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					                                                               Synod Standing Committee
                                                                  27 – 28 November 2009
                                                                         Working Paper 9

                      Uniting Church in Australia
                               Synod of NSW and the ACT

     Revised Position Description of the Synod General Secretary NSW and ACT

                                   Date: 12th November 2009

1.       Overall role, function and purpose

1.1      The Synod General Secretary is the Executive Officer of the Synod of NSW and
         the ACT and primary role is to provide strategic leadership in developing and
         executing the Synod’s strategies in mission and ministry in partnership with
         Presbyteries, Congregations and the Synod Boards. The occupant of the position
         carries out the decisions of Synod and the Synod Standing Committee, and is not
         independent of those bodies but is the principal conduit and facilitator for the
         implementation and presentation of decisions made by Synod and the Synod
         Standing Committee (SSC).

1.2      The Synod General Secretary also exercises the responsibilities of Secretary to
         the Synod as determined by the Regulations of the Uniting Church in Australia
         and the Synod By-Laws (see Attachment).

1.3      The Synod General Secretary works closely with the Moderator, noting that the
         Moderator is primarily not an administrative position, whereas that of the Synod
         General Secretary is. The Synod General Secretary deals with pastoral matters;
         that is those pertaining to specified ministries, and, as with all Church
         appointments, conducts her/ himself in a pastoral manner.

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2.      Reporting relationships

2.1     The Synod General Secretary is appointed by and is responsible to the
        Synod meeting and the Synod Standing Committee.

2.2     The Synod General Secretary has the management responsibility for:

            -   The Synod Associate Secretary
            -   The Synod Associate Secretary (Ministry)
            -   Uniting Creative Manager
            -   other staff in the Synod Secretariat

3.      Major Responsibilities

3.1     Co-ordinate Synod strategic and mission initiatives.

        3.1.1 Provide leadership to the Church by actively engaging in strategic thinking
              about the life, direction, vision and mission of the Church.

        3.1.2 Facilitate the processes by which strategic discussions about the direction,
              vision and mission can occur in the broader context and life of the Church.

        3.1.3 Ensure the implementation of key directional, strategic and mission
              imperatives and initiatives of the Synod.

        3.1.4 Undertake change management processes and practises which enable
              the Church’s members to participate in and engage with key directional,
              strategic and mission imperatives and initiatives of the Synod.

        3.1.5 The Synod General Secretary convenes and chairs the Synod
              Executive Directors meeting (the Synod General Secretary and the
              four Executive Directors) to assist the individual Boards to ensure
              that their strategic directions are consistent with those of the Synod
              as a whole and to assist Synod Boards in achieving compliance to
              Synod Standing Committee objectives, strategies, policies and
              governance requirements in a co-operative and co-ordinated
              manner under ‘best practice’ outcomes.

        3.1.6 Convene a meeting of Presbytery office-bearers at least twice-yearly to
              ensure there is clear understanding of Synod Standing Committee
              objectives, strategies, policies and governance requirements, while
              listening and reporting on Presbytery issues, concerns and
              recommendations for improving the mission of the Church, the
              relationships between various bodies and groups within Synod and in the
              general well being of such groups in the life of the Church,.

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3.2     Co-ordinates the management of the offices of the Synod

        3.2.1 Identify and make recommendations for the reduction of overlaps and
              bureaucracy which hinders the work of the Church.

        3.2.2 Manage and co-ordinate the resources and staff of the Synod Secretariat
              and Uniting Creative.

        3.2.3 Assist the work and strategic direction of the Boards to ensure that it is
              consistent with that of the Synod as a whole.

3.3     Provide support to the Moderator on pastoral issues with specific reference to the
        administration and governance of the Church and Synod.

3.4     Act as the key contact point for the Synod for the wider Church and community.

3.5     Committee membership and representation

        3.5.1 The Synod General Secretary is an ex officio member of the following
              Committees: Synod; Synod Standing Committee; Executive Directors
              team meeting (Convenor and Chairperson); Advisory Committee on
              Ministerial Placements; Reception of Ministers Committee; Korean
              Commission; Ministers Support Fund; Constitutions Committee; Synod
              Mission Resource Fund; Synod Fund Management Committee; Lay
              Pastors Committee; Assembly Standing Committee (observer).

        3.5.2 Following discussion with the two Associate Secretaries, the Synod
              General Secretary will determine the allocation of specific Committee and
              Board responsibilities relating to section 3.5.1.

        3.5.3 Further to 3.5.1 the role of the Synod General Secretary is to be an ex
              officio observer (and not as currently a voting member), with speaking
              rights and the receipt of papers, at all meetings of Synod Boards,
              Presbyteries and related committees (as determined by the Synod
              Standing Committee). The Synod Boards report to Synod and the Synod
              Standing Committee.

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4.      Position specification

4.1     Demonstrated call, qualifications and education

        4.1.1 A personal faith in Christ Jesus and a sense of call to the office and work
              of the Synod General Secretary.

        4.1.2 Membership of the Uniting Church in Australia.

        4.1.3 It is desirable that the occupant has at least 5 years experience in the field
              of leading and managing complex organisations in which the focus is
              administration and service delivery.

        4.1.4 It is desirable that the occupant hold tertiary qualifications in one or more
              areas of theology, social sciences, management and administration,
              human services, finance and/or commerce or law.

4.2     Skills and competences

        4.2.1 Demonstrated capacity to think strategically and to facilitate strategic

        4.2.2 Demonstrated leadership skills in large and complex organisations, within
              the Church.

        4.2.3 Demonstrated capacity to influence individuals, councils of the Church and
              other bodies at all levels.

        4.2.4 Demonstrated capacity to act as change agent, energising and resourcing
              complex organisations.

        4.2.5 Demonstrated capacity to lead and work with teams an encouraging and
              constructive manner.

        4.2.6 Demonstrated effective interpersonal communication skills, particularly in
              the areas of liaison, negotiation, mediation, decision making, counselling &
              pastoral care, and problem solving.

        4.2.7 Demonstrated capacity to implement policy decisions, coupled with

        4.2.8 Demonstrated capacity to produce written reports, research papers,
              funding proposals and strategic plans.

        4.2.9 Demonstrated record of good management of financial and human

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4.3    Abilities

        4.3.1 Able to reflect on issues theologically with the broad theological framework
              of the Basis of Union of the UCA.

        4.3.2 Able to organise own work and co-ordinate own work with minimal

        4.3.3 Able to deal with a wide range of people, Councils and agencies within the

4.4     Knowledge

        4.4.1 Thorough working knowledge of the Church and the polity of the Church,
              including the Basis of Union, Constitution and Regulations.

        4.4.2 Commitment to and understanding of the mission and ethos of the Uniting

4.5     Other

        4.5.1 Flexibility in work practice, including after hours and weekend work.

        4.5.2 Travel – both intra and interstate (for which it would be an advantage for
              the incumbent to hold a NSW Driver’s License).

Prepared by the General Secretary Position Description Working Group

12th November 2009

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