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					                                                                                                      Creatively Confident
                                                                                                        Friday 21 August

                                                                                                  Inside this issue:

                                                                                                  Japanese Home stay       2
I am pleased to announce that the school has been accredited (a major achievement in only         Visit
our first year) to place overseas students in our classes. We have already been approached
by two schools from Japan to host their students for ten days (in February 2010 and
September 2010). The students would attend the school through the day and stay with Nor-          Fundraising Committee 2
folk Village SS children in a “Home stay” situation. There is an invitation letter on page 2      Report
of this newsletter and an application form attached as a separate file if you are interested in
hosting children from Japan at your house.                                                        Yandina Camp Report      3
The School Opening and Fete is less than three weeks away. All child performances will be
between 2pm and 4pm with a final schedule being released in the next newsletter. At this
stage a wonderful selection of food, rides, stalls and fireworks has been arranged for this
very special school event.                                                                        Canberra Camp            4
The year 4 / 5 camp for 2010 has been booked. The children will be attending a camp on
South Stradbroke Island at Couran Cove Resort. The three day camp will be held in late
August.                                                                                           Sports Report            5
There has been a slight drop in school uniform standards over the past three weeks. All
children need to be in full school summer uniform every day, that means there should be no
variations to the school shirts, shorts and hats. Children who are out of uniform need to         Road Safety              5
report to the office with a note and they will be given a uniform for the day. In addition,
children should not be wearing hoop ear-rings, necklaces or other forms of jewelry.
If any parents have a School Opinion Survey sitting on the table at home, if it could please      Fete Sponsors            6
be returned to the school as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.
The Discovery Centre is having a Book Fair next week. From Tuesday to Friday,
immediately before and after school you are welcome to come to the Discovery Centre
(library) with your children and have a look at what is on sale.

                 ADMINISTRATION OFFICER                                   Book Fair
                                                                      Tuesday 25 August
                         30 hours per week                                                        Upcoming Events
                                                                     to Friday 28 August
                                                                                                  Book Fair—Tuesday 25
      Permanent position commencing 5 October 2009
                                                                     8:20am to 8:50am &           August to Friday 28 August
       Salary range $1140.57 - $1369.07 per fortnight.                2:50pm to 3:20pm            School Opening & Fete—
   Information Package available by contacting Kylie on                   each day                Sunday 6 September
       5549 4222 or www.norfolkvillagess.eq.edu.au
                                                                                                  Prep Open Day—Friday 11
   Closing Date for Applications: 3pm Friday 28 August 2009.                                      September
   All applications must address the key selection criteria of the                                Interschool Touch
  position description. Applications remain valid for 12 months.                                  Football—Friday 11 Sep-
  The Commission for Children and Young People Act 2000 re-                                       tember
        quires the preferred applicant to be subject to a                                         Last Day Term 3—Friday
                 Working With Children Check.                                                     18 September
  Education Queensland actively supports and encourages work-
                  force diversity and equity.
       Page 2

Dear Parents

Norfolk Village State School will be hosting a group of Japanese students from Tama Uni Meguro High
School from 19th February – 2nd March 2010 (11 nights). We are looking for families who will be available
to host a student for this time.
Students will travel to and from school with your children and families will be required to provide three meals
per day. Families will be paid $32 per student per night ($352.00 total) to help with out of pocket expenses.
Hosting an international student can be a very rewarding experience for the whole family.
A member from AJSP will visit your family before Tama High School arrive to go through the programme
with you and answer any queries your family may have. There will always be a support person from AJSP
available for assistance for the duration of your student’s home stay.
If you are interested in becoming a host family, please complete the application form on the reverse of
this letter (attached as a separate file to this email) and return it to the school as soon as possible.
Unfortunately if you have another Japanese student staying with you during this time, you will be unable to
host a student from Tama High School.
It is the law that all adults living in the house over 18 yrs must be the holder of a 'Blue Card'. If you do not
hold a blue card, please contact us and we will organise the relevant form to be sent to you.
If you have any queries whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0421 744 339 or 0421 516 321 or

Kind regards

Nobuaki Nishio
Australia Japan Study Programme
New Postal address: PO Box 7288 Loganholme 4129

From the fundraising committee…..                               and place in the yellow box at the cash window on Tuesdays
                                                                or Thursdays between 8.15&10am. Please ensure that you
Thanks to everyone who put orders in for Billy G cookie         mark the envelope “ride bracelet Order”. We will issue you
dough – we had a great response and sold nearly 500 tubs        with a receipt which will be given to your child in an enve-
which made us $1840 to put towards our new playground           lope to bring home. You will need this receipt to bring on
which is just awesome. The cookie dough will be available       the day of the fete to trade for your ride bracelet so please
for collection next Tuesday 25th between 2.30-3.30. All or-     put it in a safe place. The ride bracelets entitle you to unlim-
ders must be collected that afternoon as we have nowhere to     ited rides all day on all the rides except for the rock wall. We
refrigerate uncollected tubs, if you can’t make these times     have a good range of rides so there will be something for all
please give me a call or drop me an email. We will be look-     ages including an animal nursery. When I went to the Or-
ing for extra help to pack these orders so if you can spare a   meau Fair recently with my family Ned had done $25 worth
couple of hours between 11 –1.30 let me know. You can           of rides in about 45 minutes so they really are great value.
contact me on 0412951841 or at jstephan@internode.on.net.       We are still in need of some volunteers for the day so even if
The fete is fast approaching now and you will receive home      you can spare an hour we would love to hear from you.
this week forms for the purchase of the ride bracelets. If you Regards
would like to purchase a bracelet please fill in the form and
place in an envelope with payment (either cash or cheque)      Julie
                                  Creatively Confident                                                             Page 3

At the beginning of August, students from Grades 6 & 7 went to Maranatha Recreation Camp for 5 days.
The trip took around about 2 hours (it was quite boring). When we arrived, we were informed of our sleeping arrangements and
all the boys were in the first cabin.
The next day we went to our first activities: Mid-Ropes & abseiling. At first I didn’t want to do mid-ropes but I ended up doing
it in the end.
On Wednesday we played rocket ball and did possum pull. Rocket ball was my favourite because you got to shoot a tennis ball
with a giant slingshot. Possum pull was where ten people had to pull one person up about 20 metres high. That afternoon we
went for a bushwalk and did the tower of tremble. Tower of tremble was where we had to stack a tower of milk crates as high as
we could while balancing on top. Our record was 9.5 levels.
On our second last day we did archery, it was fun. After that we did bush craft. It was my overall favourite. I learnt some bird-
calls and tasted tea. On the last day, Friday, we cleaned up the cabins and had lunch and left.
By William Hagan

The Lessons from Yandina
As you may be aware, two weeks ago, a hardy group of students from years six and seven ventured to the Maranatha Camp at
Yandina on the Sunshine Coast. Now that the clothes have been washed (burned?), the photos indexed and the welcome-home
meals digested, it’s time to reflect on what we learned and why we learnt it.

To me, as a teacher, the camp was not about sleeping bags and second helpings. It was not even about the ropes course and
bushcraft. While these things were fun, I’m sure the children themselves will report widely on them. I would rather focus on the
lessons the children taught and showed me during the five days. Three things stood out to me.

First, they had a go. Activities like the ropes course and possum pull can be daunting. This is doubly so if one has a dislike of
heights, sudden jerking movements and wedgies. Nonetheless, they had a go. Even the ones who baulked on the first attempt
made a second effort and tried their best. Some first time baulkers completed the whole course unaided. On some activities, stu-
dents had to wear a harness and pull as a team. I saw children gird themselves and act as one, arms linked urging each other to
make headway.

Secondly, the students volunteered to help out. Often the people on kitchen duty either needed extra help, or for some reason
were a little late. On these occasions, there was always a band of people ready to don the rubber gloves and serve the starving

Finally, and for me, most importantly, at no time was any student ridiculed or made to feel small when he or she did not under-
take a task beyond his or her comfort zone. When a child froze on the ropes course there was nothing but encouragement, fol-
lowed by genuine jubilation from all when the job was done. I even saw a year six boy approach a year seven boy who had felt
the stress of heights. When down safely and recovering, the shaken lad was met with an arm around the shoulder and the em-
brace of mates bonded by effort and achievement. This single moment was enough to make the whole camp a worthwhile ven-

For the above reasons and several more, I am extremely proud of all thirty two children who participated on the Yandina camp.
Hearty thanks need to go to Mrs Domotor and our three parent/grandparent helpers, Lisa Kilov, Mark Stace and Shirley Stray,
without whom the camp would not have been as great a triumph.
At Norfolk Village State School, we teach the children to be safe, learners and respectful. At camp we also saw a glimpse into
their character. It gives me cause to be proud of my school, my colleagues, and my students.
Simon Yung
On Sunday the 2nd of August year 6 and 7 set off to Canberra at 3 pm. At 2:30pm we were all at the school waiting
to load our bags and get on the bus. We were all excited to go, even though we knew it was going to take 18 hours
to get to Canberra. On the bus we were watching some movies. While we were on the bus the bus driver was talk-
ing to us about all of the Australian icons along the way.
                                                 When we got to Canberra, we quickly got off the bus and grabbed
                                                 our bags with excitement, got to our cabins and made our beds. We
                                                 then had breakfast and set off to Parliament House. At the New
                                                 Parliament House we did a role play and learnt how to propose a
                                                 bill in the House of Representatives.
                                                 Next was the visit to the Old Parliament House. First we spilt up
                                                 into two groups. Group one went to the Library. In the old days
                                                 both the Senate and the House of Representatives were both al-
                                                 lowed to use the Library. Group two went to an activity room
                                                 which displayed all of the Prime Ministers from the past to the pre-
                                                 sent. Then we had lunch. For lunch we had Subway.

The War Memorial was our next stop. We learnt lots of really interesting facts about the different wars that Austra-
lians have been involved in. While we were exploring we saw the grave of the Unknown Soldier. After that we
went to Discovery Zone. In Discovery Zone there are a lot of hands on activities and you can dress up like real sol-
diers. Then we stayed to the end of the day for the closing ceremony.
Lastly, we drove back to our cabins, our school group stayed in the Peewee Lodge. Once we settled in we went to
have dinner. After dinner everyone was excited to settle into their beds and went to sleep, as we had a very busy
first day.
The best highlights of Canberra camp were C.S.I.R.O, Questacon, Dinosaur Museum, Australian Institute of Sport
(AIS) and Taronga Park Zoo. There were many other things that we did but these were the highlights because:
The C.S.I.R.O. was fun because we got to see a 3D movie and what the scientists are working on for the future.
Questacon had a free fall slide that was 6-7 metres high. Another highlight was a house that you go in and it shows
you what it’s like to be in an earthquake. The dinosaur museum was really interesting because it was really dark
and late at night. The tour guide would give you facts about the different dinosaurs and would shine the torch at the
interesting parts. At AIS we walked through lots of training facilities where some of the athletes train on a daily
basis. They had a facility for visitors called Sportex. We did lots of hands-on activities like rock climbing, skiing,
rowing, bike riding and lots more. At Taronga Park Zoo we saw lots of cute baby animals like the baby elephant
and even meerkats. The baby chimps and the pygmy hippo were our favourite.
We would like to thank our bus drivers and all the teachers and parents for taking us on the Canberra camp. We
had a fantastic trip!!

By Melita Hegarty, Courtney Cregten and TeRape Makara.
                                          Sports Report

Hello All,                             Keiren (6/7Y)- High Jump, 800m            been a success!!
What an eventful beginning of the      Ryan (6/7Y)- 800m                         Results were-
term we have had in sport. Our         Courtney (7B)- High Jump                  1st- Tasmanian Tigers 2nd- Great
Divisional athletics team did a                                                  White Sharks 3rd- Dingoes 4th-
spectacular job in representing our    Jessie (7B)- Shot-put
school throughout various events.      Congratulations to Courtney and
Well done. Eight of these students     Keiren who have made it through
made it through to the District car-   to Regional Athletics in High             Upcoming events-
nival which was held only two          Jump!!                                    11th of September – Inter- school-
days later. They were-                 Last week we had our first Junior         gala day, Touch football gala day
Ellesha (5R)- Shot-put                 Sports Day. Students were excel-          Term 4- Swimming- Prep- 3
Lochlan (6W)- Shot-put                 lent throughout the day and really
                                       showed the Norfolk Village spirit.        Yours in sport,
Olivia (6D)- Shot-put                  Thank-you so much to all teach-           Miss Egan
Sedisha (5E)- High Jump                ers, parent and student helpers.          Physical Education
                                       Without you it would not have

             Road safety for students                               from school – this is usually the way with
Ensuring your child has basic road safety skills goes               the least traffic and the fewest roads to
a long way to making sure they get to school safely.                cross.
You are your child’s best road safety teacher. By              •    Encourage your child to cross roads where
setting a good example when you are out and about,                  there are traffic lights or a school crossing
your child will feel more confident when walking to                 supervisor.
school.                                                        •    Teach your child the ‘stop, look, listen and
There are some simple things to remember when                       think’ principle – stop at the kerb, look
walking to school:                                                  right, look left, look right again, listen for
                                                                    any oncoming cars and think “is it safe to
   •     Young children should always be accompa-                   cross?” before crossing.
         nied by an adult.
                                                         For more information about keeping your children
   •     Parents walking with primary school aged        safe on the roads, visit the Queensland Transport
         children should point out the dangers and       website at: www.transport.qld.gov.au/home/safety/
         discuss important road safety actions such      road/school/
         as crossing roads, watching for traffic and
         other safe pedestrian behaviour.
   •     Show your child the safest route to and

                                                           WE DO:                                WE ARE:
                                                           High Pressure Water Cleaning          Exempt from water restric-
                                                           (Driveways, Roofs, Patios)            Fully Insured, prompt and
                                                           Window Cleaning
                                                           Bond/Builders Cleaning                CONTACT:
                                               r e l a x YOU deserve it
                                                      Ormeau Massage Therapy
                                               offers a variety of therapeutic services to help you escape
                                               from stress, invigorate your spirit and enhance your qual-
                                                                        ity of life
                                                                    √ Remedial massage
                                                                   √ Pregnancy massage
                                                                     √ Energy healing
                  Paul & Liz Thatcher                                √ Orthotic therapy
    Phone 0755493299 / 0409576556                                 √ Anti-Ageing solutions
          40 Lahrs Road Ormeau 4208
•      Resident Owner Operators
                                                               0418 275 824
•      New Units / Various Sizes                      www.ormeau-massage.com
•      State of the Art Security System

Introducing our Dinky Warrior
Classes for 4 to 8 year Olds
•   Learn to defend yourself

•   Develop Self Confidence

•   Gain Discipline and Respect
•   Participate in Fun Physical Activities
        For ALL Karate enquiries please call
        Natasha or Lachlan on 0410 156 834         NORFOLK VILLAGE, ORMEAU
           Shukokai Karate                                    (next to Coles Supermarket)
                                                              NEW PATIENTS WELCOME
                                               •     FULL GP SERVICES AVAILABLE
                                               •     DAILY BABY AND ANTENATAL CLINICS
                                               •     WORKCOVER – NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED
                                               •     PRACTICE NURSE AVAILABLE EVERY DAY
                                                                  OPENING HOURS
                                                           8AM TO 5PM, THURS TILL 7PM
                                                                FOR APPOINTMENTS
                                                                     PH: 5547 5111

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