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Stanley Lambert 2005 Silent Partner Cabernet Sauvignon


									    Stanley Lambert 2005 Silent Partner Cabernet Sauvignon

About this wine

The Silent Partner was named after W.R. Sauey
who helped Jim Lambert get his start in
business. While never silent, his mentorship
helped Jim build a successful publicly listed
company in the USA that allowed him to retire
into the wonderful life of the Australian wine

Silent Partner, has a softness unusual to
Cabernet. Best discribed as Plumy with light
Blueberry flavours and a sweet Minty character
with soft velvety tanins. Cabernet Sauvignon,
due to it's small berry size can often be rather
astringent in tanin and have characters
described as Leafy, Greenness, Stalky and
Minty. Cabernet Sauvignon from the Long Gully
Vineyard region in the Barossa is low yielding
with intense fruit flavours. Aged in fine
grained American Oak Hogshead for 18 months,
this wine is firm and elegant with a rich finish.
Best allowed to breathe after opening.

For the astute investor, this wine will provide dividends with patient cellaring for at least 10 years, or
reward those looking for a positive return now.

Wine Profile:
Awards:                                                              Vintage:            2005
Bronze medal - 2007 Barossa Wine Show
                                                                    Wine Type:      Bold Red Wine
Vineyard Notes:
These Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were grown on higher rocky           Varietal:        Cabernet
ground with little water which naturally prevents over                                Sauvignon
cropping.                                                          Appellation:     Barossa Valley
Production Notes:                                                  Harvest Date:      April 2005
Fermented in open tanks with the skins continuously washed             Acid:           6.13 g/l
for 10 days, then pressed in Basket Presses and transferred to
the best ultra fine-grained American Oak barrels available, to          PH:              3.57
graciously age for 18 months.                                          Aging:          10 years
Winemaker Notes:                                              Bottling Date:         August 2007
Lindsay Stanley considers the Cabernet Sauvignon grape to be
the best wine grape in the world, and, is very much          Residual Sugar:            1.6 g/l
undiscovered from the Barossa Valley.                          Alcohol %:                14.0
Food Pairing:
Rich Foods
1,000 cases

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