The Untold Truth About The Air We Breathe

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					ION LIFE Special HealthTechnology Report: Air Filtration and Ionization :

The Untold Truth About
The Air We Breathe
Some things are                      to maintain our quality of life       exchanging positive and neg-
                                     and to respond to the compet-         ative energies, which we
accepted; death                      itive challenge presented to          know as chemical reactions,
                                     us by an increasingly techno-         or at an expanded level,
and taxes come to                    logical society. We have little       metabolism or energy produc-
mind, but clean                      choice short of living as a her-      tion. To convert positively        Ian Blair Hamilton is a health
                                                                                                              researcher, author, an regular contib-
                                     mit in isolation. Actually, this is   charged energy sources such
water and fresh air                  exactly what many people              as food, we need to use neg-
                                                                                                              utor to National health journals.
                                                                                                              He is also the Managing Director of
must run a close                     who have become chemically            ative ions. The body as we         ION LIFE Pty Ltd.
                                     sensitive have had to do,             know has hardly chanced
third and fourth.                    even then with variable suc-          since Neolithic times when an
                                                                                                              ria are been catalogued in the
                                                                                                              air in major city environments.
Yet every day every single           cess or healing. Once chemi-          abundance of negative ions         These include:
city or regional city dweller        cal imbalance tips over a             saturated the atmosphere           Escherichia coli
makes the decision to enter          maximum point for an individ-         around us. We adapted and          Botulism-causing bacteria
an environment that has              ual, the medical fraternity are       evolved to expect this abun-       (bacterium Clostridium botu-
safety authorities like the          at odds as to how to restore          dance that had ‘always been’       linum)
Bureau of Transport and              their compromised metabo-             available to assist our chemi-     Whooping cough bacteria
Regional Economics con-              lism.                                 cal/electrical metabolic           (Bordetella pertussis)
cerned enough to study the                                                 processes.                         Pneumonia bacteria
problem and declare that not         The Two Basic Problems                As industrialization, with it      (Mycoplasma pneumoniae)
only does it cost up to 2.7                                                massive capacity for positive      bronchitis bacteria (Chlamydia
Billion dollars a year, and kill     There are two distinct prob-          ion creation became domi-          pneumoniae)
up to 2000 people in Sydney          lems facing city dwellers. The        nant, ion counts dropped           Mycoplasma pneumoniae
alone.                               most easily understandable is         massively. The body had to         meningitis bacteria
                                     the proliferation of toxins in        compensate for its loss, and       (Haemophilus influenzae)
The study is the latest of a         the atmosphere. Anyone who            does so by using energy to         Tuberculosis bacteria
long line. Other studies             witnessed aerial pictures of          create negative ions to create     (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)
include the CSIRO’s ‘Sick            Saddam Hussein’s deliberate           energy. No wonder we are so        Diphtheria bacteria
Building Syndrome study, and         incendiary sabotage of Iraq’s         tired and subject to so many       (Corynebacteria diphtheria)
Total Environment Centre’s           oil wells from the air could not      airborne diseases.                 Scarlet fever bacteria
study “Working To Clear the          have been unaffected by the
Air’.                                massive effect the burning oil        On these pages we have
                                     plumes showed when seen               detailed some of the hun-
The studies may differ, but the      from satellite. yet this is but a     dreds of studies made on the       THERAPEUTIC USE OF
underlying facts are the same;       small part of the daily emis-         effects of negative ionized air.   NEGATIVE IONS
we have a real problem in the        sion by vehicles worldwide.                                                “Each treatment session last-
quality of air we breathe in                                               However we also need to rec-       ed about 3 hours with a concen-
our homes and our streets. In        A further look from space at          ognize that ionized air alone      tration of 5000-15000 negative
short, our air is killing us, and    the Earth’s atmospheric life-         does not remove contami-           air ions/cm3.
if it isn’t killing us, it is con-   supporting layer reveals how          nants, and unless a good sys-        After 20 treatments the asth-
tributing to as many (accord-        very thin it really is, and gives     tem of air filtering is also       matic attacks completely disap-
ing to0 the BTRE report, as          one cause to contemplate              applied to your car or home,       peared in 29 asthmatic patients;
many as 4500 cases of car-           how we could ever think that          the many toxins in the air will    the vital capacity and forced
dio-vascular and respiratory         continuous emission of toxic          still have an effect on your       expiratory volume increased an
diseases and bronchitis.                                                                                      average of 337ml and 405ml,
                                     wastes could ever maintain a          health. These include;
                                                                                                              respectively, and the diffusion
                                     health-supporting planet?
Why is it so?                                                                                                 capacity improved by 9%.
                                                                           1. Bacteria
                                                                                                                It was also found that the sub-
                                     The second problem is also
The problem is a direct result                                                                                jective complaints in the
                                     the result of industrialization.      Bacteria grow in a wide vari-
                                                                                                              patients with hypersensitive dis-
of our dependency on chemi-          When once upon a time our             ety of habitats and conditions.
                                                                                                              ease decreased or completely
cal-based fuel and materials         air carried an abundance of           Much of our experience with
                                                                                                              disappeared. Their arterial auto-
                                     negatively charged atoms,             bacteria involves disease,         nomic nervous system was
                                     now we find that there is a           though some bacteria live on       observed”
                                     reduction - especially in cities,     or in the human body and           St. Michajlov, E. Manova and
                                     of some 900%. This may not            prevent disease. Bacterial         G. Iliev Institute of Kurortology,
                                     appear significant unless one         parasites that cause disease       Physiotherapy and
                                     understands the way we use            are called pathogens. Some         Rehabilitation, OVTCA-
                                     negative ions in the body.            dramatic bacterial killers are     KUPEL, SOFIA, 1618 BUL-
                                                                           Cholera, Tuberculosis, and         GARIA 1980
                                     We are fundamentally an               Legionnaires Disease.
                                     electrical system, an incredi-
                                     bly intricate matrix of               Thousands of types of bacte-
(Streptococcus pyogenes)            Australians come down with                                     Negative Ions:
Otitis media bacteria               the Influenza during each flu                                 The Peacemakers
(Streptococcus pneumoniae)          season. The flu and its com-
Anthrax bacteria (Bacillus          plications can be life-threaten-
anthracis)                          ing for elderly people, new-
                                    born babies, and people with
2. Airborne Germs                   certain chronic illnesses.
and Moulds
                                    The viruses can pass through
Many germs and viruses are          the air and enter your body
airborne - including:               through your nose or mouth.
chickenpox virus (Varicella         When a person with the flu
zoster), smallpox virus             sneezes, they can send
(Poxvirus variola) pneumonia        germs as far as 20 feet away.
mumps virus , measles,              Since influenza viruses can
influenza and the common            remain airborne for up to two
cold.                               hours, they are easily inhaled
UV LIGHT is a popular               by another person. That’s why
method of destroying                influenza infection spreads
airborne bacteria and viruses.      quickly. Try to imagine a bet-
                                    ter flu transmission medium
3. Moulds and Spores                than a car!
                                                                       All emotional stress creates Seratonin, referred to by Dr Irving Oyle
when inhaled even in small          5. In The Car                      as the ‘ultimate downer’. Seratonin is a neurohormone which affects
amounts may produce                                                    the way we think, including delusions of wellbeing followed by lassi-
allergens, irritants, sometimes     New research shows that            tude, over-arousal irritability, and even violence.
toxins that may cause reac-         spending too much time
tions in humans.                    inside the car can put your        . Negative ions reduce seratonin levels and act as a natural peacemak-
                                    health at risk because of the      er and stabilizer. It taes only a half hour to see the effects of negative
Health problems may include         in-car pollutants which can        ionization intake on seratonin levels as shown by urine seratonon
respiratory nasal & sinus con-      play havoc with your heart         level testing.
gestion, throat irritations,        and respiratory system.
                                                                       Typically positively charged air in the car or home will also cause us
watery and red eyes, and            Research published in
                                                                       to produce adrenalin. It is often said that our attraction to the beach
they may also add to other          American Journal of
                                                                       or river is due to our genetic memory of these places of high negative
existing health conditions.         Respiratory and Critical Care
                                                                       ion levels as ‘places of peace’.
                                    Medicine supports the now
4. Influenza                        publicised fact that prolonged     ers' vehicles prompted                products and pesticides in
                                    exposure to dirty air inside       changes in the heart rate that        house-keeping. High pollutant
Influenza is an airborne virus,     vehicles could trigger poten-      could be hazardous on less            concentrations can remain in
but it can be killed using UV       tially dangerous changes in        healthy individuals.                  the air for long periods after
light.                              heart function.                                                          some of these activities.
                                                                       6. In the Home
                                    In air conditioned cars you are                                          If too little outdoor air enters a
Effect of Negative Air Ions on
work capacity
                                    trapping the worst quality of      According to the US EPA, the          home, pollutants can accumu-
“..after 9 days of aeroionisation   air inside the car and circulat-   air inside your home may be           late to levels that can pose
sessions endurance to dynamic       ing the same polluted air          up to 10 times more polluted          health and comfort problems.
work increased on the average       again and again.                   than the air outside.
by 5 minutes 47 seconds, that is                                                                             In hospitals negative ion
by 59.5 per cent, and on the        There is now an overwhelm-         There are many sources of             generators have radically
25th day - by 15 minutes 16         ing amount of evidence that        indoor air pollution in any           improved infection rates.
seconds, that is by 87 per cent.    environmental pollutants have      home. These include:
                                    an adverse effect on our well                                            In clubs and hotels they
Endurance to static work            being. Long time exposure to       Central heating and cooling           have assisted management to
increased in the experimental       these pollutants whether           systems                               keep smoke laden air clear,
group during the first 9 days of    inside the car or outside          Tobacco products                      thus avoiding expensive pas-
aeroionisation by 33 per cent on    reduces oxidant stress in the      Building materials                    sive smoking litigation.
the average, and in the subse-      body which damages the lin-        Furnishings
quent 16 days - by 192 per cent,    ing of blood vessels ultimately    Products for household clean-         In factories they keep air-
and it remained increased on        contributing to heart dis-         ing and maintenance                   borne material under control
the average by 148 per cent         eases''.                           Humidification devices                and increase worker produc-
during the traced 10 days after                                                                              tivity.
cessation of the aeroionisation     In the same study, the             Other sources, related to
sessions; in the control group,     researchers monitored the          activities carried out in the         In the home they are
endurance did not change in the     heart rates of troopers of         home, release pollutants inter-       extremely widely used for pre-
first period and then increased     North Carolina State Highway       mittently.                            vention of asthma attacks.
by 40 and 30 per cent respec-       Patrol Cars. Researchers say
tively.                             that troopers were in excellent    These include smoking, sol-           ION LIFE are Australia’s
A.A. Minkh, Ionisation of the       health and appeared to be at       vents in cleaning and hobby           leading supplier of large
Air and Its Hygienic                low risk for heart or other        activities, the use of paint          range air ionizing and
Importance, Publishing House        health problems. But they          strippers in redecorating activ-      filtering systems since Y2K.
of Medical Literature, Moscow       found prolonged exposure to        ities, and the use of cleaning        Go to
                                    air pollution inside the troop-

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