OUTREACH PROGRAMS                                                 O UR PR OG RAM S

       AND THAT WE MAY BE DELIVERED FROM HARDNESS OF HEART                                   Interfaith Hospitality Netw ork: One of the major goals of the Outreach Committee
           AND SHOW FORTH YOUR GLORY IN ALL THAT WE DO.                                      is to provide oppo rtunities for many parishioners to work together to meet primary
                                                                                             needs in the comm unity. For the past year and a half St. George’s has been an active
                              BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER
                                                                                             member of the M onmo uth County chapter of the Interfaith Hospitality Network. The
                                                                                             Monm outh IHN is mad e up o f 11 ho st congregatio ns who take turns providing meals
                                                                                             and overnight accom mod ations fo r temp orarily homeless families for one week at a
                                                                                             time. Mo re than 15 c ongregations lend supp ort in the way of volunteers, meals,
The Outreach Committee at St. George’s-by-the-River seeks to lead our p arish fam ily        activities and fundraising. In the year 2002, 20 families were cared for by the IHN
in serving the Lord by ministering to the hungry, the homeless, the sick, the                network.
lonely...those suffering from any grief or trouble.
                                                                                             St. George’s, one of 8 charter host churches, welcomed 8 families, including 12 p arents
OUR COMM ITMENT                                                                              and 17 children ranging from 3 months to 15 years, du rin g th e M arch, June, Au gust,
                                                                                             and November rotations. Over 200 parishioners were involved in hosting, preparing and
Through grants and programs such as the following, the Committee strives to fulfill this     serving meals, donating and maintaining supplies, setup/breakdown, transportation,
mission by presenting opportunities to give tim e, talents and trea sures to help meet the   activities, and fundraising since the startup o f this ministry. In addition to a $5000 grant
needs of a variety of individuals and groups in and beyond our immed iate community.         to help cover transportation costs, the Outreach fund earmarked $16,500 towards
                                                                                             building impro vements to increase the comfort of areas which serve as temporary
OUR PUR POSE                                                                                 homes for IHN families.

The Outreach Committee performs several functions in the process of fulfilling its           Holiday Baskets: The 2002 H oliday Basket Program provided gifts and food for 25
com mitment:                                                                                 adults with 43 children ages 9 months to 18 years. More than 50 p arish families were
                                                                                             involved in this project and the estimated value of the gifts, food, certificates and
    • reviewing and evaluating grant requests and the agencies that submit them,             sponsor donations is over $5,500. In addition, a $500 matching corporate grant was
      including interviews, site visits, review of financials and proposals                  received.

    • making informed recommenda tions for grant allocations and administering               RSVP: The Retired Senior Volunteer Program has a food bank in Long Branch for
      distribution of approved grants                                                        peo ple needing foo d and o ther necessary supplies. St. George’s has baskets located at
                                                                                             the doors for parishioners to place their donations, and each month these donations are
    • following up on organizations that have received suppo rt from our pa rish             taken to RSVP . Also, at Thanksgiving a special drive is held here for non-perishable
                                                                                             good s. Over $1,000 worth of goods was contrib uted to RSV P from this progra m at St.
    • identifying “leadership strategy” grants candidates – those organizations or           George’s last year.
      programs that we can help jump start and assist with both funding and volunteers
      for a period of at least three years                                                   St. Clare’s Tw ilight Con cert: Three parish members of St. George’s formed the
                                                                                             “Twilight Concert Committee” in 1996 to help suppo rt St. Clare’s in Neptune , the first
    • researching the community            for   potential   projects   and    presenting    transitional home in the co untry for infants and children with AIDS. St. Clare’s provides
      recom mendations to the parish                                                         alternative housing for these children who are forced to reside in hospitals simply
                                                                                             because they have no other place to go, not because of medical reasons. The Twilight
    • structuring approved p rojects for implementation and parish involvement               Concert has raised more than $150,000 over the last 7 years and has no overhead. For
                                                                                             7 straight years, the concert has been he ld at our churc h. St. George’s Ho spitality
    • overseeing the execution of ong oing p rojects                                         Committee and m ore tha n 70 parishioners supp ort the concert, which had 3 50 p eop le
                                                                                             in attendance in 2002.
You th Group Outreach: In 2002 , 13 senior high scho ol students and 4 adult                 Help fund a pilot summ er mobile enrich ment pro gram for children (in conjunction w ith
chaperones participated in the Youth Mission Trip. They stayed at a local high school        Meridian H ealth Center)
in Eliottsburg, Pennsylvania from June 23-29 and joined with hundreds of people from
other churches to proclaim the gospel by improving the living cond itions of re sidents      Feed-A-Kid Foundation: Provides food for the hungry in the Highlands area.
of Perry County. Daily they worked in teams cleaning, painting and fixing substandard        Researcher: Josh Costell *Grant: $2,500. Use of funds: Repairs to van
housing for impoverished people.
                                                                                             FISH: Familiar assistance program for the homebound which actively involves many
The junior high group coordinated the annual giving tree and collected gifts for adults      of our p arishioners. Researcher: Dana Paulus *Grant: $500. Use of funds: Unrestricted
in the CPC Beha vioral program. For the fourth year Churc h School children sang
Christmas carols for the residents of King James Nursing Home. Additionally, many of         Foodbank of Monm outh and Ocean C ounties: A wholesale food bank that
the young people in our parish have helped out in the Interfaith Hospitality and Holiday     distributes over 2 million pounds of food annua lly through 200 local food programs like
Basket programs, and have been involved in community programs such as Lunch Break            soup kitchens. Researchers: Debbie and Mackenzie Schmidt *Grant: $1,500. Use of
and H oliday Exp ress.                                                                       funds: The purchase of a commercial type lawn mow er

The commitment of well over 300 parishioners to these programs demo nstrates the             HABcore, Inc.: A not-for-pro fit corporatio n that plays a growing and essential role in
importance of ministering to others at St. Georges-by-the-River.                             the continuing care for the homeless, or tho se at risk o f homelessness, in M onm outh
                                                                                             County. St. George’s has taken a long-term, leadership role with this program.
OUT REACH G RANTS – 2002                                                                     Resea rcher: Ken Gahre *Grant: $5,000 . Use of funds: H eating an d cooling syste m
Helping Our Com mun ity Help Them selves                                                     renovations in its Asbury Park home

Aslan Youth M inistries: In operation for 26 years, Aslan provides mentors to assist         Ho ly Cross Mon astery, West Park, New Y ork: The facility is a unique place
young people from Long B ranch and Asbury Park in achieving healthy physical,                providing opportunity for retreat. Various parishioners visit and experience growth in
mental, and sp iritual growth. Researcher: Bonnie Johnson * Grant: $500. Use of funds:       faith and fellowship through the programs and atmosphere provided by the monastery
Matching funds for new school clothes                                                        and those who run it. Researcher: Committee *Grant: $500. Use of funds: Unrestricted

Clean Ocean Action: An ac tion gro up co mmitted to the preservation and oversight           HORIZONS: A program that stimulates and encourages the love of learning in children
of the waters surrounding the Two Rivers area and b eyond. Resea rcher: Comm ittee *         who are disadvantaged from Red B ank and Long B ranch communities. The project
Grant: $250. Use of funds: Unrestricted                                                      provides transportation, two meals a day, educational materials, faculty, swimming and
                                                                                             recreational opportunities, field trips, and academic stimulation to children during a 5-
Count Basie L earning Cen ter (YM CA Affiliated): This organization, using b oth             week summ er exp erience. Researcher: Lisa Ryan *Gran t: $1,800. Use of funds:
staff and volunteer tutors, works with impoverished children of Red Bank to encourage        Unrestricted
strong learning habits. Researcher: B ob W inters *Gra nt: $1 ,000. Use of funds: The
hiring of a music instructor to conduct music programs                                       Interfaith Hospitality Network: St. George’s is one of 11 host churches that provide
                                                                                             shelter for homeless families from M onm outh C ounty on a rotational basis. St. George’s
El Salvador Relief Fund: A Diocesan sponsored program wherein each parish was                has taken a long -term, leadership p osition in supp orting this program. Resea rchers:
asked to donate funds to help rebuild El Salvador from its earthquake damage.                Dana Paulus/Lindsay Lu tz *Grant: $5,000 for program support plus $16,150 for
Resea rcher: Terry Severa nce *G rant: $4 ,000. U se of funds: Building of one h ouse        facility improvemen ts at St. George’s

Epiphany House: Provides transitional housing services in Long Branch and Asb ury            Interfaith Neighbors, Asbury Park: Provides subsidies and su ppo rt to families in
Park to need y wom en with children . Resea rchers: Da na P aulu s/Gregg A zcuy *G rant:     need in Monm outh C ounty. Researcher: Phoebe Edwards *Grant: $500. Use of funds:
$1,450. Use of funds: Furnishings for new teacher’s office                                   Unrestricted

Family & Children’s Services: Provides numerous programs for needy children and              LOVE, Inc.: This agen cy manage s various pro grams (e.g. “Wheels Appeal” which
families in Monm outh C ounty. Resea rcher: Dan a Pa ulus *G rant: $2 ,000. U se of funds:   provides used cars) for the nee dy in central M onm outh C ounty. Resea rcher: Comm ittee
                                                                                             *Grant: $500. Use of funds: For its emergency assistance services
Lunch Break, Red Bank: A soup kitchen which serves a wide population of the                 180, Turning Lives Around: Form erly W ome n’s Center of M onm outh C ounty, this
greater Red Bank area for lunch. St. George’s volunteers p articipa te one day per mo nth   is a private, non-p rofit, multi-service organization serving Monmouth County families
serving food and helping as needed. Resea rcher: P hoeb e Edw ards *G rant: $3 ,000. U se   affected by do mestic violence. Researcher: Phoebe Edwards *Grant: $2,500. Use of
of funds: Unrestricted                                                                      funds: Installing a fire suppression system

Men tal Health Asso ciation of M onm outh Cou nty: Serves as the main                       Visiting Nurse Association o f Central Jerse y: VNACJ provides variou s health
coordinator and conduit for those seeking available county and sta te mental health         care services, such as home health nursing, hospice, community health programs, and
services. Researcher: L isa Ryan *G rant: $3,000. Use of funds: New telephone system        walk-in clinics in M onm outh and M iddlesex co unties. Researcher: B ob W inters *Gra nt:
to improve communications                                                                   $3,000. Use of funds: Upgrade compu ter system at the Keyport primary care center

Manna House (Monm outh Neighborhood Housing Inc.): A transitional housing                   OUR MESSAGE
facility located in Cliffwood Beach for women working toward regaining independent
living and their children. Researcher: Dana Paulus *G rant: $1 ,500. U se of funds:         Committee Meetings: Meetings are conducted the second Monday of the month and are open
Bathroom renovations                                                                        to any interested in attending. Minutes are available by e-mail request to
                                                                                            bfeatherstone@comcast.net and also in the Outreach files maintained at the church.
M onm outh Day C are C ente r: A private, non-profit child care center, its mission is
                                                                                            Outreach Speakers: Throughout the year the Committee arranges for community speakers to
to serve working parents who cannot afford private day care for their children. 70-80%      address the congregation to provide more information about organizations and projects that St.
of the children attend through funded programs and tuition is on a sliding fee scale.       George’s is currently or may become involved in supporting, through grants and/or volunteer
Resea rcher: Bon nie Joh nson *Gra nt: $1,500. U se of funds: For exterior door repairs     ministry. Information about the speakers is published in the newsletter and service bulletins.

Parker Family Health Clinic: Doctors p rovid e free services to families who cannot         Outreach Presentations: Plans for 2003 include developing outreach displays and exhibits
afford medical care in Red B ank. Resea rcher: P hoeb e Edw ards *G rant: $3 ,000. U se     which will be part of an Outreach Awareness Day planned for early fall. The video presentation
of funds: Purchase of ophthalmology equipment                                               is also being expanded to more fully represent outreach activities. At the Canterbury Fair a table
                                                                                            will be staffed by Committee members who can answer questions and provide information about
                                                                                            outreach activities and opportunities.
Rumson Borough: In appreciation of our comm unity’s public services, individual
grants were given to the Rumson First Aid Sq uad, Rum son P olice D epartment, and the      Volunteer Opportunities in the Community: The Committee has many volunteer openings
Rum son V olunteer Fire Departm ents. Researcher: Committee *Tota l Gran ts: $1,000.        on file which have been provided on forms completed by the organizations which we support
Use of funds: Unrestricted                                                                  with grants. Opportunities are also frequently promoted in the newsletter, bulletins, posters, and
                                                                                            other venues. We welcome any information shared by parishioners related to their community
Saturday Soup, Asbury Park: Pro vides meals for the ho meless and hungry in                 volunteer activities.
Asbury Park. Researcher: T erry Severa nce *G rant: $1,0 00. U se of funds: Wh olesa le
                                                                                            OUR MEMBERS
foods p urcha se
                                                                                               BONNIE JOHNSON, Chairperson           732-530-7311         bfeatherstone@comcast.net
                                                                                               GREG AZCUY                                                info@stgeorgesrumson.org
Spring House, Eatontown: This transitional rooming house helps single, homeless                SALLY BONNELLO                        732-530-0190
mothers move from welfare dependency to self-sufficiency over a six-month period.              JOSH COSTELL                          732-923-9010
                                                                                               PHOEBE EDWARDS                        732-842-7466
Resea rcher: Com mittee *G rant: $3 ,000. U se of funds: Window repair and replacement
                                                                                               DAVID GILMOUR                         732-758-9182
                                                                                               DANA PAULUS                           732-291-4306
St. Clare’s (ARFC ): St. Clare’s in Neptune provides alternative housing for children          BILL RICKERBY                         732-935-1972
with AID S who reside in hosp itals simply because they have no other place to go, not         TERRY SEVERANCE                       732-842-7807
                                                                                               BOB WINTERS                           732-842-1761
because of medical re asons. Area hosp itals and the Division o f Youth and Family
Services refer children to St. Clare’s. Researcher: B ob W inters *Gra nt: $2,000. Use of   Any parishioners interested in joining the Outreach Committee, learning more about grants and
funds: Living room and kitchen floor renovations                                            programs, or finding out about volunteer opportunities may contact the Chairman or members
                                                                                            at the numbers listed above.
St. Mark’s Soup Kitchen, Keansburg: Provid es meals for the homeless and hungry
in Keansburg are a. Researcher: C om mittee *G rant: $2,0 00. U se of funds: Wh olesa le
foods p urcha se

The Outreach Committee is a group of dedicated individuals committed to the mission
of leading St. George’s-by-the-River in its efforts to minister to those in need in our
com munity. Ho wever, reach ing out to really help others takes an active parish-wide
effort. If every one of us participates in at least on e of the fo llowing ways, we can truly
make a difference in the lives o f many.

If you are interested in becoming involved, or increasing your involvement in outreach
at St. George’s, please contact the Chairperson or a Committee member, or print this
page and complete the section below and place it in the O utreach bo x in the parish





I am interested in:

                volunteering for program(s) at St. George’s, specifically:

                volunteering in the community

                sponsoring St. George’s program(s), specifically:

                joining the Outreach Committee

                assisting with Outreach Presentations

I have the following skills to contribute to outreach efforts at St. George’s or in the community:


Please share ideas you have which may help our parish become more awa re of and
involved with outreach activities and increase our hands-on ministry in the co mmunity:

                                       MATTHEW 25:40                                                 St. George’s-by-the-River, 7 Lincoln Avenue, Rumson NJ • 732-842-0596

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