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             KOMLAN EZUNKPE               1/15/2010 2:06:55 PM
    Chiquita’s past: The beginning of the tension
    Chiquita, an international producer and distributor of fresh and
    processed foods, emerged over the course of more than 100
    years. In this timeframe, the company had a significant impact
    on rural communities in Latin America, where it was leading and
    innovating in the banana industry. The company promoted
    economic and social development in the region, creating jobs on
    banana farms, building railroads, houses and hospitals. Along
    the way, the company became known to have a strong influence
    over the lives of its employees and governments; Chiquita was
    seen as an imperialist corporate.
    Paradigm shift
    Communication competency. When the company was aware
    of its negative image; the management admitted the practices of
    past brutality towards its workers and recognized the need to sit
    down with its opponents to understand their grievances.
    Team competency. Instead of reacting to them in isolation,
    Chiquita’s management opened the door to an external
    team/company, the Rainforest Alliance, nongovernmental
    organization (NGO) in order to focus on practices, such as
    environment, business practices, and consumer behavior.
    Change competency. The management changed the
    company’s culture of decision-making by opening up to this
    external company and accepting viewpoints.
    Ethics competency: The Rainforest Alliance was called in
    because it is committed to protecting ecosystems, the people
    and wildlife. Rainforest Alliance helped Chiquita to establish a
    clear accountability to social and environmental issues.

    This article gives an overview of the success factors
    implemented by Chiquita and the Rainforest Alliance. It
    describes a model within which particular attention was given to
    some organizational key competencies, such as Communication
    Competency, Team Competency, Change Competency and Ethics
    Competency. These phases are crucial in order to achieve a
    long-term change in a company, but they need to be customized
    in the context of each organization.
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