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									                         DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS

To:      All Principals and School Activity Fund Bookkeepers

From:    Area Superintendent

Date:    March 6, 2003

Subject: Commissions

The School Activity Fund Policies and Procedures regarding accounting for commissions
have been revised. Please make the appropriate adjustments and set up new accounts as
necessary to comply with the revised procedure.

It is the intent of the District that money derived from all commissions, including Pepsi
and vending commissions from machines available to the public and students, be spent
for the direct benefit of the students.

The schools should record the commission proceeds in two separate accounts within the
School Activity Fund to ensure that commissions are properly accounted for and used for
their intended purpose.

Each school should set up a separate Incidental account to record the activity for all
commissions, except those derived from Pepsi and vending machines only available to
the faculty and staff. The principal must approve expenditures from all Incidental
accounts, including the Commission account, on the basis that they are for the direct
benefit of the students. Expenditures for activities, food, gifts, etc., for the faculty and
staff should not be made from this account.

The activity relating to commissions derived from the faculty and staff Pepsi and vending
machines should be recorded in a separate Organizational account. The expenditures
from these commissions may be made at the discretion of the faculty and staff and may
include, but are not limited to staff activities, food, and gifts. Transactions in this account
should be made in accordance with established policies and procedures and are subject to
audit as are all accounts in the School Activity Fund.

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