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					        The City of Boca Raton Beautification Committee
                                           is sponsoring
                    PROJECT SHADE TREES
                                         to commemorate
                                   National Arbor Day
                                   Friday - April 30, 2010

                                            City of Boca Raton homeowners can buy a
                                               Southern Magnolia or a Red Maple

            Southern Magnolia
     (Little Gem) - Magnolia grandiflora

        Glossy dark green evergreen leaf
Cream-white fragrant flower, spring bloomer
 Moderate grower, 30 ft high – 25 ft spread
   All soil types, Plant in sun - partial shade
Salt tolerant, Med. drought tolerant, few pests.              Red Maple - Acer rubrum
                                                                      Autumn - Haze

                                                     Grows to 40 feet tall, oval shape, strong wood
             TO ORDER                                 The leaves are light green, turn red in Fall,
 Homeowners buying a tree are to make                        coarsely irregular serated edge
    checks for $53.25 payable to:                     Plant in partial shade to full sun, moist soil,
                                                            bottom soils and dried upland soil
                 Nu-Turf                           Poor salt and moderate drought tolerance, no pests
         2801 N. Dixie Highway                      Moderate grower, some pruning, excellent shade
        Pompano Beach, FL 33064

           Clearly place                                                      Approx. 6 feet tall
  Name, Address and Phone Number
                                                    Tree costs only
                                                                                 (15 Gal. Pot)
             on check                                  $50      plus tax
         for Nu-Turf to plant the tree
                                                               Only residents of the
               Add $25 per tree
                                                   City of Boca Raton are eligible to participate.
          write “plant” on the check.
                                                        Limited Quantity Available

                     Deadline for ordering is April 15, 2010
          Delivery – After April 24th. Planting instructions and receipt attached.
         Contact Nu-Turf to order at 392-9089 and More information at 393-7835