; Your brother_ Your sister_ Dr Pranav Pandya Shailbala Pandya
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Your brother_ Your sister_ Dr Pranav Pandya Shailbala Pandya


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									Atmiya Parijans

         Heartiest good wishes on this auspicious festival of Guru Poornima that inspires us towards self-
         Every person holds a strong desire for achieving all round progress, material and spiritual success and
the ultimate aim of life. For achieving these, the person makes all kinds of possible efforts and endeavors.
However, most often it is seen that the person gets caught in various kinds of attractions, and is mislead from
the ultimate goal of life. In such a situation, he needs a capable guide who can take him forward on the path of
success. The great Indian saints, philosophers and thinkers have proposed the concept of an ‘enlightened
spiritual teacher’ for fulfilling this very goal.
         An enlightened spiritual teacher guides the disciple, keeping in view the benefit and well being of the
entire society and not just an individual. He removes the vices, miseries, difficulties and misfortunes of the
disciple with the help of his spiritual powers (acquired through penance and self-control). He keeps inspiring
the disciple to use his hard work and endeavor, talent and competence for the welfare of the masses. The
blessings of the spiritual teacher fructify, only when the disciple follows the instructions of the teacher with
complete reverence and dedication. It was only because of the strong and devout disciple-teacher relationship
that this country (India) became the Spiritual Teacher of the entire world.
         Reverence and dedication are the powers that take a disciple to the pinnacle of success. Ekalavya had
made a mud statue of Dronacharya and attained success through it. Guru Granth Sahib in Sikhism, Quran Sharif
in Islam, and Bible in Christianity have been established as the enlightening spiritual teachers. The power of
reverence and dedication is the sole basis for the arousal of the inner power of the Soul. With the help of this
inner power, one can protect oneself from wandering into greed, attachment, lust and craving, and attain the
ultimate goal of life.
         We are all very fortunate that we have got Mahakal (The Omnipotent Supreme Power) himself in the
form of our spiritual teacher – the spiritual father. Let us make our lives blessed by offering reverence to him. In
the coming days we are doing preparations to celebrate the Centenary year of his birth. Let us offer our
reverence to him and make our life successful by joining as many members as possible to his Mission. This is
our heartiest desire.
         Please keep writing letters about your well being. Our heartiest wishes from The Omnipotent Primordial
Power Mother Gayatri, Revered Gurudev – Revered Mata ji for the well being of everyone in your family.

Your brother,                                                                       Your sister,

Dr. Pranav Pandya                                                                   Shailbala Pandya

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