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									                                                         Marrara Christian College
                                     (Governed by the Northern Territory Christian Schools Association)

                                The Swamp
                             23rd July 2009                                                                                Week 1/9, Term 3

      Diary Dates                                                                          College is looking for someone who
                                     From the Principal                                    loves driving coaches to assist us by
                                                                                           being relief coach driver transporting 90
            July                                                                           Year 10 students, parents and staff back
                                 Welcome back to Term 3. I hope you                        from Sydney during 5 to 11 September.
Friday 24th                      were able to spend time with your
Darwin Show Public Holiday                                                                 Year 3/4 Teacher – in Term 4 we are
                                 children over the break. Toward the end                   looking for a teacher three days a week
Tuesday 28th
Year 10 Seminar
                                 of Term 2 students and staff were looking                 to replace a staff member taking leave.
Thursday 30th                    a bit worn and it was lovely to see and                   Defence Aide – Interested in supporting
Chemistry Quiz,                  hear the excitement of coming back to                     defence families to settle into life in
College Assembly                 school. It is a wonderful thing to work at a              Darwin? We currently have a 0.3 FTE
Friday 31st                      school where children are happy to                        position at Marrara.
Professional College Photo       return.                                                   House Parents - We are looking for live-
                                                                                           in couples to “parent” 10 indigenous
                                 Professional Development Week                             students in home style accommodation
          August                 Last week all the staff from the NT                       during term time.
                                 Christian Schools gathered for our Over                   Relief House Parents – House parents
Monday 3rd                       the Top conference and professional
Picnic Day Public Holiday                                                                  take a weekend off each term and we
                                 development following. We focused on                      need relief house parents to look after
Tuesday 4th
ICAS English
                                 peace making in relationships and                         the students during that time.
Wednesday 5th                    curriculum development. Each year                         Homework Tutors – if you would like to
Primary Parent Picnic;           Marrara staff return a week early from                    help remote students with their
Secondary Athletics              their Christmas and mid-year break to                     homework a few afternoons after school
Thursday 6th & Friday7th         undertake whole school professional                       in their Family Group Home this is the
PISA test                        development.                                              job for you. Times are negotiable.
Friday 7th
Careers Expo
                                                                                           For further information contact
                                 Swine Flu Procedures 16 July 2009                         Madeleine
Saturday 11th
                                 • Students and staff who are sick with a                  (08) 8920 4310 or email:
30 year Anniversary Dinner
Friday 14th
                                 flu-like illness should stay at home and                  recruitment@ntcsa.nt.edu.au.
Marrara on Show                  away from school activities until they feel
Saturday 15th                    well and no longer have a fever. The                      From the Council
Working Bee                      symptoms of a flu-like illness most often
Wednesday 19th                   include fever and cough or sore throat,                   2008 Report to Parents
9L, 9V & LD excursion            accompanied by tiredness and muscle                       We have completed our statistical review
Thursday 20th                    and joint aches and pains.                                of 2008 and published it on the MCC
Larapinta Logie Event            • Students or staff who develop flu-like
Friday 21st                                                                                website www.mcc.nt.edu.au . It is also
Year 10 Interstate Trip
                                 illness at school will be asked to go                     available in printed form at the front
                                 home.                                                     office.
(returning Friday 11th           • Those with known health issues who
September),                      become unwell with flu-like illness should                Strategic Plan
Thursday 27th                    seek medical advice without delay.                        This term an outline of the 2009-2011
Book Character Assembly          See the College Website for up to date                    Strategic Plan will be sent home with
Monday 31st-Friday 4th           information www.mcc.nt.edu.au.                            accounts. The full document is available
                                                                                           on the College website.
                                 Positions Vacant                                          If you have any questions or comments
                                 Do you know anyone who may be                             about either of these please let us know
                                 interested in any of the following                        at council.mcc@ntschools.net.
                                 Relief Coach Driver - Marrara Christian                                              John Metcalfe
                                   The Swamp                                                               Week 1/9, Term 3
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  ‘Marrara On Show’ Food Fair
          This exciting annual event is at 5pm, Friday 14th August.

  Much of the ground work has been done. We are looking for people
  who have ideas, suggestions, and can do orders for the food fair.
  Is this you? Please email andrea.metcalfe@ntschools.net or leave your
  name and details for a return call at the School office (8920 2000).

          Prayer Group for                     Change in Date
         Parents and Carers                         for
 What is on the heart of the Father               Secondary
 for Marrara Christian College?
 What is His plan and purpose for us
 as a school?
                                             Due to unexpected staffing
                                             issues, the Athletics Carnival
 This is a time for parents and carers       has been changed to
 to meet together to worship, seek           Wednesday 5 August.
 God and support each other.                 Wednesday is not an ideal
                                             day but there was little
 When: Fridays - 8:45 to 9:45am              choice. Students undertaking
                                             VET need to let their trainers
 Where: Conference room (just                know that they will not be
 inside the front door of the school)        at the courses, if they attend
 Contact: Trish Davis / 0414 088 536         the carnival.
                                                                              READ FOR THIRTY DAYS –
                                                                               CELEBRATE 30 YEARS
                      Change in Date for
                                                                                 There’s still time for students to be
                      Parent Picnic Day                                        involved in this year’s MS Readathon!!

                                                                               As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations,
   The parent Picnic Day will be happening on Wednesday 5
                                                                                 the reading period has been extended.
   August.                                                                    Students can now read for any 30 day period
   Primary – will be held at the College and will be a special                        during June, July or August.
   Primary only day. Parents bring a picnic rug and lunch at
   12:30pm under the trees on the oval. What a great opportunity to           Visit www.msreadathon.org.au to register.
   meet you primary child’s teachers, friends and their parents.
                                                                              Thank you to the 22 children from Year 1-
   Secondary – parents are encouraged to bring their lunch to                 8 who are already registered and working
   Arafura Athletics Stadium, Marrara and share the athletics time             hard to raise funds for the MS Society.
   with the secondary students.

                                SECONDARY ATHLETICS CARNIVAL
 Secondary Athletics Carnival will be held on Wednesday 5th August @ the Arafura Athletics Stadium, Marrara.
 Students are encouraged to make their own way to the Carnival; however, there will be some buses available to
 transport students from the College.
 Parents are encouraged to help out on the day in the following areas: Long Jump, Discus, High Jump, Time-Keeping
 and on the Track. ‘Job Descriptions’ will be outlined on the day.
 A minimum of 3 hours is required to make things workable and all hours on the job will be allocated toward your
 Working Bee Levy.
 Anyone wishing to help or requiring further information, please email: caralyn.johnson@ntschools.net
Marrara Celebrates 30 Years
                                                  addition on my return. Along with my

                                                  Middle School teaching, I ‘took on’ a Pre-
                                                  VET class for our older female students
                                                  who were Indigenous. They worked in the
                            I first came to       Preschool, as well as Juninga Aged Care
                                                  Facility. These students made their formal
 Darwin and Marrara Christian College, 22
                                                  dresses. We also went with these girls out
 years ago. Here are a few memories…
                                                  to Woodycupaldiya to teach the women of
                                                  the community to sew. These students also
 Greg Williams and I led the Easter
                                                  taught us how to collect, prepare and dye
 assembly with a cyclone hanging around,
                                                  fibre for mat-weaving.
 out in the Arafura Sea in April… that
 surreal time just before it comes; whether it
 will hit or not and how much to prepare…
                                                  Year 7 class went to Litchfield to camp,
                                                  which focused on Aboriginal culture at
 “AA” and “Chip”, (wonderful Year 9
                                                  Petherick’s Rainforest. We were shown
 students) would not ‘let on’ to me their real
                                                  where the nose of a war plane is still
 names (as that was what everyone called
                                                  embedded in the side of a high ridge, that

 The first class I taught was Year 11/12
 girls, who I am still in contact with today
 and have taught some of their children
 since. We grew to love each other, which
 took time.

 My thinking on education suddenly took a
 great turn, as I learnt under the Principal at
 that time, Jack Mechielsen, to ‘rethink’
 things like: ‘Is competition and prefects an
 ‘okay’/‘Godly’ thing to have in a Christian
 school?’; ‘should we have canteens?’ or
 ‘should our students wear uniforms or
 casual clothes?’

 In those days, I taught with Mr and Mrs
 Hart, Mr and Mrs Dempster, Miss Herrmann
 and Mr and Mrs Metcalfe.

 Then I left to have children, but still
 managed to teach a few classes. A few
 years later, my family and I left the
 Territory, returning in 1999, to take up a
 full time position again as a Middle School
 teacher. The ILC Building was a new
                                                           2003 - Year 12 Formal night
had crashed on                                                               even more so,
a flight to                                                                  the amazing
Wyndham                                                                      growth that is
during war                                                                   observed in
times.                                                                       our Year 9
Another Year 8                                                               students, as
class went to                                                                they go
Belyuen where                                                                through the
the students got                                                             journey of
to work with                                                                 Larapinta. We
and learn from,                                                              need to
the Indigenous                                                               recognize Mr
community. We                                                                Wilf Lahring
gathered,                                                                    for initially
hunted and ate                                                               putting this in
sugar bag,                         Homemakers Pre VET class                  place.
long bums and
turtle.                                          Mission trips
                                                 Marrara has also had a long history of
6 years of netball                               taking students on Mission Trips and I was
Our netball teams have ventured as far           very honoured to be involved in going on
afield as Alice and Katherine as well as         last year’s trip to Thailand. What a
Darwin. We have had several students             privilege to take a bunch of students, who
chosen to represent the NT in interstate         commit to spending their hard-earned
competitions (not least of those, are the        pocket and fundraised money, to go and
three amazing daughters of our Art               share a bit of their life with some other
teacher, Sherrin White). Those trips were        kids and people in less-developed places
fabulous … we had amazing days and               than here in Darwin. While it takes a lot of
fun, relaxing evenings, together. Kaitlyn,       work to get to the point of hopping on the
who is in Senior School now, came on the         plane and heading out, the experience is
Katherine trip. She not only shone on the        amazing.
netball court by day, but led a ‘talent
show’ at night. On the Alice trip, we stayed     Blessings
in a church together. One night the girls        As a mother, I feel most blessed to have
made a mock wedding and it was all a lot         been able to send my children to a school
of fun! I’m very proud of all the girls I have   that employs teachers with ‘hearts of
taken on those trips and all the great           service’ and of such a high professional
memories we have made!                           caliber. I’m not even speaking about the
                                                 curriculum, but more so, those who over the
3 years of Larapinta                             years have demonstrated by their many
I went away in 2006, to do some Mission          actions what it means to love and know
training. Since coming back, I have been         God. We have had our children at this
mostly involved with Year 9’s, some TA           school for 11 years and I am thankful to all
training and other VET stuff. But I have         the teachers, many who have moved on
thoroughly enjoyed going on the Larapinta        and some who are still here.
trips. I came back this year, surprised that I   Thank you for partnering with John and I,
enjoyed it all so much again; in fact, if not,   in raising our children to know Him!
more! I think now, that you can never tire
from such raw and magnificent beauty, but                              Jacqualina Vreeling
                                                                     Head of Middle School

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