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					                  2010 Mount Gilead High School Marching Band
                           Information and Contract
Dear Parents & Students,

       The 2010 marching band season is approaching fast and with the time and effort it takes to
design a successful show, it is crucial to get a good idea of how many students will be participating in
the upcoming season. This letter is to inform you of the commitment and dedication it takes to be in the
Mount Gilead Marching Band. Also this letter will inform you of the financial responsibilities you and
your student will be making for the upcoming season.
       Let me first discuss with you the time commitment for the marching band. Marching band will
begin in early July, normally after the fourth of July holiday and continues on into the first few weeks of
November. The marching band performs at every Friday night football game, local parades, school
functions and competitions on Saturdays.
       You may ask yourself, my student also plays a sport in the fall, and will this conflict? The
answer is No. We work very hard to make sure that all students that want to participate get the
opportunity to do so. I have attached a tentative schedule of the season to this letter for your help. I ask
that if you are planning to go on vacation, that you do so during our time away from band and not during
band. This will not only help your student, but as well as Mr. DiNuoscio. Work is also possible if your
student provides his/her employer a schedule early so that conflicts can be resolved.
       Most of the rehearsals once school begins will be during the school day. As the season
continues, after school rehearsals may begin to occur if that time is necessary. Band camp will be held
on the third week of July (18-23). This is the most important week of the season and is Mandatory.
       The marching band will be competing in three different circuits this fall. Those circuits include;
OMEA (Ohio Music Educator’s Association), MSBA (Mid-States Band Association), and BOA (Bands
of America). BOA is a national competition that will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana. The marching
band has been invited to compete with 95 of the top bands in the country upon acceptance from BOA.
       The second item that I will discuss in this letter is the financial aspect of your student’s
commitment. The total fee for the 2010 season is $265.00. This includes the uniform maintenance fee as
well as all items your student will need. Color Guard Members and Drum Majors are not required to
pay the uniform fee, but will have a uniform fee for their separate uniform. There is an attached
document of how the fee collected is spent and how your money contributes to the season. Below is a
payment schedule that should help assist you with how much you will be paying per month. If you need
financial assistant please contact Mr. DiNuoscio to discuss this and work a plan out.

       Payment Options
       February 17th          $50.00
       March 24th             $30.00
       April 21st             $30.00
       May 19th               $30.00
       June 9th               $30.00
       July 14                $30.00
       August 18th            $30.00
       September 22nd         $35.00
       Total:                 $265.00

       The Mount Gilead High School Marching Band is a very demanding, but very rewarding
activity. Students that are involved with the activity have a lifetime of memories and friends. If you
have any questions you may contact Mr. DiNuoscio by e-mail at tmdinuoscio@yahoo.com If your
student is ready for this wonderful experience please fill out the contract below along with the $50.00
first deposit by February 17th. All checks can be made out to Mount Gilead Music Boosters. Thank
you and welcome to our family!
Musically Yours,

Mr. Tom DiNuoscio
Director of Bands
                         2010 Mount Gilead High School
                            Marching Band Contract

Student’s Name: _________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________________________________________________

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Parent/Guardian Names: ___________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian E-Mail: ___________________________________________________________

________ Yes, my student will participate in the 2010 Marching Band Season. I have attached my

$50.00 Non-Refundable fee to this contract. We understand the financial responsibilities as well as

the time commitment involved in this activity.

________ Yes, my student is involved in a fall sport: ____________________________________

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