; école Sir John Franklin High School _9-12_ Educating for Life
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école Sir John Franklin High School _9-12_ Educating for Life


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									                                            Ecole Sir John Franklin
SJF has lots to offer...                      High School (9-12)
                                                  Box 1200, 4071 52nd Avenue
                                                   Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N8
 Programming to meet the needs             Phone: (867) 669-0773 Fax: (867) 873-3630
 and goals of students as they
 prepare for pursuits in post-
 secondary studies, apprenticeships
 or the workplace
                                                                                                      École Sir John
 Dynamic fine arts programs                                                                           Franklin High
 English and French language
                                                 Website: www.sjf.yk1.nt.ca                           School (9-12)
         English, with Core French    Nestled in neighbourhoods throughout the
                                                                                                    Quality programs and facilities
         French Immersion                  community, you’re sure to find a
                                              YK1 school close to home!                            Diverse educational experiences
 Numerous sports teams for both
                                                                                                      Numerous opportunities
 boys and girls
                                                  Mildred Hall School (K-8)                             Exceptional educators
 An extensive trades curriculum                   5408 50th Avenue; 867-873-5811
                                               École J.H. Sissons School (K-5)
                                                                                                           Involved parents
 Aboriginal culture programming                   5700 51A Avenue; 867-873-3477
                                              Range Lake North School (K-8)
 and camps                                        170 Borden Drive; 867-920-7567
                                                N.J. Macpherson School (K-5)
 Night classes available Monday to              525 Range Lake Road; 867-873-4372
 Thursday (7-9 PM)                      École William McDonald Middle School (6-8)
                                                   50 Taylor Road; 867-873-5814
                                         École Sir John Franklin High School (9-12)
                                                 4701 52nd Avenue; 867-669-0773
                                         YK1 provides contract Superintendency services to:
                                         K’álemì Dene community school of Ndilo (K-9)
                                                       Phone: 867-920-7260
                                        Kaw Tay Whee community school of Dettah (K-5)
                                                       Phone: 867-873-4303

                                                     Yellowknife Education District No. 1          Yellowknife Education
                                                     Box 788, 5402 Franklin Avenue
                                                     Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, X1A 2N6
                                                                                                        District No. 1
       Educating for Life!
                                                     Phone: (867) 766-5050 Fax: (867) 873-5051
                                                     Email: yk1@learnnet.nt.ca
                                                                                                          Educating for Life!
                                          Learn more @ www.yk1.nt.ca
           Life-long Learning                         Real-world Experience                                      Quality Education
                                                   Opportunities abound!
         Students and teachers                    Located in the heart of downtown,                             SJF Grade 12 students say...
Meaningful learning experiences for               SJF is the ‘high school of choice’
students engage the whole child as they           for many Yellowknife students as                               "People are very friendly here, and there is a wide
motivate and inspire a love of learning and       well as those from across the                                  range of people so you don't have to worry about
the life-long pursuit of knowledge.               territory and around the world!                                not fitting in." Susan Pruden

                                                  Numerous options, including                                    " You choose who you want
Ongoing professional development (PD) for                                                                        to be, SJF just helps you
                                                  English or French language
educators is a vital link                                                                                        along." Angela Pond
                                                  programs, invite students to pursue individual interests
between current
                                                  whether it be in the trades, technology, athletics, fine       " Teachers/Principals are
research and
                                                  arts or the academic-focused areas of science and              always there if you need to
classroom practice.
                                                  math.                                                          talk." Chantal Gillard
Effective PD enhances                                                                                            " You can choose your path
                                                  Skills, abilities and knowledge develop as students
program delivery and                                                                                             in life, this is the beginning. Make wise choices and
                                                  become life-long learners and prepare for a bright
learning experiences                                                                                             remember you can always change your path." Roya
                                                  future.                                                        Yazdanmehr
for students.

École Sir John Franklin High School is a great choice...                                                                        Fine Arts
    State-of-the-art facility offers a safe and       Programming seeks to develop all aspects of each
    caring learning environment, which                student’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional,   At École Sir John Franklin High School, students
    supports and understands the unique               cultural and aesthetic needs                           have the chance to flourish
    needs of high school students                                                                            in this Arts-friendly
                                                                                                             learning environment.
    Opportunities abound for all who have
    an interest in developing skills and                                                                     Be it photography, drama,
    abilities, acquiring knowledge and                                                                       music, sketching, painting
    participating in today’s multi-faceted                                                                   or other aspects of the
    high school experience                                                                                   Arts, SJF provides
                                                                                                                                               opportunity, dynamic
    Innovative teaching enhances learning as                                                                                                   instructors, and all
    students travel the globe, attend                                                                                                          the resources
    conferences and participate in                                                                                                             students need to
    community service programs                                                                                                                 follow their passions
                                                                                                                                               and fine tune
    Skills, abilities and talents of SJF                                                                                                       their talents.
    students are shared, and showcased
    locally, across Canada and internationally

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