Whether its a stunning piece by lindash


Whether its a stunning piece

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                                                                                                                       Wall fashions
                                                                                                                Giro design, from $229
                                                                                                              and Suma design (right),
                                                                                                              from $119 each, Munde,

                                                                                                                                            It’s a frame-up!

PICTURE THIS                                                                                                                                Choosing a frame can be just as
                                                                                                                                            difficult as choosing a piece of art,
                                                                                                                                            mainly because there are no fi rm
Make your home stand out with gorgeous works of art, writes Sarah Daly                                                                      and fast rules about which frames
                                                                                                                                            to use with which paintings and
                                                                                                                                            on which wall.

            hether it’s a stunning piece      point of reference when purchasing soft         them at random heights to ensure the             Framer and owner of Gilty On
            from an established artist, or    furnishings,” Berny says.                       room balances.                                The Terrace, Tony Rodrigues,
            a framed picture your child         If you’re making a wall of pictures, an          Where you place a painting is              says: “A frame really can be just
doodled at school, an artwork can really      easy way to tie them together is by using       exceptionally important and there seems       as important as the picture itself
be anything you want it to be.                the same frame. They don’t have to all be       to be a tendency to hang artwork a little     and the right frame can make a
   “Updating your home with a striking        the same size either, and having a wall of      higher than is necessary.                     painting. It can take some trial
piece of wall art is a cost effective way     artwork can look really striking.                  Although where you hang your artwork       and error so it’s a good idea to get
of revamping your interior,” says Berny         “Make sure your artwork complements           really does depend on the size of the room    advice from a framer if you’re in
Bacic, creative director and designer for     the size of your wall and the space as a        and the work itself, as a rough guide, hang   any way unsure.”
Munde. “It will pay to be adventurous, and    whole. Large open plan areas require one        on the lower two-thirds of the wall.             Generally, photos tend to work
don’t be afraid to choose an artwork that     large artwork big enough to fill a large            “Always hang your artwork at eye           well in a plainer frame, so you
makes a statement and adds the “wow”          wall or a triptych series to create a story,    level, generally about 1.5 meters from        don’t lose focus of the image and
factor to your interior.”                     while smaller spaces attract smaller            the floor. If you find that wall space is       a grouping of black and white
   Berny suggests choosing solid, bold        sized artworks,” Berny says.                    tight, try placing your artwork on a shelf    photos can look striking.
colours including blacks, hot reds,             “If you are unsure about the size of          or mantelpiece, working it in with other         Gilty on the Terraces’ Anne
magentas and zesty greens to complete a       your artwork, we recommend cutting a            décor items,” says Berny.                     Rodrigues says: “It’s nice to mix
space and large geometric patterns or a       template from cardboard of your intended        You can also hang paintings against a         it up and I think it looks great to
series of complimentary coloured works        size and place it on to your wall for an        wall or furniture for a more casual way to    have an ornate gilded frame next
as an alternative to wallpaper.               indication of how it will look.”                display artwork; just make sure the piece     to a modern frame with really
   “By choosing artwork you love you            When artwork is of different sizes, it’s      is big enough to see on the floor!             straight lines. It’s also nice to have
really can build a room around a few great    a good idea to get a visual level of all your   Munde by adeptgraphics,                       frames in various sizes, but it’s
pieces and they can also act as a good        paintings in the room rather than hanging       www.munde.com.au.                             a good idea to stick to the same
                                                                                                                                            shaped frame.”
                                                                                                                                               Bigger artworks tend to look
                                                                                                                                            best as a single piece, so if you’re
     Hanging around                                                                                                                         grouping art, stick to smaller
     When it comes to hanging an artwork,                                                                                                   works.
     some people love the standard nail but                                                                                                 Gilty On The Terrace, 93/95 North
     if you’re renting or don’t want gaping                                                                                                 Tce, College Park 8363 0233.
     holes in your walls, there are some
     some other solutions.
        Stick-on hooks can be a good idea
     and 3M make handy picture-hanging
     strips (www.3m.com.au) but beware,
     if you stick up two strips or hooks it
     does not necessarily mean it holds
     twice the weight. Don’t overload them!
        A simply gorgeous way to hang           Hang around Hanging system,
     paintings is a hanging system. The         6 meter tracks, $95, or length cut
     look is professional and you can hang      to size, $22 per meter, hangers from
     multiple paintings on the same track.      $7.20, hooks $4.50, Art Images,
                                                32 The Parade, Norwood 8363 0806.

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