KEY TO SAVINGS by richman6


									                                                      KEY TO SAVINGS
                                           Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
                                       Member2Member Discount Program

Thank you for your interest in participating in the new and exciting Member2Member (M2M) initiative to
provide added value to your Chamber membership.

The following guidelines have been established:

1. Only members who are current in their investment of dues and in good standing are eligible to offer
their goods and services through the M2M Program.

2. Only offers that are exclusive to Chamber members, or to other non-profit organizations, are eligible.
Programs or discounts offered to the general public are prohibited from use in the M2M Program.

3. Offers of at least 10% in discounts (or the equivalent) or $250 in discounts for goods and services are
eligible. M2M discounts are not to be conditioned on a prior purchase(s).

4. Participation in the M2M Program allows you one free copy of the Chamber's mailing list in label
format. Labels are to be used for the sole purpose of promoting your participation in the M2M Program.
You must provide the Chamber with a copy of your mail-out before it’s mailed.

5. M2M participant offers will be listed online along with participant contact information under special
offers in addition to the standard members listing alphabetically and categorically.

6. Descriptions of offers must be provided by the participating organization and will be limited to a
maximum of 100 words. Descriptions will be posted on the Chamber's Web site under special offers.

7. There is no fee charged to members for basic listing on the Chamber's Web site. Basic listing includes
live Internet link to organization’s Web site as well as standard contact information. Non-basic Internet
listings will correspond to the organization’s Chamber membership anniversary date. If the non-basic
listing is changed at a date other than anniversary, any costs will be pro-rated.

8. All M2M offers are of a one-year duration beginning with the initial listing on the Chamber's Web site.
M2M offers are to correspond to the participating company's Chamber membership anniversary date.

9. All non-basic offers (i.e., bolded listing, etc.) listed on the Chamber's Web site will be charged to the
company's credit card and will be automatically renewed, unless a written request to cancel or suspend is
received by the Chamber before the listing anniversary date.

10. "Introductory" or “seasonal” offers will not be permitted as these are not viewed as permanent unless
they are made available for one year.
11. All member organizations will be provided Member2Member cards ("M2M Cards") equal to the
number of Chamber Representatives of the member organization. M2M Cards must be presented to take
advantage of these value-added benefits. The card will be made in the name of the member organization
and may be used by its employees only.

12. Replacement M2M cards or window decals are $5 each.

13. All participating companies will display an M2M program decal at their place of business to signify
the business's status as a M2M participating company.

14. All M2M window decals will remain the property of the Chamber and must be returned upon
termination of participation and/or membership.

15. Political activities are prohibited from M2M sponsorship.

16. M2M discounts will not apply to payments on account or restrictions as stipulated by the participating
M2M discount providing company.

17. The Chamber is not liable for any agreement, disagreement, merchandise, service, product or item
purchased or received by the Chamber's members under this program, regardless of claim.

18. Participation in the M2M Program is not an endorsement by the Chamber of the products or services
offered by its participating members.

19. The M2M Program does not grant exclusivity for any product or service to any participating member.

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