Stallion Donation for ATA Convention Silent Auction by housework


									                Stallion Donation for ATA Convention Silent Auction

I ___________________________ owner/agent for stallion ________________________ agree to donate a
breeding contract to the American Trakehner Association for the 2009 ATA Convention Silent Auction. This
breeding contract will have a minimum bid of $500. I understand that if the breeding does not sell in the
2009 silent auction that the ATA has the right to try to sell the same breeding contract the following year,

For this donation I will receive a Platinum sponsorship for the 2009 convention and all of the perks that go
with that level of sponsorship. Should the breeding contract not sell in 2009 I will receive a sponsor and
stallion listing on the convention website, a listing in the program and on signs and can display a banner at
the 2009 convention but no other benefits of sponsorship.

I understand that if I do not meet the 2009 deadline for advertising, which is a part of the Platinum
sponsorship, my ad will not be included in the program. This artwork deadline is October 1, 2009.

I am donating a contract for :( circle those that apply) Fresh Cooled semen    Frozen semen On Premise AI

If frozen how many doses? _______

Is there a live foal guarantee on this breeding? _______

Please list my sponsorship as: ____________________________________________________________

I understand that this is not the Sealed Bid Auction that is done each year by the ATA. For information on
that auction I should contact the ATA office or find information on the ATA website.

Signed ________________________________________ date __________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone number ______________________________ Email ____________________________________

Website address ______________________________________

We will need a photo of your stallion to use for the convention pages and other advertising for the
convention. Please be sure to include a release from the photographer.

Your donation will not be posted on the convention pages until this form has been received by Pam Norton.

Please complete this form and send to Pam Norton., or 22716 Murrell Rd, Hockley,
TX 77447. 936-372-2336 Fax: 713-445-8074

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