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									                                    Kiwanis Bulletin


Guests: Teresa Johnson, Someone from the Sunrise Club (whom I am sure has a name,
but I did not write it down), Jim Clark, Tim Elkins (Davison Kiwanis)


Next board meeting is at United Way, Feb. 19th at noon.

Next poker dates are May 15-18 and Sept. 24-27.

Next week's program is Gary D, followed by Kim M.

Red Cross blood drive will be Monday, March 1st. We need someone to help unload at
8:30 am and then reload at 8:00 pm. Calvary Church.

Key Club is doing a fund raiser of Little Caesar's pizza items. They are earning money
for the district convention on March 19-21st in Gaylord. Also looking for adult chaperons
to assist. Soon to be an article in the paper regarding the key club. Good job Julie C for
such a fine job helping out with the Key Club.

Division 17 Spring Divisional will be April 16th at the Bavarian Inn Lodge at 5:00 pm.
Cost will be $25.00 for those who wish to attend.

Kapers planning meetings will be held each Monday evening at 6:30 pm at
Independent Bank. Anyone interested in participating in Kapers should contact
Tori at (810) 441-0320. We want everyone to have a chance to participate in any way
they want, so get with Tori so we can get you involved.

Birthdays: Kathy M, and Jeff C both celebrated birthdays this month. The singing was
divine. (Much better than the opening song).

Anniversary: None

Happy Bucks:

Jim McQ – grateful for Teresa's amazing help with the Ad Campaign. This year's
campaign will be a total re-work of the book. Lots of hard work going into it.
Steve S – glad to be going golfing after Kiwanis

Jessica W – completely twitter pated to be sitting with such distinguished, tall, dark, and
handsome men.

Jack C – Was pleased to sit with a table full of stunning women

Darlene R – Lou says, “hi” to everyone. Glad that Bob C brought her a lot of yarn to
begin the mittens for the Christmas kids party. Was glad to see the recognition for herself
and Candice in the paper for the “books for babies” project.

Julie C – discovered she was sitting at a table of sexy men and therefore put in a buck.

Thelma W – won the auction for Jeff C's birthday gift. Also glad to have “Jim's lady”
helping with the ad campaign.


Fred McA – fined for being in the paper and not mentioning Kiwanis

Nameless person was observed getting into a female club member's purse during the
prayer to turn her cell phone on. That nameless person protested to which someone said,
“Come on Steve, quit trying to defend yourself”.


   1. Candice's table
   2. someone else

King of Hearts

Rob S , Terri C, and Bob C all drew the wrong cards. 21 to go. Next week's pot is


Bob C brought his slide show from his trail camera. He explained the workings of the
device. He explained why he chose particular locations for the camera to be placed. Then
he showed us the amazing pictures of the wildlife near his cabin. There were flocks of
turkeys, herds of deer, fox, bob cat, coyote, and in one member's words “a big @$$
squirrel”. It was a very interesting presentation and if you missed it, then you should
definitely get with Bob to have a look.

Rob Skouson – bulletin editor
- United Nations: “Global warming has put 55% of the Netherlands under water.”
Netherlands: “Ummm … we think we would have noticed that if that were true.”

- Skateboarding while texting ruled, Not A Crime. However the law of averages will
eventually catch up to you.

- Soap opera star, Francis Reid, dies at age 95. Will return in a few months with amnesia,
marry her stalker, have an affair with a stepson, get divorced, turn evil and die again.
Surprise … it was her twin! (Yes, I am really stretching on this one … it seemed funnier
in my head)

- Health researchers have some bad news … are you sitting down? Well, that's the bad

- Armed gunmen steal 150 ferrets. The cops OTTER catch those WEASLES.

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