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                            ALL Vicmap™ Position - GPSnet™ Users,

                          Please Read: Important Upgrade Advice!

  1 What?
     Please note that you will soon need to use modified Login details to access your
     Vicmap™ Position – GPSnet™ account.
     The change has been necessary due to DSE upgrading to the latest generation GNSS
     network software (Trimble VRS3Net).
     The upgrade is part of the Positioning Regional Victoria initiative to increase backend
     capability and capacity and support the rollout of 57 new CORS across the state of Victoria.
     The new Login includes an Organization field, in addition to the normal Username and

  2 When?
     It is planned that from Monday 1, February 2010 all users accessing Vicmap™ Position –
     GPSnet™ services will need to do so with their new Login details.
     Production Servers are planned to be migrated, with minimal disruption to services, from
     Wednesday, 27 to Sunday 31 January during which time your new user account details
     will be loaded.

  3 Impact!
     Vicmap™ Position – GPSnet™ Operations staff have selected and added an appropriate
     Organization name to your Login details which needs to be used when accessing your
     online account or services.
             Field                   Format                    Data                  Comments
     Current Login
     User name           User name                                         jBloggs
     Password            Password                                     jBloggsPass

     New Login
     Organization        Organization                               OrgBloggs
     User name           User name                                     jBloggs
     Password            Password                                 jBloggsPass
       Real Time:
       Ensure that you make the following changes on your GNSS Rover:
        Rover Login
               Field                          Format                            Data                     Comments
        Current Login
        User name                 User name                                                    jBloggs
        Password                  Password                                                jBloggsPass

        New Login
        User name                 Organization/User name                     OrgBloggs/jBloggs No spaces &
                                                                                               forward slash “/”
        Password                  Password                                         jBloggsPass

       Manual Download using RINEX shop will now be named Reference Data Shop.
       Trimble® Pathfinder Office Auto-Download functionality will remain unchanged. No
       Username and Password change required using this software.

   4 What You Must Do
       An email will be sent to your registered email address providing you with your
       updated Login details. From Monday 1, February 2010, Please use these details,
       as described above, to Login to GPSnet™.
       WARNING: The Organization, Username and Password linked to your account are for your
       exclusive use only. It is recommended that you file the details in a secure location.

   5 Help?
       If you arranged your access to Vicmap™ Position – GPSnet™ via a Value Added Reseller
       please contact them to assist with setting up your receiver to accept the new Login details.
       For Assistance in relation to your account details Contact:
                                              Your Value Added Reseller VAR

Thank you for your co-operation.

       GPSnet™ Support
       GPSnet™ Project Officers

                 Ballarat Support Centre
                         Tim Commons 03 8636 2374   

                 Melbourne Support Centre
                        Kris Halewood 03 8636 2352  

Reference Material

   GPSnet™ Information Website:

      Web Access:                   
      Real Time data streams: IP:    Port: 8080
      Post Processing Data:         
                                              Login & Follow link:
                                                       Reference Data Shop (Rinex Shop)

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