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									Northlake     KOMLAN EZUNKPE                                2/7/2010 3:14:27 PM

      1. What are the likely sources of stress being experienced by Frank? By Jim
      McIntosh? Give one or more indicators from the case of each source identified.
      On the one hand, Frank’s stress could have multiple sources: the polluted water that the
      aborigine people are still drinking, a lawsuit that his company maybe subjects to as a result
      of the pollution, the falsified numbers on the report, and putting at risk people’s jobs if he
      goes public about the report. Further sources of Frank’s stress are the inaccuracy of the
      report; he could go to jail and could get his designation revoked. All these stressors may
      play a role in his decision. On the other hand, Jim McIntosh’s stress relates to his career,
      relationships, and the company existence which can go bankrupt. If the report goes public
      and passed through the legislation, all he has worked for will be taken away.

      2. Are there any indicators of bullying in this case? Explain.
      There is not obvious bullying behavior in this case; however, there are threatening
      elements. Jean Letourneau threatens Frank’s job and future with the company when he said
      he would let him go. By giving him time off by releasing him from his job for a day is
      threatening. In addition, there is a mild way of bullying Frank by Letourneau when he
      mentioned how Jim was working him into a new: V.P. Controller position and added how
      they would hate to let him go because of this small issue.

      3. If Frank demonstrating behaviors consistent with a Type A, Type B personality,
      or hardy personality? Identify the behaviors that you think Frank exhibits
      consistent with the personality type selected.
      I believe Frank has a strong professional personality; he has a clear view of the cut
      between right and wrong. He sounds very confident in his thoughts. Although he knows the
      consequences of his actions, he chose to face people who are against him and fight for
      what he believes in instead of changing his position. He is more committed to his job and to
      the right thing than people. He tends to be a good listener and takes a long-range view of
      things. This behavior is described as Type B personality (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2010).

      4. What should Frank do? Why?
      If Frank is really honest and is of strong character, he should stand by his decision. If he
      did nothing about the situation it can turn against the company in the future including
      himself. If he has no way to take his actions to the end, if time is on his side, he can seek
      employment somewhere and leave the company.

      Hellriegel, D., & Slocum, J. W, Jr. (2009). BUS520: Organizational 2010 custom edition
      (12th ed.)

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