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									                              The Notre Dame Sydney Law Society
                              Week 8 – 1 September 2008
        Tom Griffin           President’s Address
  Admin. Vice President
                              Dear Law Students,
     Alex Stankovic
 Careers and Education        Welcome once again to another instalment of the Law Society’s fortnightly newsletter;
     Vice President                           to
                              we have much t report. Firstly, thank goodness you are here! It’s been a busy couple of
     Jacob Madden             weeks for all. Assessments are coming thick and thin, so it is easy to forgive yourselves
   Social Vice President      for feeling a little stressed and eager for the holidays. However, don’t despair as it’s
     Meagan Bertolatti                           swear
                              week eight and I swear I can see summer just over the horizon.

        Treasurer             Concerning the Law Society, we
        Daniel Ang            understand that university is not just
   Marketing Director         about assessments, exams and
      Fiona Singh             degrees - that is why the committee
                              has been extra busy organising
  Publications Director       exciting events for our fellow law
     Caitlin Owens            students to enjoy. Last Thursday
        IT Director           night, a number of us were lucky
     Stephanie Polson         enough to hear from one of
                                                                               Lieutenant Colonel Evan Carlin and Tom Griffin
                              Australia’s leading Military Lawyers,
 3rd Year Representative      Lieutenant Colonel Evan Carlin. The
      Lara Pascuzzo                                      with
                              good Colonel regaled us with stories of his time as the chief legal officer in Iraq,
 2nd Year Representative      Afghanistan, Kosovo and Sumatra. Apart from presenting an opportunity to hear some
                              great stories and meet a number of people from the wider legal community, Thursday’s
      Taneal Sultana
                              event gave a valuable insight into one of the many fascinating areas which a law degree
 1st Year Representative      can take you.
       Luke O’Kane
                             In addition to Lt Colonel Carlin’s presentation, Thursday saw the much anticipated
                                                         Sydney Law Society’s website. I
  Upcoming Events launch of the Notre Dameportal into what the law societyencourage how you canvisit
                             the site as it provides a
                                           t                                               is doing,
                                                                                                      everyone to
                             involved and all the details on the many activities and competitions we are running.
While the Publications Also on the website, you will be able to find the first issue for this year of The Final
Launch with Lieutenant Verdict which is an outstanding publication put together by Notre Dame Law students,
Colonel Carlin has been and showcasing their work and activities.
gone, you have many more
events to look forward to.                                                                                          rip-
                             Before I go, as you gaze towards the distant holidays, keep an eye out for a couple of rip
                             roaring social events that the Law Society has on the boil for you… make sure you have
As Tom has eluded to, your dancing shoes ready!
polish up those dancing
shoes, dry-clean those suits Cheers,
(boys) and get out your
best dress (girls) because
we are planning a fantastic
end of year event for you
all – Watch this space!      NDSLS is proudly sponsored by:

On Tuesday, we also have
the NDSLS website going
live.                         This newsletter is a publication of the Notre Dame Sydney Law Society. The University of Notre Dame Australia, its affiliates
                              or its employees do not necessarily endorse any facts or opinions contained within this publication
                  The Notre Dame Sydney Law Society Newsletter
                  Week 8 – 15 September 2008

News from the Publications Desk

Dear Readers,

Following on from Tom, I would like to thank all the students who attended
Thursday night’s event. For those who did not make it, let me fill you in on the
major details; the evening revolved around Lieutenant Colonel Evan Carlin’s
address on his experience as a Legal Officer in the Army and the night’s numbers
included solicitors, junior solicitors, barristers and Notre Dame staff members.
                                                            enjoyable event and Lt
Speaking on behalf of the committee members, it was an enjoya
Colonel Evan Carlin’s speech was, although quite sombre at times, really quite
entertaining and humorous!

Thursday night was also a chance for the Law Society to showcase the newnew-look
The Final Verdict magazine and the Law Society’s Website. The magazine was                Stephanie Polson and Caitlin Owens

well received by the legal professionals who attended the event and offered them
a taste for what us law students truly have to offer. The website, on the other hand, will act as an easily accessible
guide for both legal professionals and students alike to check out. The website will be live on Tuesday, so make sure
you check it out.

Finally, I would like to mention that it was great to see not only Notre Dame law students, but also students fr   from the
schools of arts and medicine. I’m sure that Lt Colonel Evan Carlin’s speech was not only intriguing for the law students
seeking an alternative use for their law degree, but was a fascinating account of one’s life in the defence force.

Take it easy and I’ll speak to you in a fortnight,

                                                             As for the launch of the website, keep your fingers
News from the IT Director                                                                 th
                                                             crossed; we are currently in the process of uploading the
                                                             website to the new domain name and should be live on
As Tom and Caitlin have already mentioned, this week Tuesday. Keep an eye out for an email from the NDSLS
has been the debut of the NDSLS to the professional group email box, giving you the all important domain
community, with the launch of The Final Verdict and the name.
NDSLS website.
                                                             As always, if you would have any suggestions, please let
As I have indicated in previous articles, the launch of this us know at We are always looking for
website is integral to the promotion of the NDSLS feedback from you on this Newsletter, The Final Verdict
amongst the student body and the professional and, in particular, the new website.
community; it should be the first point of call to find out
about competitions (both academic and n     non-academic), Stephanie
NDSLS events and other information about the society.

Further, as you would know, the website has been a long                                We are currently selling Freddo Frogs, Caramello Koalas,
time in the making and it is at this point that I want to                               Honey Nougat Logs and Summer Roll for only $1 and
thank those who were heavily involved in the inception of                                  packets of Snakes and Mixed Jellies for only $2.
the website; liaising with our partners, imagin8, and
setting up the core structure of the website; to Daniel                                All money raised is going towards NDSLS events, such as
Ang, Kathryn Barnes, Maria Maccarrone and all others                                                                 Ball
                                                                                                             the Law Ball.
involved, thank you.
                                                                                           AVAILABLE FROM COMMITTEE MEMBERS UNTIL SOLD OUT!
This newsletter is a publication of the Notre Dame Sydney Law Society. The University of Notre Dame Australia, its affiliates or its employees do not necessarily endorse
any facts or opinions contained within this publication.

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