Deviatoric and dilatation strain measurements with x-ray micro by malj


									Deviatoric and dilatation strain measurements with x-ray micro-diffraction

W.Yanga, W.Liub, B.C. Larsonc , G.E. Icec, H.P. Liermanna, G. Shena
  HPCAT, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Argonne national Laboratory, Argonne,
IL 60439
  XOR/UNI, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL 60439
  Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak
Ridge, TN 37831

Recently developed sub-micron focused x-ray beams along with high precision x-ray
optics provide an excellent experimental tool to study the strain and lattice constant for
single crystal and polycrystals. We demonstrate this technique by showing the samples
under constrain, after deformation, and in Diamond anvil cells. 1 micron spatial
resolution and 1x 10-4 strain resolution have been achieved using sub-micron x-ray beams
with white beam Laue and scanning monochromatic beam diffraction techniques.
Dedicated synchrotron radiation beamlines and robust data acquisition/analysis package
have been developed at APS sector 16 and 34 for collaboration and general users. Future
developments will be addressed for high pressure community.

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