Sample Commercial Invoice for Food Shipment Personal Gift Sample Commercial Invoice for Food Shipment Personal Gift COMMERCIAL INVOICE

					Sample Commercial Invoice for Food Shipment (Personal / Gift)

                                                                                       COMMERCIAL INVOICE

                                                    Date of Exportation                                         Reference No.
              Personal or gift food                 16-Nov-04                                                   Invoice No. I-30333
                                                                                                                FedEx AWB No. 1234 5678 9011
              shipment must be from
                                                    Shipper/Exporter (complete name and address)                Consignee (complete name and address)
              one individual to another.            XXX Wong                                                    XXX Chan
                                                                                                                                                                                Remember to put
              Fill in Sender's details in           5Fl. Durim B/D. 11-1 Kana-Dong                              200 West Grand Ave, Woodstock, WI, 53000, USA                   Air Waybill number.
                                                    Mapo-Ku, Seoul                                              Tel 608-333-4444
              this section.                         South Korea                                                 Fax 608-444-5555
                                                    Tel 822-333-8000
                                                                                                                EIN or SSH Number:    01-1234567                                Consignee/Importer
                                                    Country of Origin of Goods
                                                       Korea                                                                                                                    Individual name & address.
                                                    Country of Ultimate Destination
                      Country of Origin.               USA

                                                     Marks &          No. of          DESCRIPTION OF GOODS
                                                     Numbers         Packages         Product No., Harmonized No.,                   Quantity       Unit Value    Total Value
                                                                                      Country of Origin Serial No.

                                                    As addressed       1 Box          Personal Gift - Food                           50 pcs        FOB HK         USD100.00
                                                                                      Moon Cakes - baked cakes with                                USD2.00
                  Please describe what                                                lotus' paste

                  you are shipping by                                                 Manufacturer Maxim cakes Inc.
                  answering the                                                       7/F, Furim Building, 12-2 Kana Dong
                                                                                      Korea                                                                                     Total Value & Currency.
                  following questions:
                  What is it?                                                         No commercial value,
                                                                                      value for customs purpose only.
                  What is it used for?
                                                                                                                                                                                Unit Value & Currency.
                  What is it made of?

        Manufacture name & address
        if non-homemade.
                                                                                                                                                   Grand Total:   USD100.00     Grand total Value & Currency.
                                                    I DECLARE THAT ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS INVOICE TO BE TURE AND CORRECT.                                            Duty Free Entry allowed for gifts
             'No commercial' purpose.                                                                                                                                           valued up to USD100 per person.
                                                     Signature of Shipper/Exporter                                      Date

                                                                                                                        November 16, 2004

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