     28,472.45 $   37,465.23 $ 65,937.68 $   71,398.11

Balance: Second Century Fund            $    27,378.51
Balance: Endowment (New Covenant        $    78,986.07
Balance: Mary's Sabbatical Funding      $    6,578.50
Balance due SCF Loan #2 (4.95%)        $ (293,702.37)
Balance due SCF ac Loan (5.0%)         $ (8,724.14)

                            SECOND CENTURY FUND OVERVIEW
First Presbyterian Church
Bloomington, IN

SCF Overview
   Approved Construction Costs, Jan 2005         1,151,178
   Approved Loan Totals                            800,000

    SCF I: 2003-2007                              482,706     57.7%
    SCF II: 2005-2008                             354,423     42.3%
                                                  837,129    100.0%

Summary SCF I, Receipts by Category
   From Pledges                                   491,075    101.7%
   From Other                                      18,447
   From Memorials (2003-2007)                      31,318
   Received for Ezekiel                            10,000
        Total                                     550,840

SCF II, Receipts by year
   SCF II: 2005                                   153,294
   SCF II: 2006                                   107,199
   SCF II: 2007                                    60,897
   SCF II: 2008                                     3,263

Summary SCF II, Receipts by Category
   Received from Pledges                          305,306    86.1%
   Received from Other                             19,347

Total all SCF Receipts                            875,493

Operating Fund Pledge Units (Estimate)                162
SCF Pledge Units                                      142    87.7%

Average Pledge SCF I (119 Pledging Units)           4,036
Average Pledge SCF II (102 Pledging Units)          3,475
    New Pledgers SCF II: 24 pledging units


Perhaps their names are not too well-known to         at an alpaca farm fencing 50 acres to keep the
most of you, but what they do around our              animals from running wild. He has built three
church, is. Les Frye and his wife, Linda              houses for himself and one for his brother.
Wilson are our custodians and have been for           You could say he is a jack-of-all-trades and
the last five years. They are responsible for         master of many.
keeping our building clean by sweeping,
mopping, dusting, vacuuming, replacing paper          Linda worked for 33 years in the IU halls of
towels, toilet paper, emptying waste baskets,         residence where she oversaw the cooks. After
replacing light bulbs, and anything else that         she retired from IU she spent seven years at
comes under their job description. They also          their home in Greene County. Deciding that
report to me when they find something that            retirement wasn’t really what she wanted, the
needs my attention like telling me of ants in         couple went to work as custodians at Trinity
Lyman Hall, dripping faucet in the men’s              Episcopal Church, working about 35 hours
room, finding leaks in the sanctuary, etc.            every two weeks. When she was not working,
Who are these people and how did they get to          she helped Les with building their house,
be our custodians? Let’s take a look.                 laying shingles on the roof and doing many
                                                      other helpful things.
Les and Linda have been married for 31 years.
Each was married before, but divorced their           Gavin Meek, our former interim minister,
first spouses. Les has four children from his         wanted some custodial help for our church
first wife, while Linda has one daughter.             and asked his friend, Don Jones, the former
After they were divorced many years ago,              minister at Trinity, if he could recommend
Les’ youngest son and Linda’s daughter were           anyone who might be willing to work here.
dating. His son wasn’t old enough to drive            Les and Linda were those who were willing
yet, so Les had the job of taking the couple          and they came to us over five years ago. They
where they wanted to go. It was this young            each work 10-12 hours a week at FPC on
couple that suggested Les and Linda get               Monday, Wednesday and Friday, arriving in
together since both had been single for a             mid-morning and spending those three or four
while. They started dating in 1973 and all four       hours in our building. They also still spend
of them went to Scotties (an old drive-in             17-18 hours a week at Trinity.
restaurant) for cheeseburgers. And as they
say, the rest is history. Les and Linda were          Keeping our building clean, and tidy has been
married in 1977 and Linda kept her maiden             Les and Linda’s job and will be until they can
name.                                                 no longer work…when that might be is
                                                      anybody’s guess, but until then if you have a
Les is 78, Linda 69, and together they have           chance to run into either Les or Linda in our
done many different things in their lives. Les        building, thank them for a job well-done.
retired after 16 years at Hall Signs. Before
that, he worked for 18-20 years at a stone mill       Mickey Klein, Chair
as a truck driver. In his very early years, he        Property Management Committee
 worked at Bridgeport Brass during World
War II making shell casings. He has worked

Report from Our Missionaries:                     staff. I thank God for giving me a task
                                                  that I so love.
Ten-Year Wait
This month Simon and I have to write our          This week was a very busy one for me.
letters separately. While we were in New           The new school year just started. About
York at Christmas, assisting the Stony            3,000 new students entered a new stage
Point Center with their business plan for         of their life with hope and also with a lot of
2008, we were asked to come to                    anxiety. I was one of those. I also
Louisville. Simon was asked to serve as           started my studies in the master’s
the interim coordinator for Presbyterian          program in Christian Counseling at this
Disaster Assistance (PDA) starting                university.
immediately, that is January 2, 2008.
                                                  As a team, Simon and I always shared
This was the day of the 10 anniversary            with friends that the mission has two parts
of our mission co-worker career. We               ‘being’ and ‘doing’. Last 10 years I
discussed and prayed about our living             stressed that my part was “being” and
arrangement. After a month of                     Simon’s was “doing”. As a solo I have to
discernment period we came back to                have the “doing” component as well and I
Daejeon together but Simon went back to           need more professional skills. That is
Louisville in a week.                             why I started in the program. I have to do
                                                  well in my studies as a role model for my
During the last 10 years we told our              own children and for other missionary-
friends that being together 24 for 7 was          kids. I have confidence in Christ but
the most difficult part and also the most         honestly I am scared.
favorite part of missionary life. Care to
guess who said it was difficult? I was            During the first class I learned that Jesus
called to be with my husband and support          was the best counselor. It is very
him during the 33 years of our marriage. I        interesting to learn good stories of Jesus
have not had any responsibility other than        and our fellow missionaries as good
being a loving mom and a supportive               counselors. After all missionary life is to
wife. Now I have a clear sense of my              imitate Jesus.
own call here at Hannam University.
                                                  I do not know how long Simon and I will
We had the East Asia mission personnel            live separately. Thanks to Skype, a free
retreat during Feb 19-25 at Hannam                internet phone service, we talk with each
campus. There were 40 PCUSA mission               other everyday. We share stories of our
co-workers from China, Hong Kong,                 daily lives and encourage each other.
Philippine, Japan, Korea and 5 from                Our time difference is about 13 hours, so
World Mission office in Louisville. During        we tell “have a good day” and “have a
the time of the sharing our ministry I told       good night” to each other.
them “graceful presence is my ministry”.
My role is being here at the Chaplain’s           I am doing fine so far. Thank be to God
office and available when someone needs           that he uses me and trains me in his
me. Doesn’t it sound like being a mom?            unique and loving ways. I will let you
Many students call me aunt or mom.                know how it goes. Meanwhile pray for me
Once a student introduced me to his               and Simon.
friends as a person who he can meet and
talk easily, then I was sure that was my          In Christ,
call. I have been serving that role always
but I expected something greater than             Haejung
just being a mom. Now I am proud of
myself as a mom to 13,000 students and


FAITH FORUM: On March 30, the forum will conclude its discussion of Presbyterian mission
work, with Jim Rusie, chair of the Mission and Outreach Committee, discussing the many ways in
which First Presbyterian is involved in mission activity. In April, the forum will join the workshops
offered by Earth Stewards (for details, see the announcement from Earth Stewards).

THE GEN-X CLASS will resume its meetings. Jamie Prenkert will lead discussions on “feeling
God’s presence” on March 30, April 6, and April 13.

April 6: Bill Jones, Current Threats to Local and National Lakes
April 13: Norm Holey, A Thousand Year History of the Oceans
April 20: Tim Rienck, Hands-on Workshop on Earth Sunday (May be switched with April 13
because of scheduling issues with outside presenter, being coordinated with children's ed)
April 27: Bob Baird, Water use in the garden, Invasive species, ...

                                         NEW MEMBERS
                                                NORMAN DEAN
                                                       Norman was raised in Dearborn Heights,
John has a PHD in Entomology from the                  Michigan and attended Cherry Hill
University of Maryland. He grew up as a                Presbyterian Church. He is transferring from
Catholic and has attended St. Paul’s church in         the First Presbyterian Church, Granada Hills,
Bloomington. He has been attending First               Northridge, GA.
Presbyterian for about two years with his
wife, Sue.                                             His schooling includes a BS from the
                                                       University of Michigan and a PhD from
His daughter, Emily, is the associate librarian        Indiana University, where he is currently the
and archivist at the Baltimore Museum of Art.          director of undergraduate labs in the
Son Jeff is a chef and is currently enrolled at        Chemistry Department.
the Culinary Institute of America. Andy is
still at home and is a junior at North High            This church reminds him of his church in
School. He loves to run cross-country and              California – a good mix of ages – friendly and
also playing lacrosse.                                 excellent sermons.

John currently volunteers for projects for Area
10 on Aging. He helps with ramps for the
handicapped. He is also involved in coaching,
sailing, and cooking. He belongs to the
Alpine Ski Club in town and he and Andy
plan on going with the club to Montana.

NORMAN HOLY                                         DANA KERILLA

Norman is transferring from the Nassau              Dana is the daughter of Judy and Norman
Presbyterian Church in Princeton, NJ, where         Holy and is the mother of twins, Alyssa and
he and his wife Judy were elders. He grew up        W. Gavin. She grew up in Bowling Green,
in Battle Creek, Michigan where he enjoyed          KY and attended the Presbyterian Church
                                                    there. For a year, she lived in Eching,
baseball and roaming the woods.                     Germany, and went to a German-speaking
                                                    school. When she was 13 she moved to New
As a Purdue student, he lived in the “All           Jersey. She has a degree in Equine Science
Student” Presbyterian Church. In the summer         and ran a horse farm in Pennsylvania with her
he went with other students to an island the        family. They boarded horses, gave lessons,
church had and played volleyball, discussed         went to horse shows and ran a summer day
books, was eaten by mosquitoes and had              camp.
watermelon seed spitting contests.
                                                    Alyssa, Dana’s daughter, loves animals,
                                                    soccer, swimming, and camping. Gavin loves
He and Judy have two children and four              music best of all and also swimming, tennis
grandchildren. Dana is going back to college        and baseball.
to study nursing and Tim is a professor at
Washington University Medical School.               Studying for a nursing degree keeps Dana
                                                    busy. She loves to hike, camp and swim, as
                                                    well as read and do scrapbooking.

                                                    Dana finds the church welcoming and loves
                                                    the sermons

                            APRIL BIRTHDAYS
1 Robert Blakely; Jean Holsinger                   15 Joann Dodd; Joshua Lindauer
2 Peggy Cooper; Jeremy Williams                    17 Virginia Gest; Kathy Hollinger;
4 Caroline Pfister                                    Kevin Potter
5 Kate Baranko; Laura Bates; Michael Rusie         20 Bill Fischer
6 Paula Sechrist                                   21 Richard Nazzari; John Artmeier
7 Jason Krothe                                     22 Wilda Kemp; Andrew Seeber
8 Michael Ratliff                                  24 Karon Wingard
9 Mary Williams; Bob Wingard                       25 Meagan Williams
10 Norma Miller                                    26 Doug McClellan; Anne Honeycutt
11 Ron Fiddler; Sarah Shelden                      27 Katie Wolff
12 Sue Artmeier; Nikki Mitchell                    28 Laura Sharon; John VanderZee
13 Barbara Roberts                                 29 Benjamin Baranko; James Birk;
14 David Boeyink; Rett Deinlein;                      Kate Fuson
   Kristin Hanks                                   30 Amy Ratliff; Virginia Baude


                              NEWS AND NOTES:
       Thanks for the many cards and the well wishes that I received for my birthday.

       Cora Sudberry


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