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                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

Data Collection Overview (table)
       - data sheets are stored on j/common

Literacy/numeracy pamphlet (to be developed 09?)

           Bedrock sight word test
           Waddington READING                Test A
                                             Test B – administrative guidelines
                                             Sheet - conversion
           Holborn Reading test
           Running Record sheet
           Reading expectations – Reading diaries
           Matching AR Levels to Reading age
           Reading levels and Reading ages – sheet
           Accelerated Reader         - how to use it
                                      - reading goals
                                      - technical details
           Guided reading and examples of a reading program
           Record of oral language

           South Australian Spelling test (Westwood)
           Phonological Awareness Test (SPA)
           Spelling Benchmark checklist
           Spelling program examples
           Concepts to teach in spelling
           THRASS test

       PAT maths
       1 minute test
       Numeracy expectations/beliefs
       Maths games

         Timetable examples
         School literacy expectations – where policy info is in j/common
                                            - review each year T3?
         Genre overview
         Writing rubics


           •   Excel data sheets
           •   T & D available at our site
           •   SAS paper record keeping
           •   SAS – instructions for entering data
                         Collecting Literacy and Numeracy Data
                           at Wallaroo Mines Primary School

Baseline data is a means of gathering information which when collected and analysed can
be used to identify learning strengths and needs within the class and across the school.

1. During Term 3 SACSA outcome recording on SAS.

2. During Term 4 for Reading using the
• Waddington Diagnostic Reading Test (suitable for Lower to Middle Primary students
   - Years 3, 4, 5) Year 4 use both tests.
• Holborn Reading Test (suitable for Middle to Upper Primary students)
         (Years 4, 5, 6, 7)
• Reading Levels on a seen text for students with a reading age of less than 6 years of
   age and/or Year 1/2 students. (Also for DECS information end of Term 3.)

3. During Term 4 for Spelling using the:
      • Westwood Spelling Test (South Australian Spelling Test) (suitable for Year 3
      • For children who score less than 6 on a spelling test, consider using a Screen
         of Phonemic Awareness

4. For Maths at the start (following swimming lessons) and end of each year
      • Progressive Attainment Test (PAT) (ACER) suitable for year 3-7 students)
        At the start of each year Primary teachers will decide which test to use

5. At the end of a students 1st, 5th, 9th and 13th term at school using the
      • School Entry Assessment (SEA) still happening with SAS?

6. We also collect
     • SHIPS data through…………..
     • Vision Testing as required

Testing needs to be completed by the end of Week 6, Term 4, so data can be recorded
in Excel spreadsheet in J/Common/testing/current year in preparation for the school
review day.
Chronological Age information and a class Summary Sheet will be placed in teacher trays
by end of Week 5 Term 4.
Written test and test summary sheets are to be kept in the classroom Literacy and
Numeracy Resource Folder or an alternative location recorded in folder stored in each
classroom’s Policy Box for at least one year.
SEA results are kept in the school files. The class teacher will keep the test results and
pass onto the next class teacher. Twelve months after testing the tests will be disposed

*Something about as students transfer in to school testing and where this info goes.
                                     Wallaroo Mines Primary School
                                    Whole School Assessment Schedule

                  Term 1                     Term 2              Term 3               Term 4
                    •   Identify and     •   Letter/Sound    •   ELAM Data        •   ELAM Data
                        write name           I.D                 checklist            checklist
                    •   Letter/sound     •   Bedrock sight   •   Letter/Sound     •   Letter/Sound I.D

                        identification       words               I.D              •   Bedrock sight
                    •   Bedrock sight        recognition     •   Bedrock sight        words
                        words            •   Running             words            •   Waddington
                        recognition          Record          •   Running              Reading/Spelling
                    •   Number               (Reading            Record           •   Reading Levels
                        recognition          Levels)             (Reading
                        check                                    Levels)          Bold print start of
                    •   Running                              •   I.T             school checks in any
                        record                                                           term.
                    •   Screen of
                    •   Letter/Sound     •   Letter/I.D      •   Letter/I.D       •   Letter/I.D sound
                        I.D                  sound               sound            •   Bedrock Sight
                    •   Bedrock Sight    •   Bedrock Sight   •   Bedrock Sight        Words
                        Words                Words               Words                Recognition
                        Recognition          Recognition         Recognition      •   100 Most Used
                    •   100 Most         •   100 Most        •   100 Most             Words
                        Used Words           Used Words          Used Words       •   Waddington

                    •   Running          •   Running         •   Running              Reading/Spelling
                        Records              Records             Records          •   Accelerated
                    •   Coloured         •   Accelerated     •   I.T                  Reader Records
                        Matrices (year       Reader          •   Accelerated          (Reading Levels)
                        2)                   Records             Reader           •   Rainbow Reading
                    •   Marie Clay           (Reading            Records
                        Observational        Levels)             (Reading
                        Survey           •   Rainbow             Levels)
                    •   Marie Clay-I         Reading         •   Rainbow
                        can              •   NAPLAN              Reading
                        successfully         (year 3)            Level 1
                        write-words in
                        ten minutes
                                 Wallaroo Mines Primary School
                                Whole School Assessment Schedule

              Term 1                    Term 2           Term 3              Term 4
                •   PAT             •   NAPLAN           •   AR          •   PAT
                •   AR              •   AR               •   ICT         •   SAST
YEARS 4 & 5

                •   Reading         •   Reading nights       Checklist   •   AR
                    nights          •   1 minute test    •   1 minute    •   1 minute test
                •   1 minute test   •   RR                   test        •   RR
                •   RR                                   •   RR          •   Reading –
                                                                                o Holborn

                •   PAT             •   NAPLAN           •   RR          •   PAT
                •   RR              •   RR               •   ICT         •   SAST
                •   AR              •   AR                   Checklist   •   Holborn Reading
YEARS 6 & 7

                •   1 minute test                        •   AR          •   RR
                                                                         •   AR
                                                                         •   1 minute test

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