; The COLORBOND® steel Biennale Prize is the Institutes most
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The COLORBOND® steel Biennale Prize is the Institutes most


The COLORBOND® steel Biennale Prize is the Institutes most

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									The COLORBOND® steel Biennale Prize is the Institute’s most                      website
                                                                           The website will contain explicit instructions for the
established student design award. To celebrate 25 years of the             submission components, which may supersede some of the
Student Biennale the Institute and COLORBOND® steel will launch            requirements set out above.
the Student Biennale Design Gallery website to showcase prize
                                                                           STAGE 2 SUBMISSION FORMAT
winning and finalist designs. The Institute would like to thank
                                                                           The jury will shortlist up to 10 entrants who will be asked for
COLORBOND® steel for their generous support as sponsor of this
                                                                           Stage 2 submissions.
prestigious prize.
                                                                           Requirements for Stage 2 judging:
                                                                           CD containing:
The Prize of $8,000 is offered every second year and the winner will
                                                                           •   pdf files of 2 x A1 size (594mm x 841mm) posters (allow 3mm
be sponsored to attend the awards presentation event. If the prize
                                                                               extra bleed for trimming) with graphics 300dpi resolution at
winner is a group entry, a joint certificate will be provided and the
                                                                               final A1 size. The Institute will colour print the A1 pdf images
cash prize will be split equally among the successful entrants.
                                                                               for judging.
Certificates of commendation may be awarded with small cash
                                                                           •   a layout key showing orientation and alignment together of
                                                                               the A1 posters.
ELIGIBILITY                                                                •   two separate project summaries:
                                                                                -   100 word short statement describing the project for
The 2010 competition is open to:
                                                                                    the jury.
•    students who have completed Australian Institute of
                                                                                -   250 word statement for the Student Biennale Design
     Architects recognised architecture courses in 2008
                                                                                    Gallery website describing the design brief, project
•    undergraduate students enrolled in Australian Institute of
                                                                                    design description, entrant’s architectural objectives
     Architects recognised architecture courses in 2009.
                                                                                    and response to the project brief, and which
For the purposes of the prize, students enrolled in 2009 at
                                                                                    addresses the selection criteria.
Australian architecture schools/programs represented on the
Australian Institute of Architects/SONA national committee are             Additional information required for Student Biennale Design
considered eligible to enter this competition.                             G allery website
                                                                           •   four to eight key digital images (high quality JPEG format) at a
Design work submitted by students is to have been undertaken
                                                                               minimum width and height of 1500 pixels and a maximum
within the Australian architecture courses described above.
                                                                               width and height of 3000 pixels.
Students may submit individually or as a group. Schools/programs
                                                                           •   Digital colour portrait photo (high quality JPEG format) at a
of architecture may submit work on behalf of students. One entry
                                                                               minimum width and height of 1500 pixels and a maximum
only per person/group can be submitted.
                                                                               width and height of 3000 pixels.
Shortlisted submissions for the 2009 BlueScope Steel Glenn
Murcutt Student Prize will be ineligible for entry into the 2010           IMPORTANT NOTE TO ENTRANTS
Student Biennale competition.                                              Original material should not be submitted as it will not be
                                                                           returned, nor will students be able to access or recall this material
                                                                           during the competition process or website gallery exhibit. The jury
Projects originally prepared in electronic or hard copy format are
                                                                           will reject any submissions incorrectly presented.
eligible, but all must be submitted to this prize via the website:
                                                                           If the project submitted for the Student Biennale competition
studentbiennale.com.au between the dates of 19 Octob er –
                                                                           replicates the work done by the prize winner for his/her ordinary
27 November 2009. Submission components are:
                                                                           source of income, tax may be owed on the value of the prize. The
•    Name, architecture school/program and contact details.
                                                                           Institute recommends that the prize winner obtains tax advice on
•    Year and level of course in which project was completed               their own circumstances.
     (e.g. 2008/Yr 5).
                                                                           SELECTION CRITERIA
•    Up to 12 scanned or digital images of the scheme, in JPEG
                                                                           Key selection criteria used by the jury may include, but is not
     format, 800 x 600 pixels, 72dpi resolution, each image a
                                                                           limited to the following:
     maximum         200KB    applicants
                             (applicants   must    submit    in      the
                                                                           •   Resolution, exploration and communication of ideas, space,
                digital format).
     prescribed digital format The first graphic attached at the
                                                                               structure and materials.
     website must provide an overview of the total project and this
                                                                           •   Complexity of the program and interaction with existing site.
     image will be re-produced in the Student Biennale Design
                                                                           •   Consideration of different scales from urban to material
     Gallery website.
•    A written statement (max. 200 words) of the entrant’s                 •   The implication of theoretical agendas on the architectural
     architectural objectives and response to the project brief.               language.
                                                                           •   Response to contemporary architectural issues such as
                                                                               sustainability and the challenge of climate change.

                                                                                                                                   continues over>
The jury is determined by the Institute’s National Education
Committee (NEC) and will consist of two practitioners, an academic
representative and a representative from SONA. The NEC will
consider including a recent Institute Gold Medal winner on the

Each entry will be assessed as a ‘stand alone’ presentation, even if
originally developed as part of a larger project. All entries will be
assessed consistently. The jury will explain in its comments the
reasons for including each winning or finalist entry. The jury report
will be posted on the Student Biennale Design Gallery website
following the announcement of the prize winner. The decision of
the jury is final. The prize is awarded entirely on merit and there is
no requirement to award it or commendations evenly by region.

Student Biennale Design Gallery Website
To celebrate 25 years of the Student Biennale, prize winning and
finalist designs will be featured in the Student Biennale Design
Gallery website. Finalists’ designs will also be featured in
Architecture Australia in 2010.
Student Biennale competition entries may also be considered for
inclusion in Terra, a publication reviewing student work, prepared
by SONA. To guarantee consideration for Terra, entries must be
submitted separately to SONA. See sona.com.au for details.

Stage 1 submissions must be submitted to the Institute website:
studentbiennale.com.au between 19 October and 27 November
2009 .

Education Unit                           Ph: 02 6121 2000
Australian Institute of Architects       Fax: 02 6121 2001
PO Box 3373                              EM: education@raia.com.au
MANUKA ACT 2603                          Web:


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