Dialing for Dollars (DOC) by kezunkpe


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    1. What Kind of reinforcements does Salatino uses to
    motivate his sales people?
    In Pavlov’s conclusion of his experience, “the conditioned
    stimulus” (blue lights) was paired with “the unconditioned
    stimulus” (bonus). The salespersons respond to the visual signal
    because they know that they will sell more and the reward is to
    make more money. So classical conditioning was used by
    Salatino to motivate his sales people.

    2. What Kind of reinforcement schedule is used for paying
    The employees determine that their reward is based on the
    number of responses and perform the response as swiftly as
    possible in order to receive the bonus. The effectiveness of the
    reinforcement is generally associated with the frequence the
    behavior occurs. This leads to a learnt behavior and is dealt with
    fixed ratio schedule; a subject is more likely to persevere a
    beneficial behavior if the reward payoff.

    3. If you were Salatino, how might the concept of self
    efficacy help you hire successful salespeople?
    The concept of self efficacy can help Salatino to establish a
    relationship between the salesperson’s characteristics and
    salesperson effectiveness. It can help to link salesperson’s
    quality with factors observable suggested in the self efficacy test
    at the time of hire. However, the feedback emanating from the
    scores are variable elements; they are not intangible predictors
    of effectiveness because there is no single factor that can predict
    success in hiring. So these variables need to be combined with
    other factors, such as Salatino’s own experience.

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