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					Computer Software Engineer Jobs in the UK
Author: Stephen Trigg
The field of Computer Software Engineering has become more popular among UK university graduates in recent years. Students are
entering university with a more sophisticated knowledge of information technology than undergraduates from a generation ago. This
knowledge is coupled with a realisation that many of the best jobs available in the UK involve computer technology, creating a desire
within university students for success in the IT world. However, as graduates leave the university setting for the professional world, they
begin to realise that their dream of working as a computer software engineer may be difficult to achieve.

The rising number of computer jobs in the United Kingdom has been met with an exponential increase in applications over the last
decade. Professionals interested in software engineering, IT graduates, and candidates on the international market make the
application process a log-jam. Hiring managers often have to set high standards in order to reduce the numbers of applicants that
proceed to the interview stage. As such, talented software engineers may not be able to distinguish themselves enough to land their
dream job. By understanding what a software engineer does on a daily basis, a young applicant is better able to tailor their application
to suit a specific position.

Computer software engineers essentially bridge the gap between designers and users or retailers of software. Engineers take concepts
and designs as imagined at the beginning of the creative process, create specific processes to meet the individual needs of software
systems, and troubleshoot production processes in order to meet customer demands. For instance, a computer software engineer may
work on creating the software CDs and supporting materials that come with a new video game or business solution. The role of the
middle man means that engineers need to meet regularly with both designers and users or supply chain professionals to ensure that
everything gets done right the first time.

This brief summary of a software engineer’s job should allow a young professional to focus their CV and application in the right
areas. An applicant may choose to highlight areas of troubleshooting, problem solving, or multitasking in their application. On their CV, a
young professional can highlight aspects of their education or job experience that would be uniquely suited to computer software
engineering. In the interview process for a role as a software engineer, an applicant who is well-prepared should be able to use their
knowledge of software engineering to answer a hypothetical question. In the end, computer software engineering jobs require quick
thinking and creativity. An applicant needs to demonstrate these skills in order to land their dream job.
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