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                                                                                           VideoConferencing System

                      All the performance, expandability and compatibility
      you will ever need
Unmatched performance                                            Unlimited flexibility
   The PCS-6000P is the new state-of-the-art video-                  Use whatever network you want. The PCS-6000P can be
   conferencing product. What's more, it's a complete                used with a normal ISDN, but also with any type of network
   multimedia terminal. Whether you prefer to use it for face-       you can think of. And if that's not enough, you can even use
   to-face meetings or for sending high resolution graphics or       MPEG based videoconferencing up to 6 Mb/s! This gives
   movies, it can all be done with the best audio and video          you the opportunity of recording and editing conferences
   quality you can expect from Sony. Its new flexible                for later use.
   architecture ensures you of unmatched performance,                Management of the PCS-6000P can be done from a
   delivering television quality videoconferencing solutions.        remote location using a browser-based control center.
                                                                     Now, you can set up calls or diagnose errors remotely.
Future proof                                                         Also, the PCS-6000P excels in integration facilities. You
   Your investment is secured, because the PCS-6000P                 can adjust it to any environment you prefer. A range of
   brings you expandability for future applications. You can         opportunities is available, making it perfectly suited for
   start with a basic model, to expand this later with high          integration into existing infrastructures, boardrooms or
   performance features such as increased video quality or           special consoles.
   multipoint options. All these options can be built into one
   chassis, making it a safe investment.                         Applications
Compatibility                                                    The PCS-6000P is specially suited for users of video-
   As the leader in videoconferencing, Sony assures you          conferencing in a variety of applications where performance
   compatibility with other videoconferencing equipment          needs to be at the highest level.
   such as the Sony Contact or systems from other vendors.
   Compatibility also refers to adding options like a USB        !   Business & executive business meetings
   harddisk, a keyboard, scanners, VCR's etc. Furthermore,       !   Distance learning/remote education
   the systems ensures seamless networking capabilities          !   Corporate training
   either on ISDN or IP.                                         !   TeleMedicine
                                                                 !   Research & development
Ease of use                                                      !   Governmental area
   Using the system becomes very simple. The easy to use
   remote control and user interface let’s you intuitively
   control the PCS-6000P.

                                                                                         this is not a rehearsal.
Key features
?   TV video quality (4CIF resolution):
         Highest video quality at 30 fps
?   Seamless Networking:
         ISDN and IP networks at selectable speeds
?   Built-in multipoint:
         No need for an external MCU. Optional built-in MCU manages up to 6 different sites
?   High resolution graphics:
         XGA resolution
         Microsoft Office Viewer
?   Multiple input/output:
         Audio/video, USB devices, external control
?   Ready for Integration:
         Via equipment from Crestron, AMX etc. adjustable to different environments
?   Easy to use:
         Intuitive user interface, using simple icons to use the system

Standards supported                                                                        Video output
!          H.320 (ISDN)                                                                    !                   Monitor out 1 (s-video, composite)
!          H.323 (IP)                                                                      !                   Monitor out 2 (s-video)
!          MPEG over IP (optional)                                                         !                   XGA out

Video compression standards                                                                Audio input
!          H.261, max. 30 fps                                                              !                   3 Microphones
!          H.263, max 30 fps                                                               !                   Line in (RCA)
!          MPEG-2 (optional)                                                               !                   Aux (stereo mini)
                                                                                           !                   XLR (Line in)
Audio standards
!          G.711                                                                           Audio output
!          G.722                                                                           !                   Line out (RCA)
!          G.728                                                                           !                   Aux (stereo mini)
                                                                                           !                   XLR (Line out)
!          ISDN call modes: H.221 and BondingTM                                            Main Camera
!          Interfaces: ISDN BRI x 4: 64 - 512 Kb/s                                         !                   1/3" CCD
                       10/100Base-T: 64 Kb/s - 2 Mb/s                                      !                   12 x Zoom lens
                       ISDN BRI x 8: 1 Mb/s (optional)                                     !                   Automatic/manual white balance
                       ISDN BRI x 12: 2 Mb/s (optional)                                    !                   Pan-/tilt-/zoom-function
                       ISDN PRI (T1/E1): 2 Mb/s (optional)                                 !                   Preset function
                       V.35 x2: 64 Kb/s 2 Mb/s (optional)                                  !                   Far-end control
                       RS-449: 64 Kb/s 2 Mb/s (optional)
                       MPEG: 512 Kb/s 6 Mb/s (optional)                                    Audio
                                                                                           !                   Integrated full duplex digital echo canceling
Multipoint (optional)
!          H.320 compliant                                                                 Aux control port
!          Maximum 6 sites @ 128 Kb/s or 4 sites @ 512 Kb/s                                !                   RS-232 connector for external control units
!          Audio conferencing support, maximum 6 sites
!          Connect/disconnect per site
                                                                                           Other interfaces
                                                                                           !                   3 x USB (for Printer, Scanner, keyboard, Mouse, FDD drive)
Graphics                                                                                   !                   Memory stick (JPEG image up/down load, software down
!          XGA high resolution 4CIF                                                                            load, dial list/set up data store & forward)
!          JPEG
!          Microsoft Office Viewer
                                                                                           Remote Management
                                                                                           !                  Remote diagnostics and software upgrades via PC, LAN, WAN
Video input                                                                                                   or ISDN
!          Main camera (s-video)                                                           !                  Remote control via webserver functionality
!          Object camera (s-video)
!          Aux 1 (s-video)
!          Aux 2 (composite)

                                                                                                                                                    this is not a rehearsal.
                                                        All information in this document is preliminary and subject to change without further notice.
                                                        Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe, the Netherlands.
                                                        Sony is a registered trademark of the Sony Corporation.
                                                        All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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