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66% of all bank-customer interaction is through the ATM.   (Source: Celent)   Contents

                                                                              BankWorld ATM creates                   1
BankWorld ATM allows banks for the first time to deliver                      new business and revenue
                                                                              growth opportunities.
personalised products and services to customers through their
preferred banking channel.                                                    BankWorld ATM allowing                  2
                                                                              you to drive revenue growth

Finally a solution has arrived which gives banks complete control over        Extend your range of                    4
                                                                              ATM services
the products and services they offer to individual customers via the ATM.
                                                                              Case Study:                             4
                                                                              Pre-approved instant loan facility

                                                                              Case Study:                             4
BankWorld ATM - Some Facts
                                                                              Foreign currency exchange
                                                                              at the ATM
• BankWorld ATM allows banks to maximise revenue by delivering
                                                                              Increasing revenue by offering          5
  personalised products to each customer individually at the ATM              bill payment services to cardless

• BankWorld ATM enables banks to personalise the ATM experience               Reduce inter-switch fees through        6
  with dynamic branding based on individual customer profile                  improved services at your ATM

                                                                              Move your ATM into the                  6
• BankWorld ATM delivers timely anti-fraud information to customers           21st Century

                                                                              Multi-factor fraud prevention           6
• BankWorld ATM is being used by a Middle Eastern bank to sell and
  disburse 30% of all their retail loans                                      SOA compliant Unified                   7
                                                                              Banking Platform

                                                                              BankWorld's unique Flexible             8
                                                                              Transaction Engine

BankWorld ATM – delivering powerful personalised products and
                                                                              Frequently asked questions            Back
services through your customers preferred banking channel.                                                         Cover
    BankWorld ATM creates new business and revenue growth opportunities.
 These are delivered cost-effectively via existing ATM networks and infrastructure
Innovative software has been delivered by CR2 to revolutionise the services banks         Working with ATM’s from the world’s leading vendors, BankWorld deploys CR2’s
offer to their customers via their ATM networks. Since the 1970’s, ATMs have              Flexible Transaction Engine which enables banks to transform their ATMs into a
provided customers with a useful but limited range of transactions and banks have         flexible and responsive channel. BankWorld gives banks the freedom to define and
been unable to personalise these for individual clients. BankWorld ATM creates new        segment transactions, extending the range and type of services
opportunities for banks to optimise the services they offer to customers. BankWorld       available to individual customers at the ATM. BankWorld ATM delivers
enables banks for the first time to differentiate themselves and to provide unique        targeted cross selling opportunities directed at individual customers or
personalised functionalities via the ATM.                                                 customer segments.

      Recent research indicates that in excess of 50% of customers who request further information at the ATM regarding a banking product
           ultimately go on to buy it. CR2’s BankWorld enables the bank to actually complete the transaction there and then via the ATM.

                  Personalised welcome
                                                                                                                                      Targeted advertising
                    Lifestyle-based alert

                 Preferred cash amount                                                                                                Direct advertising revenue

                  Existing ATM services
                                                                                                                                      Client-based bank promotions
                           Bill payments

         Third party selling opportunities                                                                                            Immediate service sign-up

                                                          Effective use of customer information
   In an increasingly competitive banking environment,       BankWorld for the first time enables banks to use         product suite, BankWorld ATM enables banks to
   service is a key differentiator. Every Bank has           this valuable information at the most common point        deliver focused product offerings, specific services
   unique access to valuable customer insights gained        of customer contact to create targeted cross selling      and targeted advertisements directly to that
   through the relationship built up over the years.         opportunities. An extension of CR2’s BankWorld            customer based on their individual customer profile.

BankWorld ATM allowing you to drive revenue growth
Banks have long considered the functionality offered by conventional ATM software as limiting; particularly in
relation to exploiting sales opportunities. BankWorld ensures that banks have the capability to respond
quickly to new opportunities and to deliver customers with the services they need when they need them.
Using BankWorld ATM, banks have developed solutions that:

Deliver personalised
promotional opportunities

A bank can create a series of
personalised screens which carry unique
messaging, bank branding, and local
event information or promote the banks
new products and services.

Deliver innovative services

The ATM can be updated quickly and
easily as new services, promotions or
products become available.

Targeting customers
and non-customers at
your ATM

Even when a non-customer uses your
ATM they can be identified and
targeted messages can be delivered.

Support interactive                          Time based offers
promotional campaigns                        Messages or services can be allocated a specific start and finish
                                             date and time. For example, “Happy birthday” can be set to
Customers can use the ATM to
                                             commence one day before the customers birthday and finish
request additional information about
                                             on the day.
specific products or services. The
request is then processed within the         Equally, BankWorld ATM can be configured to allow more
bank and brochures or forms posted to        complex services to be available during off-peak hours only.
the customer. In instances, where a          For example banks can set the ATM network (or individual
third party product is being promoted,       ATMs) to offer only cash and balance services during peak
a list of customers, who have                hours and all services at other times.
requested the bank to forward their
details can be compiled for sending to       Extending on this BankWorld’s MIS capabilities allows banks to
the third party organisation, greatly        record time based transaction patterns and to optimise the
enhancing the attractiveness of the          ATM’s usage by offering only popular services defined by card
ATM as a marketing medium.                   users at these particular times.

                                             Promotional updates are also pushed to the ATMs in off-peak
                                             hours. Updates are installed intelligently as the system
                                             prioritises online transaction traffic before pulling down new
                                             branding. Branding screens are stored locally on the ATM to
                                             maximise effectiveness of usage.

Extend your range of ATM services                                             Case study: Pre-approved instant loan facility
BankWorld enables ATMs to deliver a broader choice of                         Cairo Amman Bank, Jordan, currently has 74 branches and 90 ATMs with plans to expand this to
targeted programmes, including:                                               a network of over 150 ATM's by the end of 2007. The bank recognised the opportunities
                                                                              BankWorld ATM offers. Its traditional loan application process could only be conducted through
Promotion                                                                     their branch. This restricted its ability to offer loans when the bank was closed and resulted in
                                                                              missed service and revenue opportunities. Many customers were also reluctant to apply for small
Recent surveys have indicated that the ATM is approximately                   loans in a face to face situation with a customer service representative. BankWorld enabled the
                                                                              bank to establish a pre-approved loan facility delivered directly to the customer through the ATM.
65% cheaper and 200% more effective as a method of
advertising banking products than direct mailing.                             "This service has been hugely successful. We have been able to process more loans via the ATM
                                                                              than in our branches due to the fact that a customer can obtain his loan 24 X 7. The significantly
Banks are increasingly using the ATM as a means of pushing products and       reduced cost of loan processing via the ATM has enabled us to reduce the minimum value of the
services rather than the traditional direct mailing approach. Banks can for   loan we can offer to our customers, further driving demand for the facility." Omar Yacoub, CIO
example significantly increase the number of customers using Internet         Cairo Amman Bank.
banking by promoting it via the ATM.
                                                                              A further benefit is that the quantity of loans has increased simply by the fact that the process is
                                                                              online. It allows customers who are reluctant to request loans face to face or apply for small
                                                                              denomination loans to receive them automatically. The process is also faster through the ATMs
                                                                              and with 24 hour availability due to the fact that the ATM is always on. 30% of all Cairo Amman
                                                                              retail loans are now sold and disbursed via the ATM; adding to the success of this facility there
                                                                              has been no reduction to the number of loans processed through the branch.

                                                                              Case study:
                                                                              Foreign currency exchange at the ATM
                                                                              A large Egyptian bank recognised the potential to generate revenue and reduce their teller
                                                                              processing costs by offering a cash acceptance facility on their ATM’s. The bank has deployed a
                                                                              network of BankWorld enabled cash acceptance ATMs to accept cash deposits and exchange
                                                                              foreign currency at ATM’s in leading hotels, airports, central shopping areas and tourist
Personalised alerts                                                           destinations throughout the country.

                                                                              BankWorld’s cash deposit solution automatically counts the deposit while their customer is at the
The ATM can be used to deliver specific information:
                                                                              ATM. Once validated the amount is then immediately credited to the customer’s account.
• Cheque book ready for collection
• Credit card ready for collection                                            Likewise when foreign currency is deposited the client can request that it be exchanged for local
• Credit card approval                                                        currency which is automatically disbursed from the ATM. BankWorld allows the bank for the first
• Loan approval                                                               time to offer a foreign currency facility to customers as well as cardless clients and to generate
CR2’s clients are already benefiting from BankWorld ATM. The new              significant foreign currency commissions as a result. Coupled with this the facility has
technology is applied to increase contact with the bank’s own customers       significantly reduced the inconvenience associated with branch queues and decreased processing
and to promote existing services.                                             costs for the bank.

Create new revenue by offering bill payment services to cardless customers
Improve bill payment facilities
for your existing customers
Through BankWorld, the customer can
access a broader range of bank services
and complete more complex transactions
at their convenience. For example, they
can pay credit card, mobile or utility bills
quickly and easily at the ATM. BankWorld
enables customers to define their
preferred payees and utility payments on
their individualised screen.

Migrating bill payments from the branch
to the ATM can significantly reduce
processing costs, provide effective queue
management and offer an economic use
of resources for the bank.                     Offer bill payment to non-card holders
The ability to define new transaction
types on the ATM enables them to be
used for cardless customers or even
customers without bank cards. When
BankWorld ATM is combined with a cash
acceptance or (BNA) device, the ATM
automatically becomes a revenue
generating device by serving the un-
banked with cardless transactions. Recent
research indicates that ATM transactions
cost a bank one quarter or less of those
                                                     Branch deposit costs
performed in the branch and offer
                                               approximately $2.05; ATM deposit
opportunities to provide revenue
                                                  costs approximately $0.51.
generating services to non-customers.

•   BankWorld enables customers and            This equates to a saving of $1.54
    even cardless clients to preform the             on each ATM deposit.
    following transactions:
    - Bill Payment                                If a single ATM achieves 200
    - Foreign Exchange                         transactions per day, this means a
    - Loan Repayment                            saving of $308 per day per ATM.
    - Cash Lodgement

Reduce inter-switch fees through                                                                                         Multi-factor fraud
improved services at your ATM                                                                                            prevention
Banks who improve the services they offer to clients via the ATM network can                                             In October 2005, the Federal Financial Institution
significantly save on their annual inter-switching fees due to increased                                                Examination Council of America issued a guidance
customer loyalty. Large Banks typically spend millions on inter-switch fees                                           “Authentication in a banking environment’’ addressing
annually. By offering personalised facilities such as customer specific                                             the need for all retail and commercial banks in the USA
language, fast cash amounts, customised third party payments, mobile top up                                       to provide reliable authentication measures for customers
and cash acceptance, fraud alerts, mail messages and customer alerts on the                                     accessing their banks remotely. In its recommendations the
ATM, customers become more inclined to use their own banks ATMs.                                              FFIEC highlighted the strength of multi-factor authentication
                                                                                                             as the most reliable source of fraud prevention.

                                                                                                          BankWorld CR2’s SOA compliant Unified Banking Platform
Move your ATM into the 21st Century                                                                     ensures the integration of all banking channels within the CR2
                                                                                                      product suite, BankWorld ATM’s integration with BankWorld SMS
As BankWorld enables banks to personalise ATM transaction sets for                                  and BankWorld Internet assists greatly in reducing fraud across all
individual customers or customer segments, the ATM becomes the provider                            channels. BankWorld ATM can be particularly effective in adding an
of additional non-traditional banking services while continuing to meet                           additional layer of security to online banking transactions.
customer’s conventional ATM requirements. The opportunities for banks are
almost limitless. Services can also be offered to non-customers and even                        Transactions can be queued pending confirmation on an additional channel.
cardless clients.                                                                              The last transaction can be confirmed as well as changes made via other
                                                                                             channels. For example, one of the most common identify theft initiatives is to
                                                                                            change the customers address via call centre or Internet. Here the ATM can be
Generating revenue                                                             used to verify that the customer’s address details have been changed using the extra security
through third party                                                            of card and pin.

                                                                               Fraud alerts can also
                                                                               be sent to additional
In Europe and Asia, banks are
                                                                               channels such as the
increasingly displaying third party
                                                                               customers mobile
advertisements on the ATM to
                                                                               phone. For example in
generate revenue and offset it against
                                                                               cases where the
the cost of running the ATM. BankWorld’s
                                                                               incorrect PIN is
ability to identify each customer at the
                                                                               entered the card
ATM enables banks to offer advertising
                                                                               owner can
opportunities to third party advertisers which
                                                                               immediately be
allows them to directly target specific
                                                                               notified via SMS.
customer segments. A contact list can even
be provided to advertisers of those
customers who have expressed interest in
their product and have granted the bank
permission to forward contact details.

SOA compliant Unified Banking Platform
Unlike traditional protocol based solutions, BankWorld provides built in
two way interaction that enables flexible and direct management of
ATMs by financial institutions. CR2’s BankWorld architecture presents
a centralised platform with enhanced functionality shared by all
connected channels.

BankWorld ATM Management                      BankWorld ATM Monitor
BankWorld provides new generation             BankWorld ATM Monitor consists of
technology which has been driven by           two ATM monitoring and control
banks need to grow through new                applications one acts as a powerful
products, services and channels, as well      supervisor application providing the
as attracting new customer segments.          highest levels of control and drill down
This has seen a dramatic growth in the        diagnostics to ATM centre staff. The
number of ATM’s as well as an increase in     other is a web client which enables
complexity of ATM networks involving          remote branches and any other parts of
many different manufacturers’ hardware        the organisation to monitor the ATM
and multi-regions. This presents              network. This provides the ability for
operational challenges in managing this       branches (or an external service
hardware, multiple currencies, multiple       agency) to immediately be notified of
points of contact and the different           incidents such as paper jams and media
branding applicable to different regions.     shortages within their local geography.        ATM software. It provides efficient central   what is usually a manual and extremely
                                                                                             administration and distribution of            time consuming process is completely
BankWorld ATM presents the opportunity        BankWorld ATM Client                           software as well as application upgrades      eliminated and banks with ATMs in
to centralise a multi-region operation to a   BankWorld ATM Client is the unique             to the ATM network.                           multiple countries can significantly
single data centre. In addition multiple      Windows based application which resides                                                      reduce their operational costs.
institutions can be operated through a        on each ATM and treats each card holder        BankWorld‘s ATM Distributor enables
single installation to support outsourced     as an individual customer rather than          banks to distribute updates to each ATM       Cash management
services or growth through acquisition.       simply another cash transaction.               from a central location and to                Effective cash management has a
BankWorld is not only able to manage          BankWorld ATM for the first time enables       determine the date and time the               significant impact on the profitability
ATMs in multiple regions it can also be       banks to bring personalised products and       update is to be implemented. This             of banks. BankWorld ATM Cash
interfaced to multiple or core banking        services directly to the individual            means that distribution can be arranged       Management provides instantly
applications.                                 customer at the ATM. It is rich in             at a time that causes the least               available cash positions of remote
                                              functionality and very flexible with a         inconvenience to customers.                   ATMs that are required for planning
BankWorld ATM Controller                      modern graphical interface which offers        It also enables new applications,             and refining optimum replenishment
BankWorld ATM Controller is a modular,        multi-media facilities.                        graphics, sound files and video to be         strategies. BankWorld provides online
scalable ATM management solution,                                                            distributed remotely to multiple or           information on cash positioning. This
providing excellent network diagnostics,      BankWorld ATM Distributor                      single ATMs such as new corporate             ensures that at any point in time
automated notifications and                   BankWorld ATM Distributor enables the          logos or advertising images during            BankWorld ATM can account for every
comprehensive MIS support.                    remote management and updating of              promotional campaigns. As a result,           single note.

BankWorld's unique Flexible Transaction Engine
CR2's Flexible Transaction Engine is an integral and pivotal element in       Branding made easy with BankWorld Studio
the BankWorld ATM solution. It enables banks to parameterise and
                                                                              BankWorld Studio is a feature-rich content management tool which assists banks to
configure new product offerings without specialised assistance and to
                                                                              easily design and deploy personalised branding on the ATM.
deploy them rapidly to the ATM network.
                                                                              •   Branding Manager – Creates, updates and deploys personalised branding

                                                                              •   Visual Screen Editor – Edits ATM screens and menus as easily as a PowerPoint™
                                                                                  presentation. This powerful tool enables users to drag and drop elements, and to
                                                                                  preview the screens in a range of resolutions and languages

                                                                              •   Flexible Transaction Editor – Creates new products and services quickly and easily

                                                                              •   Localisation Assistant – Translation tool for ATM Screens

                                                                              •   Live Preview – Previews ATM screens the exact way a customer would see them

                                                                              BankWorld ATM delivers an unprecedented level of control and flexibility as banks can
                                                                              use this unique channel to improve how they communicate and deliver services to
                                                                              their customers.

                                                    No other solution allows banks to:
  • Develop ATM-based           • Promote bank                 • Generate greater                • Reduce costs                        • Deliver
    products and                  products to their              revenue through                   through remote                        individualised
    services, which best          specific target                targeted promotion                diagnostics and                       products to
    suit their particular         audience at the most           of products and                   improved cash                         customers and
    business models and           used point of                  services                          management                            non-customers alike
    organisation                  customer contact

Innovation driving revenue                                                                     Global banking
ATM acquisition costs are high and the traditional focus of ATM networks has primarily
been to reduce costs. ATM vendors suggest that the actual acquisition cost represents
only one quarter of the total true lifetime cost of an ATM. Restricting an ATM’s use to
basic cash and mini-statement services makes it very difficult for banks to recoup their

By cross selling, advertising and providing new product offerings at the ATM it is now
possible to focus on its revenue generating capabilities. With BankWorld both you and
your customers can achieve more from your existing ATM network.

A bank with 500 ATM’s carrying out 3,500 transactions per month provides 21 million
opportunities per annum.
                                                                                               BankWorld delivers robust,
Your target market is already using your ATMs. By deploying BankWorld ATM, you now             scalable solutions to over
have the opportunity to cross sell to your customers and prospects each and every              100 financial institutions
time your ATM is used. From an advertising perspective, this gives you more than 10
times the marketing “opportunities to see” than by advertising in most country wide
consumer facing publications.
                                                                                               CR2 has a network of offices
Banks which use BankWorld ATM technology innovatively have developed new                       globally including, Europe,
business opportunities that now drive revenue growth
                                                                                               Asia the Middle East and
                      Do you want to ……
... Significantly increase revenue through your existing ATM network?
... Improve customer loyalty?
... Target non-clients at your ATM?
... Maximise your sales opportunities by advertising your products at the
   most powerful point of customer contact?
... Offer personalised products to individual customers via your existing ATMs?
... Extend your banks brand through your customers most preferred channel?                          BankWorld enables Cairo Amman Bank to process and disburse
                                                                                                    30% of all their retail loans via the ATM.
            If the answer is YES then
        please email us on

Frequently asked questions
Why is CR2’s solution so unique?                               Does BankWorld enable banks to create their own                    Corporate Headquarters
As a provider of a complete end-to-end ATM solution, CR2       transactions for ATMs?
deploys an ATM switch as well as its own ATM client on the     Yes. CR2’s Flexible Transaction Designer gives banks the           CR2 House
ATM and a Unified Banking Platform connecting all banking      complete control to parameterise and configure new products        Block 16, Joyce Way
channels. CR2 is in the unique position of being able to       offerings without specialised assistance and to deploy them        Park West Business Park
                                                                                                                                  Nangor Road
identify individual cardholders at the ATM and to provide a    rapidly to their ATM network. BankWorld ATM delivers an            Dublin 12
customised set of services and branding based on the           unprecedented level of control and flexibility allowing the bank   Ireland
banks segmentation model. BankWorld enables banks to           to design their own transactions and screen layouts removing
                                                                                                                                  Tel: +353 1 433 9100
employ ATMs as a flexible, responsive service and              the restriction traditionally imposed by supplier templates.       Fax: +353 1 433 9101
marketing channel.                                                                                                                Email:
                                                               How can BankWorld ATM be used to provide services
Is BankWorld ATM EMV compliant?                                to non-cardholding customers?
                                                                                                                                  Worldwide Offices
Yes BankWorld ATM is EMV and Mastercard and Visa issuing       BankWorld ATM extends the use of the ATM to beyond that
and acquiring compliant                                        of simply a cash dispensing device. See page 5. Banks can          Dubai                        Singapore
                                                               now deploy the ATM to offer a fuller range of services             PO Box 62187                 391b Orchard Road
                                                                                                                                  701, Khalid Al Attar Tower   #13-09
Why is CR2’s SOA compliant Unified Banking Platform            including cardless transactions, with only the reduced level       Sheikh Zayed Road            Ngee Ann City, Tower B
powerful enough to support this ATM client software            of authentication determining the services that should be          Dubai                        Singapore 238874
and others can’t?                                              made available.                                                    United Arab Emirates
                                                                                                                                                               Tel: +65 6732 0433
The SOA compliant Unified Banking Platform provides a                                                                             Tel: + 971 4 331 5414        Mob:+65 9759 3782
backbone of shared financial intelligence and business logic   Typically cardless transactions are provided for “cash             Fax: + 971 4 331 5480        Fax: +65 6732 4007
and customer information. The underlying infrastructure        acceptance” type transactions, where the customer’s
provided can be used by the bank to bring together the         loan/repayment reference number and the cash deposit is            Johannesburg                 Bangalore
relationships with their customers by providing a single and   accepted as a means of authentication.                             Block A, Dunkeld Park        Athani Complex
consolidated view of a customer’s accounts across all                                                                             6 North Road                 #11, Ring Road
                                                                                                                                  Dunkeld, 2121                BTM Layout II Stage
channels.                                                      How does BankWorld interact with other bank                        South Africa                 Bangalore - 560 076
                                                               channels?                                                                                       India
Where new services at the ATM channel need to be tightly       BankWorld ’s Unified Banking Platform provides the backbone of     Tel: +27 11 325 7553
                                                                                                                                  Fax: +27 11 325 8018         Tel: +91 80 6664 7000
integrated with one or more back-office systems BankWorld      shared financial intelligence and business logic and is an                                      Fax: +91 80 6664 7025
Channel Manager provides all the necessary functionality       inherent part of this solution. The SOA compliant Unified
required for service definition, field validation, data        Banking Platform brings together all the existing customer         Perth                        Jordan
                                                                                                                                  14th Floor, Forrest Centre   710 Ab Al-Haj Commercial
extraction, mapping and synchronisation of requests and        information from other channels such as Internet and mobile,       221 St George's Terrace      Complex
their associated postings.                                     and enables it to be used at the ATM. For example, customers       Perth                        University Street
                                                               can be sent SMS alerts to their mobile phone any time their ATM    Western Australia 6000       Amman
What ATMs are supported by CR2?                                card is used. This can help reduce fraud and improve security.     Tel: +61 89 3211 555
BankWorld ATM has been deployed on a range of leading                                                                             Fax: +61 89 3211 055         Tel: +962 6 516 3122/24
XFS compliant ATM’ vendor machines such as NCR, Wincor         Also, the ATM screens can be designed so that the look and                                      Fax: +962 6 516 3123

Nixdorf, Diebold and Fujitsu.                                  feel and personalisation aspects are the same as the bank’s
                                                               Internet banking platform. Customers can even define their
                                                               preferred payees on their individualised screens.