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					                                                           LESSON PLAN
Topic           Shopping
                                                                            Level:       Breakthrough            Intermediate Advanced
Aims and                            Oracy                                        Literacy                     Knowledge about Language
Objectives                                                                                                    Intercultural Understanding
                Revise vocabulary for shopping items and       Recognise words for places                     Language Learning Strategies
                colours                                                                                       Practice for

                What does he like to eat/ wear?                                                               Listening grade 1 A
                Muxuu jecelyahay inuu cuno/ gashado?
                He likes...... wuxuu jecelyahay.......
                He is buying.... wuu iibsanayaa.....

Prior           shopping items food: orange, bread, apples, sweets, biscuit, rice, mango, banana, milk
Learning                                 liin-macaan, rooti, tufaax, nacnac, buskud, bariis, canbe, muus, caano
                shopping items gifts: necklace, sunglasses, perfume, shoes, hat, scarf, watch, toy car
                                        silis, muraayadda-qoraxda, cadar, kabo, koofiyad, xijaab, saacad, gaadhi-ciyaareed.
Resources /     A – Food shopping cards (to be laminated)              B – Powerpoint: Bahal’s family album
equipment       C – Gift shopping cards (to be laminated)              D – Powerpoint:Bahal’s family album (printed off as individual slides, each laminated)
                E – Listening Task Sheet


Minutes                                                                                                             Resources           Comments
                               Teacher                                            Pupils
Starter    Context for learning                              Each child has a card with a picture with food   A – Food shopping
15 mins    Bahal wants to go shopping. He wants to buy       items (each with a letter).                      cards (to be laminated)
           food and also get some presents to take home
           for his family when he leaves.                    Circle Activity:
                                                             They sit in a circle, each of them has a food
           Set up and orchestrate circle activity.           card. They play ‘I went to the market and I
           Hand out laminated food cards.                    bought……’ waxaan tegay suuqa waxaana
                                                             soo iibsaday....building up the list of items
          Revise family words and colours using Bahal’s      Practise ‘It is .. waxaa weeye’ statements        B – Powerpoint:              Extend to buying food
          family album                                                                                         Bahal’s family album         items, using the
                                                                                                               (slideshow)                  names of friends
          Bahal tells the children what he is going to buy   Respond
          for different people. Hold shopping cards             1. Repetition                                  C – Gift shopping
          against a picture of family member:                   2. Finish the sentence off                     cards (to be laminated)
          I am buying a hat for my father. He likes             3. produce the sentence on cue
          hats. Waxaan aabahay u iibinayaa koofiyad.
          Wuxuu jecelyahay koofiyaddaha.
          I am buying perfume for my mother. She
          likes perfume. Waxaan hooyaday u
          iibanaya cadar.waxay jeceshahay cadarka.
          Distribute cards (food and gifts) to individual                                                      D – Powerpoint:
          children.                                          Listening grade 1 A activity. Children have a     Bahal’s family album
          Stick laminated pictures of Bahal’s family on      picture of an item with a letter on it.           (printed off as individual
          the board with bluetack.                           They listen and come out when their item is       slides, each laminated)
          Say sentence such as:                              mentioned, holding it against the right picture
          My mother buys mangos. She likes mangos.           (Bahal’s family members) on the board.            Bluetack
           Hooyaday waxay soo iibisaa cambaha.
          Waxay jeceshahay canbaha.                                                                            A – Food shopping
          My brother buys a watch. He likes watches.                                                           cards (to be laminated)
          Hooyaday waxay soo iibisaa saacad.waxay                                                              C – Gift shopping
          jeceshahay saacadaha.                                                                                cards (to be laminated)
          Stick cards in pairs on the board, i.e. person +   Children produce sentences as the teacher
          item                                               sticks the pairs of cards on the board: My
          Ask children to produce sentences as you go        mother buys mangos. She likes mangos.
          along.                                             Hooyaday waxay soo iibisaa cambaha.
                                                             Waxay jeceshahay canbaha.
                                                             My brother buys a watch. He likes watches.
                                                             Walaalkay waxay soo iibisaa saacad.waxay
                                                             jeceshahay saacadaha.
          Hand out Listening Task Sheets and explain         Children listen and decide whether the            E – Listening Task           Listening grade 1 A
          listening activity.                                sentences the teacher says are true or false.     Sheet                        activity
          Say sentences as above, some true, some
Plenary   Introduce missing item game – display and          Guess the missing Item                            A – Food shopping
10 mins   name various items. Children repeat names                                                            cards (to be laminated)
          and close eyes while one is removed.                                                                 C – Gift shopping
                                                                                                               cards (to be laminated)
Homework   Go shopping with a family member.
           Talk about something they bought.