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					                                                                           May 2009

Tech & Robotics: Two Gold & One Silver

 On Wednesday, April 8, our teams participated in the Halton Tech and Robotics
 Challenge at T. A Blakelock High School in Oakville.

           Twenty-eight of Brookdale’s finest made the short trip to TAB to compete
 in the Elementary Tech and Robotics Challenges of the 21st annual Halton Skills
           Assigned the task of building a vehicle able to tow an ever-increasing
 mass over varied terrain, the “rookie” Intermediate Tech Team of Trevor Caruso,
 Nicole Fernandes, Daisy Progosh and Peter Radonjic, as well as our veteran
 squad of Spencer Copping, Kyle Hutchison, Alison Luff and Shelby Zolaturiuk,
 were both successful in the first phase of prototype testing and excelled in the
 interview and teamwork portions of the competition, but struggled in phase two
 testing and finished out of medal contention.
           The Junior Tech Team was asked to design and build a system that
 would notify a physically-challenged rural resident that they had something in
 their roadside mailbox, and would then deliver the mail to their front door. Jaimie
 Ellis, Amanda Horne, Nick Joseph and Charlotte Paterson came up with an inno-
 vative solution to the problem and worked extremely well together in building
 their prototype and explaining it to the judges—only one other team was placed
 higher. Make the final: a Bronco silver medal!
           Meanwhile, in the Main Gym, sensors were being calibrated, robots were
 being custom-built, and programmers were problem-solving. The Junior compe-
 tition featured 9 different challenges, from line-follows to sumo-bots, that tested
 all the requisite building and programming skills, while the Intermediate chal-
 lenges required the competitors to take those skills to the next level—their after-
 noon event, with physical contact between robots permissible, consisted of two
 teams racing their robots around the playing surface perimeter, then trying to e
           Brookdale’s newest Junior Team of Julian Milne, Alexandra Moyssakos,
 Jessica Thompson and Ruby Thornton and our first year Intermediates—
 Destanee Bucko, Luke Dam, Griffin Dando and Hilary Wilush—each had very
 successful competitions, but both teams came up just short of a podium finish.
           Clearly, experience does make a difference, because the second year
 squads—William Hutchison, Yogisha Patel, Griffin Wallace-Higgs and Joshua
 Wright on the Junior side; Laura Belford, Mary Paterson, Kurt Schroeter and
 Grace Thornton for the Intermediates—dominated the opposition in each of the
 respective events. Make the final: 2 Bronco GOLD medals!!
           In what seems to be a yearly tradition at Brookdale, under the tutelage of
 the incomparable Coach Carter, these two teams will now begin their prepara-
 tions to represent the Halton School Board at the Ontario Skills Competition later
 this month.

                                         To both teams: your school and          Interested Volunteers for the Li-
2009 Hoops Recap
                                         especially your coaches are ex-         brary for next September
Well, another incredible season of
                                         tremely proud of all of you and we      are invited to attend an
Broncos Basketball has drawn to a
                                         thank you for your outstanding ef-      Information Meeting on Wednes-
                                         forts.                                  day, May 13th from 10:30 to
A very ‘green’ boys team that
                                         1, 2, 3...TEAM!!!                       12:00 noon at
started to play in January became
fiercely competitive by April. They
                                                                                 Emily Carr P.S. Library,
may not have made the playoffs
                                                                                 2255 Pine Glen Road
this year, but they improved with
                                                                                 Oakville, ON.
each game played and definitely
saved their best for last—just miss-
ing a post-season berth with a one-                                               EQAO Testing - Grades 3 & 6
point overtime loss to the eventual                                               The annual test for Grades 3 and 6
Tier 2 Finalists.                        Student Exit Doors                       will take place during the last week
Congratulations to our “dev squad”       Only bussed students are                 of May.
- Kyle Edgar, Spencer Copping            expected to use the front doors.
and Spencer Lee; to our superior         All other students must exit             Grades 4 and 5 go to ROM
substitutes– Arjun Boparai, Bradley      through the doors onto the black         May 6th
Bezemer, Mickey Assi (6th Man of         top where teachers provide su-
the Year), Ryan Thompson and             pervision.                               Lunch Lady begins May 13th
William Moyssakos; and to our
sensational starters—Griffin                                                      Volunteer Session for the Library
                                         Environmental Club
Dando, Jason Nanayakkara, Peter                                                   May 13th, Emily Carr PS
                                         The environmental club has
Radonjic, Captain Trevor Caruso          been taking care of our earth!
and Captain/team MVP Jordan                                                       Molly’s Visit—May 15th
                                         Stop and smell the flowers and
Taylor.                                  admire our playground. You can
Our superbly talented girls team                                                  Grad Photograph—Retake day is
                                         help by putting your garbage into
rode an 8-game winning streak all                                                 May 20th, 2009
                                         the recepta-
the way to the tier 1 Division Finals,   cles outside.
Halton’s Elite Eight, before losing to                                            Relay Runs at Nelson High
the eventual Halton Champions.                                                    School—May 21st.
The pennant they brought home
marked the 3rd year in a row that                                                 The Band goes to Canada’s
one of our basketball teams has                                                   Wonderland — May 29th
added to our gym display, a feat
last accomplished some twenty            Junior and Senior                        Pizza Days May 1st and 15th
years ago (1988-1990) For most of        Kindergarten Registration
the Grade 8’s in the group, this was     If you have a child who will be 4 or
their 4th year together. They have       5 years old by December 31st,          Remember!
brought our school many accolades        2008, NOW is the time to take ac-      Rollerblades, Bikes, Skateboards
over that time frame, from Grade         tion on Kindergarten registration.
                                                                                and Scooters.
5/6 Tournament Championships to          Please bring to the school your        For the safety of all, students must
two Tier 1 Senior banners—what a         child’s birth certificate, immuniza-   walk their scooters bikes and skate-
team!                                    tion record and proof of address.      boards on school property. They
Congratulations to our “dev squad”       Please pass this information on to
                                                                                must take their rollerblades off and
- Alison Luff, Cassi Ellis and Darby     your neighbours with children.         put shoes on at the school property
McAllister; to our super subs—                                                  line. Please remember to lock your
Grace Thornton, Hilary Wilush,           Kindergarten Orientation               bike in our new bike racks.
Jenna Edgar, Julia Richards,             Parents of Kindergarten
Monica Boparai, Natasha Green            children are invited
and Laura Belford (6th Player of         to the open house
the Year); and to our supreme            on Wednesday,
starters—Amanda Horne, Daisy             May 27th from
Progosh, Dorothy Progosh, Captain        7:00—8:00 p.m
Nicole Fernandes and Captain/
Team MVP Leah Fleming.

We are currently working on the
                                         Head Lice Alert                        Tentative Organization for
                                         At this time of year, head lice of-    September 2009
projection of our student enrolment
                                         ten becomes a problem. Please
for next year. Since our staffing
                                         advise the school if you have dis-     Kindergartens — 4 Classes
allocation is based on our enrol-
                                         covered head lice on your child.       Grade 1
ment, it is important that our projec-
                                         In order to decrease the ongoing       Grade 1/2
tions are as accurate as possible.
                                         re-infection of students, parents of   Grade 2
Please let the office
                                         students sent home with an active      Grade 3 — 2 classes
know if you will be
                                         case of pediculosis are asked to       Grade 4
moving out of the
                                         have their child rechecked by a        Grade 4/5
Brookdale area this
                                         Wee Care nurse. (905-545-2273          Grade 5/6
                                         or 1-866-577-4499). When you           Grade 6/7
                                         call, the Wee Care receptionist        Grade 7/8
                                         will direct you to the nearest         Grade 8
                                         school where you may take your         Self Contained Life Skills class.
Playground Reminder                      child for a re-check. You must
After school, the playground is not      have a written slip from the We        Teaching assignments are still
supervised. Only students who are        Care nurse for your child to return    being confirmed.
with their parents should be using it.   to class. Information on the treat-
                                         ment of head lice is available at      The primary classes will have a
                                         the office.                            hard cap of 20 students board-
                                                                                wide with just 10% of the classes
                                                                                growing to a maximum of 23 stu-
                                              Child Care Programs               dents. In our junior classes there
                                         The YMCA of Oakville provides          is a class average across the
                                         licensed Before and After school       school board of 25 students.
Café Français                            programs throughout Oakville.          Class building will be done by
May 8th is the café français com-        Children from Brookdale P.S. are       staff in May. If there are any par-
plete with can-can girls and band        accommodated at our nearby St.         ent requests for peer groupings or
ensemble.                                Joseph S.S. program location.          considerations for class place-
Track and Field                          YMCA staff walk the children           ment, would parents please sub-
May starts our track and field for       to/from Brookdale P.S. before and      mit their request in writing to Mrs.
students aged 8 to 11. Please re-        after school. All of our programs      DeMan by May 8, 2009
member to dress                          are operated by qualified staff, of-
appropriately with                       fer healthy snacks and a variety of    Appropriate Clothing
hats, shoes and                          both indoor and outdoor activities.    In keeping with the positive and
bring water                                                                     respectful values we want to en-
bottles.                                 Reasonable monthly and daily           courage at school, your child will be
                                         rates are available. Log onto our      expected to wear clothing that re-
                                         website at                             flects respectful “messages”. With
                                If you          the warmer weather coming, bare
Valet Service                            require Child Care immediately,
Our valet service is providing relief                                           midriffs, spaghetti straps and ex-
                                         contact Gillian Beaver at              tremely short skirts and shorts are
from the traffic congestion in the or
morning. A big thank you to Ethan,                                              not appropriate. We feel the school
                                         (905) 845-5763 ext. 312.               should be treated as a place of
Joel and Tessa.
Please be aware that the traffic con-                                           business and clothing that is overly
                                         Registration for YMCA Before and       revealing is inappropriate. Please
gestion continues to create problems     After School programs begins May
in the parking lot. Please do not park                                          discuss with your child that clothing
                                         19 for new participants. Children      reflects both the image they wish to
in the driveways or block the path for   currently enrolled can Pre-register
the school                                                                      portray of themselves as well as
                                         May 1-15. Where current spaces         being conducive to a positive work
buses.                                   are available. Registrations will be   environment.
                                         accepted by YMCA staff in the pro-
                                         gram location at the school.

Miss Teen Oakville to visit Brookdale
on May 15th—WOW assembly @ 9:00 a.m.
Molly Burke, 15, sees what kind of effect she can have on the world far beyond what her physical
vision allows.

Burke is Miss Teen Oakville and has retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that has caused her to progres-
sively lose her sight.

Burke, along with her seeing eye dog Gypsy, are visiting schools throughout southwestern Ontario
for Teddy Bears of Hope, a foundation to collect bears and money for children in Uganda. She, along
with other area pageant winners of Miss Teen Canada hope to each collect about 2,000 bears, with a
$2 toonie for cleaning and transportation to Uganda, by June 1. Burke hopes to double that amount.

“I’m travelling to many schools and businesses and asking if they would like to donate new or used
teddy bears. The last school I visited had 700 students so I hope to get quite a few from them,” she

Burke used to attend Appleby College in Oakville but in grades 7 and 8 had much more vision loss.
“Things were really hard last year so now I attend W. Ross Macdonald School in Brantford which is
a school for the visually impaired. I’ve accepted it more and am just taking it as it is and this is how I
am,” she says.

For more information on Teddy Bears of Hope call 416.434.9839 or visit

Diane Tierney, published in City Parent, April 24, 2009


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