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Illegal immigrants coming into the United States of America


									Jessica Marquez


  English 2010

 Proposal Paper
       Illegal immigrants coming into the United States of America is massive in scale.

There are approximately 10 million illegal immigrants in the United States of America,

and that number is growing each year by 700,000 people coming illegally into the


        Noopur Shrivastav said; but this number (10 million) of illegal immigrants from

Mexico has not swelled all of a sudden. It has been more than a decade that their

continual inflow has been swelling the population in the southern states of US. According

to a report of the Pew Hispanic center, since the mid-1990s, the most rapid growth in the

number of undocumented migrants has been in states that previously had relatively small

foreign-born populations. As a result, Arizona and North Carolina are now among the

states with the largest numbers of undocumented migrants ".

       A survey conducted by Roberto Suro, Director of Pew Hispanic Center, revealed

that about four of every ten adults in the Mexican population say they would migrate to

the United States if they had the means and opportunity, and that two of every ten are

inclined to live and work here without legal authorization. The willingness to migrate,

even illegally, is evident in all sectors of Mexican society including the middle class and
the well-educated, as well as those who are poor and who only completed low-levels of


What should we do about Illegal Immigration into the Unites States?

       This is a country that offers a lot of opportunities, as well as a good and descent

way of living. People who come to this country illegally should pay a penalty but we

should also find a way so they can stay here. The solution will be show appreciation to

the Immigrants and show mercy to them too. The solution will never be, “they did

something against the law so get them out of here” or they are invading our country” and

that true is that we benefit a lot from these people. I’ve been looking at both sides of the

problems and it is not going to be easy but it is not going to be impossible either, but we

can come to the conclusion that it is against the law to be here illegally and we cannot

break the law. In the other hand it is not going to be easy to evacuate 10 million illegal

immigrants back to their country, it doesn’t work that way. Just any other law for

example parking violation, we pay a fee when they caught us, they should just let them

pay a reasonable penalty but one that doesn’t require singing a paper saying that they are

volunteer to go back to their home.
Top Ten Foreign Countries - Foreign Born Population Among U.S. Immigrants

     Country         #/year     2000        2004        2010       2010, %

     Mexico          175,900   7,841,000   8,544,600   9,600,000    23.7%

      China           50,900   1,391,000   1,594,600   1,900,000     4.7%

    Philippines       47,800   1,222,000   1,413,200   1,700,000     4.2%

       India          59,300   1,007,000   1,244,200   1,610,000     4.0%

     Vietnam          33,700    863,000     997,800    1,200,000     3.0%

       Cuba           14,800    952,000    1,011,200   1,100,000     2.7%

    El Salvador       33,500    765,000     899,000    1,100,000     2.7%

Dominican Republic    24,900    692,000     791,600     941,000      2.3%

      Canada          24,200    678,000     774,800     920,000      2.3%

      Korea           17,900    701,000     772,600     880,000      2.2%

 Total Pop. Top 10   498,900 16,112,000 18,747,600 21,741,000      53.7%

Total Foreign Born   940,000 31,100,000 34,860,000 40,500,000       100%
       The requirement to obey all laws is not optional for new citizens and should not

be optional for visitors. While we encourage and insist on the primacy of American

values for those who join our workforce, we should also remember the full spectrum of

values ourselves. The Statue of Liberty reminds us that we are all equal, regardless of

ethnicity, origin, or even state of wretchedness, and that America will continue to be a

land of opportunity.

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