Winnipeg Public Library Board February 7_ 2005 500 pm Sir by housework


									                                Winnipeg Public Library Board
                                 February 7, 2005 5:00 p.m.
                       Sir William Stephenson Library, 765 Keewatin
                                       Final Minutes

Present:       M. Klassen, Vice-Chair; A. Hultgren-Ryan, S. Hyman, H. Koffman, A. Patterson
               J. Pettis, D. Sikorsky, D. Sorokowski, I. Walker, R. Walker, J. Zizic-Pacilli,
               D. Zuk, H. Graham

Regrets:       M. Cook, Councillor H. Smith, Councillor L. Thomas, J. Turnbull

   1. Call to Order
      M. Klassen called the meeting to order at 5:12 p.m. and welcomed new Board member
      Mrs. Donna Sorokowski who spoke of the value of the library to her family, her interests
      as a volunteer and her work experience.

   2. Approval of Agenda
      H. Graham asked that, under New Business, the matter of Signing Officers be added to
      the agenda.

                    That the agenda be approved as amended.

   3. Approval of Minutes
            MOTION: J. Zizic-Pacilli / J. Pettis
                    That the minutes of the January 10, 2005 Library Board meeting be

   4. Matters Arising from the Minutes
         (a) Waverley West
         I. Walker summarized the Waverley West public hearings that took place on January
         4 and 5. He attended the first day and part of the second, and found it quite
         interesting. He has provided an abbreviated version of his submission for the
         Library’s newsletter. The document will also be placed on the Board’s web pages
         and distributed to LACs. On behalf of the Board S. Hyman thanked I. Walker for the
         work he did on this matter. R. Walker said that a further public consultation would
         likely be part of the project. It was noted that Council voted to proceed with
         Waverley West and has asked the Province for approval to alter the Plan Winnipeg

           (b) Materials Budget
           M. Klassen said that at a mini Executive meeting, members brainstormed ideas for
           this year’s presentation to our Standing Committee and EPC on the Library’s
           materials’ budget. We will express appreciation for the $100,000 received last year,
           show how it was spent, but explain, with data updated from last year’s presentation,
           that it does not go far enough. We will stress the benefits of a great library system.
           At the end of the process, we will donate a copy of A Complicated Kindness, written
           by Miriam Toews, award winner and former WPL writer-in-residence. Information on
           the Salinas, California plans to close all three libraries, including the one named after
           John Steinbeck, was distributed to Board members.
Winnipeg Public Library Board    Final Approved Minutes       February 7, 2005                     2

           (c) Meeting Management Session
           WPLB, for 20 LAC and Board members, will arrange for a 2 ½ hour training session
           on running meetings and effective participation. The Volunteer Centre would charge
           $400, H. Graham said. She has also contacted the City of Winnipeg for the name of
           one of their consulting trainers who conducts this program. A. Hultgren-Ryan said
           she would also follow up with Provincial trainers. Members agreed that this would be
           a pilot project. If successful, it might be offered again another year.

           (d) Manitoba Library Associations’ Conference Sponsorship
           The conference is offered every two years generally, R. Walker said. This year it will
           be held at the Victoria Inn (formerly the International Inn) in Winnipeg on May 3 and
           4. H. Koffman said that one year WPLB has donated $5,000 in sponsorship, and on
           another occasion gave nothing. Executive Committee recommended that $1,000 be
           given to the Associations in sponsorship and $1,000 be made available to the Library
           to send staff to the conference.

                       MOTION: H. Koffman / J. Pettis
                         That WPLB grant $1,000 to the Manitoba Library Associations
                         for their 2005 conference, and provide up to $1,000 to sponsor
                         Library staff attendance.

               Discussion: R. Walker said that the conference focuses on all types of libraries.
               He will send as many staff as possible. The Board’s sponsorship would cover
               the registration for up to 10 staff, and the Library will fund another 10.

               H. Koffman said the budget line is Sponsorship.

   5. Reports
         (a) Chair
         Retiring Library Board member Bert Friesen will attend the March 7 Board meeting
         briefly. Members will acknowledge his contribution of 12 years on the Board and
         LACs. It was noted that each retiring Board member is asked for a subject or title
         that the Board would acquire and donate in his/her name to the Library; Library staff
         insert a bookplate with the name of the honouree.

                       MOTION: D. Zuk / A. Patterson
                            That WPLB acquire the National Geographic Atlas of the
                            World, 8 ed. in honour of Bert Friesen.

           (b) Treasurer’s Report
           H. Koffman distributed an un-audited financial statement for the year ending
           December 31, 2004, reviewed its contents and answered questions. He noted that
           WPLB paid for two WPL staff delegates to attend Kaleidoscope 8 in Calgary in
           November and explained the circumstances. Mr. Koffman said that he would soon
           be submitting relevant documents to the Board’s auditor, Tadman Hornstein.

           Mr. Koffman asked for volunteers to sit on an ad hoc 2005 budget preparation
           committee, a commitment of one meeting, possibly at the end of February. The
           committee would also review the Board’s three-year rolling budget.

           In response to a question, Mr. Koffman explained that the Board in effect is the
           banker for the LACs. LAC funds were submitted to the Board earlier in 2004, to
           resolve problems that LACs had in establishing and maintaining bank accounts free
Winnipeg Public Library Board    Final Approved Minutes       February 7, 2005                  3

           of service charges. Each year the Board adds $120 to LAC accounts. Another
           member asked about the range of types of LAC expenditures. It was suggested that
           this matter could be discussed at the joint Board-LAC AGM in the fall.

           (c) Executive
               1. Community Outreach Grant
                      MOTION: D. Zuk / H. Koffman
                           That WPLB offer its Community Outreach Grant again in

               Community Outreach Committee approved, and forwarded to Executive
               Committee a motion to rename the Community Outreach Grant in honour of the
               late Jack Montgomery, a former WPLB member. Executive Committee
               concurred, after receiving consent from the Montgomery family.

                       MOTION: I. Walker / S. Hyman
                            That WPLB’s Community Outreach Committee grant be
                            renamed the Jack Montgomery Community Outreach Grant.

               2. Priorities 2005
               M. Klassen reviewed the Board’s 2004 priorities: advocacy, specifically about
               library materials and Provincial funding; increased LAC and Board profile; and

               She listed the 2005 priorities identified by Executive Committee.
               a. Advocacy;
               b. The Recruitment and training of LAC and Board members;
               c. Assistance to Winnipeg Library Foundation in redeveloping their role as a

               A member suggested tabling discussion on the priorities until the next Board
               meeting. Regarding the third priority, a member asked what education Board
               members might need, to help the Winnipeg Library Foundation. Members said
               that we also need to determine our relationship with WLF and our role, and we
               should enter into more dialogue with the Foundation. It was noted that we
               recently sent the approved task force report to the Foundation and await their

               As strategic planning had also been suggested as a Board focus, members were
               asked to submit their ideas on this process to H. Graham.

           (d) Community Outreach
           Chair D. Zuk reported that the Community Outreach Committee met on January 20.
           In addition to recommending that the grant be renamed in honour of Jack
           Montgomery, members reviewed the 2004 grant process and established a
           promotional schedule for the 2005 grant process. R. Walker suggested that Ms Zuk
           might attend staff meetings to promote the grant and its benefits.

           The Committee’s literacy research is ongoing. Members are looking at various
           organizations that might need support. The Committee will draft a letter to be sent to,
           for example, facilities for the incarcerated, to explain the Committee’s mandate,
           enquire about their needs and offer moral and possibly financial support. Ms Zuk
           asked Board members to suggest organizations to which we might send letters. The
           Committee is looking at literacy very broadly. R. Walker suggested that the
Winnipeg Public Library Board    Final Approved Minutes        February 7, 2005                     4

           Committee might consider making a donation to the Winnipeg Foundation’s Literacy
           for Life Fund. The contribution would be almost doubled by the Federal
           government’s National Literacy Secretariat to a ceiling of $1 million. Mr. Walker will
           send related information to the Committee’s Chair.

           Ms Zuk noted the schedule and topics for the Board’s articles for the Library’s
           newsletter: March-April issue, Waverley West; May-June issue, the Board’s priorities
           and the Library’s budget; and for July-August, the Community Outreach grant and the
           results of the 2004 award.

           The joint community outreach meeting, for representatives of LACs, Friends, and the
           Board’s Community Outreach Committee will be held on February 28 at St. Boniface
           Library. Chaired by former WPLB member B Friesen, the purpose is to discuss
           groups’ activities and to see if jointly sponsored or jointly worked activities might be
           feasible. S. Hyman and A. Patterson will represent the Community Outreach
           Committee, and will report back to the CO on the outcome of the joint meeting.

           (e) Manager of Library Services
           R. Walker distributed his report (see Appendix) that covered a Family Literacy Day
           event, Public Art Committee update, new literacy initiatives, Millennium Library
           update, Cornish Library’s 90 birthday in June 2005, summer reading program, focus
           group meetings with Aboriginal and young adult communities, and conversation
           circles for newcomers to Canada to practise their English-speaking skills.

           Mr. Walker added the following comments. The National Literacy Secretariat will
           match the funds the Library raised on Family Literacy Day. The Public Art Committee
           received 75 applications of which seven were short-listed. The goal is to have the
           finished art for the opening of the Millennium Library. Members can view time-lapse
           visuals of the exterior of the Millennium Library project on the Library’s web site. The
           Cornish Library’s anniversary is around June 16. The planning for the Province-wide
           TD Summer Reading Program, co-sponsored by the National Library and Archives
           Canada, is underway. In response to questions, Mr. Walker said that TD Bank is
           very supportive of literacy initiatives. Mr. Walker asked Board members to let him
           know of youth or Aboriginal groups that should have a representative on the focus
           groups. The February 7 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press carried an article on the
           Library’s conversation circles concept.

           Mr. Walker brought information on use during Sunday hours, but will provide the
           information to H. Graham to distribute to members.

           (f) LAC Reports
           E.K. – Transcona: J. Turnbull sent her regrets. She will report at the next Board
           Riel: A. Patterson said that the LAC had purchased a colourful carpet for the picture
           book alcove in the lower level at Windsor Park Library.

           LAC Appointments and Vacancies
           H. Graham reported that City Centre LAC has two new members and one vacancy.
           Lord Selkirk-W.K. has four vacancies; suggestions have been made for innovative
           ways to recruit in this district, including contacting participants in the St. John’s
           Library task force. E.K.-Transcona has a new member and one vacancy.

           Board rep. for Assiniboia LAC meeting
           H. Graham asked for a volunteer to attend the February 24 meeting of the Assiniboia
           LAC, as neither of the Board reps. nor H. Graham can attend.
Winnipeg Public Library Board   Final Approved Minutes       February 7, 2005                    5

           LACs’ Survey
           I. Walker prepared another draft of the survey and received further feedback from
           some members of the E.K.-Transcona LAC. He will send the next version to H.
           Graham to distribute to LACs and Board. E.K. –Transcona LAC asked to see the
           survey in its final draft after feedback and before it would be implemented.

   6. New Business
         (a) Board Reps. to LACs
         H. Graham explained that the Board nominates, and Community Committees
         appoint, Board representatives to LACs.

           Board members agreed that their nominees are:
           - M. Klassen and A. Patterson for Riel LAC;
           - D. Sikorsky for L.S.-W.K. LAC, to join J. Zizic-Pacilli whose LAC term runs until
               December 2005; D. Sorokowski may attend LAC meetings unofficially for the
           - J. Turnbull and I. Walker for E.K.- Transcona LAC.
           H. Graham will submit these names to the appropriate Community Clerks.

           (b) 2005 Contract Between WPLB and Administrative Assistant
           The meeting moved in camera.
           The contract, as recommended by Executive Committee, was approved.

           (c) Signing Officers
                      MOTION: H. Koffman / I. Walker
                              That the Signing Officers for WPLB will be the Chair, Vice-
                              Chair and Treasurer.

   7. Other Business
      The annual joint Board and LAC orientation is tentatively scheduled for March 16, at a
      location to be determined, H. Graham said. All Board members are invited…along with
      new and current LAC members. R. Walker, the featured speaker, will provide an update
      on the library system, including the Millennium Library. Chair M. Klassen will be
      unavailable. H. Graham will ask past Chair Mike Cook if he would speak on behalf of the

   8. Date and Location of Next Meeting
             Monday, March 7, 2005 5:00 p.m.
             St. Boniface Library, 131 Provencher Blvd.

   9. Adjournment
             The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

       Manager’s Report
       February 7, 2005

   1. Family Literacy Day Event
      Through Council approval, for the second year in a row all fines collected on January 27,
      2005 by the Library were used to support the Literacy for Life Fund set up in partnership
      by the Winnipeg Foundation, Literacy Partners of Manitoba and Winnipeg Public Library.
      This year the Library raised $2851.00 for the fund.
Winnipeg Public Library Board      Final Approved Minutes        February 7, 2005                      6

   2. Public Art Committee Update
      On Friday February 4, 2005 the Winnipeg Arts Council announced the names of the
      artists short-listed for the public art project for the Winnipeg Public Library: Cliff Eyland,
      Winnipeg; Susan Feindel, Dartmouth; Bernie Miller and Alan Tregebov,
      Winnipeg/Toronto; L. Max Streicher, Toronto; and Nicholas Wade, Lethbridge.

        The artists now have approximately two months to prepare a detailed proposal. In April,
        the jury will meet to review the proposals and make their final recommendation.

   3. New Literacy Initiatives
      The Library’s French Language Services is working with Pluri-elles, a non-profit
      organization that offers programs and services in education, training, culture, health and
      social service, to provide literacy based service to North St. Boniface over the next 4
      years. Working with the Francophone community, the library will, share information about
      its resources and work with other community groups to provide enhanced services to this
      poorer community.

   4. Millennium Library Update
      Work progressing at rapid pace. Mostly interior work at this point. Carpeting and tile work
      to be started by middle of February. Elevator installation work has begun. Counters on
      site. Electrical for computers beginning. Scaffolding being taken down from terrace.
      Fourth floor ceiling now installed.
   5. 90 Anniversary Project
      The Library is working with a group of interested citizens in the Cornish area on a 90
      anniversary celebration for the Cornish Library. The event will take place in June 2005.
      In addition, similar plans are being developed to celebrate St. John’s 90 anniversary
      also set to occur in June 2005.

   6. TD Summer Reading
      Plan for the 2005 Summer Reading Program are well under way. This year Winnipeg
      Public Library is participating, along with Public Library Services for the Province of
      Manitoba, in a national program sponsored by TD Bank

   7.    Focus Group Meetings
        The Library is conducting a series of focus group meetings with the aboriginal community
        and young adult community in an effort to determine what the reading in the round area
        and the teen zone can look like and what people would like to see offered in these areas.
        If there any groups the Board would like us to invite to send a participant, please let me

   8. Conversation Circles
      Angela Mehmel, Administrative Coordinator of Outreach Services is working on a
      partnership with the International Centre, and in consultation with Joanne Pettis, that will
      see the library offer Conversation Circle programs at both the Louis Riel and West
      Kildonan libraries. For a six-week period, newcomers to Canada practice their English
      listening and speaking skills in group discussions lead by volunteers.

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