World class technology from BEST Tiles and Terrazzo

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					                                                                                            ISO 9002 Lic 7814
                                                                                           Standards Australia

                                                                                                255–259 Cormack Road,
                                                                                                South Australia 5013
                                                                                                P.O Box 565,
                                                                                                Enfield Plaza,
                                                                                                South Australia 5085
                                                                                                Telephone (08) 8262 6614
                                                                                                Facsimile (08) 8349 8677
                                                                                                A.C.N 059 598 042
                                                                                                A.B.N 13 059 598 042

World class technology from
BEST Tiles and Terrazzo.
BEST Terrazzo Tiles have the ability to create a wide range of striking and beautiful
effects by combining natural aggregates whilst utilizing the very latest advances in
production technologies.
BEST Terrazzo Tiles are a manufactured composite of natural stone chippings
and marble dust set into a cement matrix mixed with colour oxides.
All marbles, granites and natural aggregates used are carefully selected by BEST,
carefully controlling the aggregate size to achieve the greatest clarity and richness of
colour in the final tile.
The secret to the fantastic BEST Terrazzo Tile range lies in the multi–million dollar new
production facility imported from Europe. This world–class technology makes this plant
the only one of its type in Australia.
A variety of designs and effects can be created in addition to BEST’s standard Terrazzo
Tile range. Unlike imported terrazzo tiles which exclude any design input, BEST Tiles
& Terrazzo’s exclusive service offers designers and architects an opportunity
to select their own mixture of marbles, aggregates and background colour to create a
truly unique and original floor. This allows BEST Terrazzo Tiles to become an integral
part of the overall design scheme.
The strict production control standards at BEST are quality assured to ISO 9002
ensuring that the complete BEST Terrazzo Tile range is manufactured to the highest
possible standards.
Available Australia–wide, if flooring is on your agenda call BEST Tiles & Terrazzo
on (08) 8262 6614.

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