Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

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					             Treatment for
        Substance Use Disorders
Our Lady of Peace provides a full array of services for
addictions treatment. The American Society of Addiction
Medicine recommends a flexible continuum of care that
includes inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services.
Although the average length of stay is 14 to 30 days,
traditional 28-day inpatient hospitalization has been
replaced with a more inclusive, individualized treatment.
Patients will graduate to the appropriate level of care as
they progress in their recovery. The National Institute on
Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that “no single treatment is
appropriate for everyone”. Our Lady of Peace embraces
this guiding principle to help individuals who are
struggling with addiction.

We serve adolescents, adults and their families.
Substance abuse treatment at Our Lady of Peace is also
available for individuals who suffer from dual diagnosis
or addictions and mental illness.

Our dedication to addressing substance abuse in our
community has moved us to offer free education to
concerned persons or anyone who wants to know more
about addiction. We utilize
evidence-based best practices
such as medication assisted
recovery, 12-step facilitation,
relapse prevention,
motivational interviewing,
adolescent focused
approaches, cognitive-
behavioral therapy, family
therapy, and discharge

Our clinical team
is made up of
Psychiatrists, Registered
Nurses, Certified
Drug and Alcohol
Counselors, Licensed
Clinical Social Workers, Mental
Health Workers, Program Specialists, Art Therapist,
Chaplains and Dieticians.
Substance Abuse Services
• Free Needs Assessments
• Medical Detoxification
• Adult and Adolescent Inpatient Services
• Adult and Adolescent Partial and Outpatient Services
• Family Therapy
• DUI Treatment provided by a Kentucky State Certified
  DUI Specialist
• Free Family and Concerned Persons Education
• Free Aftercare Services
• In-house 12-Step meetings provided by 12-step
  members located on the premise

“Our Lady of Peace saved my life. I spent $13,000 on pain
medicine and alcohol in the three months prior to treatment
at Our Lady of Peace, but haven’t had a pill or drink since. I
learned that addiction is a disease that is treatable and that
recovery is possible for everyone”.                     Greg D.

           2020 Newburg Road
           Louisville, KY 40205
           (502) 451-3330
           24-hour HelpLine:
           (502) 451-3333 or (800) 451-3637