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                                 Terri's Update
                                 From the CEO

                                 More and more I am hearing from people how quickly time is going and this year seems to be
                                 no exception. Life is getting so busy that each day blends to the next and now before we have
                                 even realised we are in the middle of another year.

                                 In the last newsletter I update you on a number of initiatives we have across the Organisation.
                                 Again I would like to give you a brief update on where we are at with a couple of these.

                                 PAST – Frankston City Council Public Toilet project

                                 The public toilet project has progressed to the point where the plans are almost ready to go to
                                 the planning department of Council. As indicated earlier the public facilities will have adult
                                 change and hoist facilities in the disabled toilet. I am pleased to say that the plans now include
                                 two disabled toilets within these facilities and one of them will have 24hr, 7 day a week access,
                                 using the national key system commonly known as the ‘Mlak system’ (more information will be
                                 distributed on this a little down the track).

                                 I have attached the draft plans for your interest and would be delighted to receive feedback or
                                 discuss in greater detail any aspect of the project. Please call me at the office or on

       Inside this issue:        2008 Peninsula Access Calendar

                                 There have been a number of terrific articles in the Newspaper of late about our Calendar and
                                 the Koorie Art group who has been doing the art work for it. There is an exhibition shortly
Respite Update          3&4      where the steering committee will judge and decide on the pieces for the Calendar. I am also
Hastings update                  waiting to hear on the outcome of a submission to the Coles Group for funding to increase the
                                 distribution of the Calendar from 5,000 to 50,000. I will keep you posted on the outcome of the
Langwarrin A update          5
                                 application. Please see attached a copy of the articles.
Cranbourne Update            6

                                 Implementation of the new Disability Act
Frankston Update             7
                                 By the time you receive this newsletter the new Act will have come into effect. We have done
Langwarrin B update          8   an extraordinary amount of work internally to be ready for the Act and the new provisions it
                                 requires. Over the coming weeks and months you and your person will receive information and
                                 documents outlining the changes we have made to our systems and processes. Some of these
Day activities               9   will be through changes to policies and procedures, some are developing new policies and
                                 procedures and others are in relation to changes in our practice.

                                 For your added information I came across an article that Yooralla put out to their families and
Rowans Review         10 , 11    clients. As it was such a great piece, I have gained their permission to distribute it to our clients
Change in Staff                  and families. Please take the time to read it as it contains some further valuable information.

Donations                   12
             P AGE 2                             I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Business Awards

It is with great pride and pleasure that I announce that P.A.S.T recently won an award in the Frankston Peninsula
Business Awards. We submitted under the ‘Services Business’ category (not for profit) and came equal first with Skills
The awards ceremony was at the Frankston Arts centre on Tuesday the 19th June. Ten representatives from across the
Organisation went on the night and it was Kevin Fenning and I who went up on stage to receive the certificate and
‘unique’ trophy.

Congratulations to everyone for their outstanding effort and all the great work that has been put in to achieve such a
prestigious award.

Shown from left to right- Kevin Fenning (client, Frankston), Kerrie Kendall (Team Leader, Hastings) Kath Moodie
(Operations Manager), Ann-Marie Bassett (Team Leader Cranbourne), Terri Carroll (CEO), Nicola Pepper (Board), Betty
Whitehead (Board), Heather Vanderslys (Team Leader Langwarrin A), Brett Bean (Assistant Team Leader Langwarrin
B). Absent from photo Bob Bree (Transport Coordintor)
             P AGE 3                              I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

                                               RESPITE UPDATE
What an exciting time we have been having with respite this year. We have had three ageing weeks, one low
support and one high support weekend. We have been able to support twenty nine clients so far this year plus two
for the single days, and have had a very positive response from the parents after the holidays. One of the best parts
of the holidays have been the photo albums that have been sent out after. We take lots of photos while on respite
and then the best ones are printed and made into a small album. This also contains information about activities that
we did each day. The feedback has been great as parents can see exactly what their person has been doing and
how happy they are whilst on respite. We have six more camps until September with one already filled and
confirmed and another three filling fast. This will mean respite for another thirty two families which will be very
welcome. We are constantly receiving queries about the respite program and I visit one to two families per week,
getting to know them and their requirements. This enables me to put clients together that hopefully will get along. I
receive inquires from DHS, the Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre, other disability services and parents/carers. I
have also received inquires after handing out our brochure, speaking at various forums and meetings with council
workers ect. over the past few months .
Some of the activities we have undertaken are Moonlit Sanctuary Pearcedale, Yarra River cruises to Science works,
catching the train into the city for a day shopping and movies, Rock n Roll dancing at the local RSL’s (always fun), a
day at Phillip Island and Amaze N Things, BBQ’s and roasts at home, Ten Pin Bowling, Stepping out on the edge at
the top of Eureka Tower, looking for starfish at London Bridge, being chased by emus at an animal sanctuary, visit
to Cape Shank Lighthouse, Puffing Billy, going on the official Ramsay Street Neighbours Tour (a big hit), beach
cricket at Sorrento, Museum to see the Great Wall of China exhibition, Dandenongs to see the William Ricketts
Sanctuary, and lots of movies and eating out.

The low support weekend we stayed at a caravan park in Ballarat which was great. We drove to Caroline Springs for
tea at a great pizza place and arrived about 9pm. Had a BBQ lunch on Saturday at Lake Wendouree then went to
see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Then it was time to watch “Blood on the Southern Cross” which everyone enjoyed.
Sunday afternoon we went to the Eureka Memorial and we all found that very interesting. We all had a great time
but returned home exhausted. We haven't had a high support weekend yet but I’m sure that will be interesting!!.
We are staying at Conammarra at Rye with six clients and Three staff. We will discuss our activities when we arrive
with everyone. We have recently received funding from DHS to run three more camps per year so this will increase
them to thirteen aging respite weeks. If anyone is interested in attending these respite holidays, please don't
hesitate to contact me and I will give you more information.
                                 Regards Honie Colliver (Respite Coordinator)
          P AGE 4                             I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

                             HASTINGS UPDATE
Wood work—Our Woodwork group have been busy making a variety of wooden items: Trays, Document boxes,
Key holder boards, CD rack holder, Wine racks, and jewelry boxes. So there has been a lot of gluing, sanding and
painting taking place. Our very eager group of clients are busy working on these each Tuesday morning and are
proud of all the items and the finished product.
Gardening—Our garden plot at Mornington has got off to a slow start this year due to the drought. Even though
it has been dry we have been doing a lot of work. We have visited the local racing stables to get stable manure so
with a lot of digging and a little rain we now have rich soil ready to go. We continue to care for our small pots of
seedlings at Hastings and will hopefully transfer these to Mornington when they are big enough to survive more on
their own. The Mornington garden is in the process of putting in a small kitchen and an oven, so hopefully by the time
the weather warms up again it will be ready for us to have lunch there and make a cup of coffee.

Volunteers—Caroline Grainger volunteers her time Mondays and Wednesdays for Meals on Wheels and paper
delivery. Caroline has also recently been added to our relief list as well as continuing to volunteer.
Lee Jones volunteers her time each Tuesday and gives us some good ideas for art and craft items. The clients look
forward to her arrival. In the next newsletter we should be able to give you some more pictures of the items that have
been made. Briony Wilkinson also joins us each Thursday for her student placement as she is doing Certificate 4 in
Disability at TAFE.
Bowling—Everyone has enjoyed bowling this term and had great fun interacting with the other teams through the
league. Last Wednesday everyone was presented with trophies and enjoyed a light lunch.

Kerrie Kendall—Team Leader
                 P AGE 5                              I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

                     LANGWARRIN A UPDATE
Currently Langwarrin A is going through some slight renovations at the site for the overall benefit of the clients and the
staff. We have a new disability toilet that is now functioning which allows the toileting of clients to be done more
efficiently and with ease.

One of our large rooms has been cleaned out and we have a bright vision for its future.
We will be putting shelving in the room and a large bookshelf for the clients to have a
quiet space to go to if they want some alone time. On this shelving we will be placing
books for the clients to have a look at if they wish to during their quiet time. We are also
getting our computers back up and running in this room so that we can do some
activities on the computers which will be great for the clients to get involved in. With
these changes this room will now have plenty of space for clients to relax in. Another
room we have been working on is our Sensory Room. This room is a quiet, peaceful
room for the clients to relax and unwind in. This room consists of numerous beanbags,
wind chimes dangling from the roof, various sensory toys such as stress balls and we
have just organised a sensory mattress for clients to relax in made of a single doona cover and off cuts of foam that
were donated to us by “Clark Rubber” in Cranbourne. This sensory mattress has proved to be a hit with the clients as
they enjoy feeling all the different shapes and sizes of the foam inside.


A big ,big thank you too The Frankston Long Island Rotary club as they have recently cut
down two dead trees in our backyard. This was a huge job and much appreciated.

This Term has seen the introduction of a new and rewarding program for clients! The Choir which meets on a Tuesday
morning with our Music Therapist is enthusiastically building their repertoire. Over the course of Term Three, the Choir
will be practicing their songs which they intend to perform for everyone at the End of Year Concert.

The Choir are pleased to be welcoming 3 Clients from Hastings to join our group and look forward to participate in
something they all love to do! Singing!!

Following two enormously successful Terms training with athletes from Focus and Nepean School, our team of
enthusiastic clients wishes to share the following exciting news.

As a way of sharing in the celebration of Sylvia’s selection to the Victorian Team, we at Langwarrin A, invite you to come
and see a Boccia Demonstration to learn more about the Sport.

On the 3rd—6th of July, the Elizabeth Murdoch College will play host to the National Boccia Titles. Some 87 athletes will
be competing from all around Australia and New Zealand. The event promises to be thrilling and lots of fun. The
Victorian squad would be thrilled to welcome your attendance and support during this time.

From the Langwarrin A team
              P AGE 6                              I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

                        CRANBOURNE UPDATE

All staff and clients have settled into the changes at Cranbourne quite well. Everyone is looking forward to the break.
Tania has been doing work in a book store and has really enjoyed it. Unfortunately this will not be available next term,
so we will be looking for new opportunities for Tania. The Men's group have enjoyed their term, they have been
involved in Fish care at Red Hill over the Term and have really appreciated the volunteers who have been teaching them
how to set up their rods and fishing skills. The group that attends Sages Cottage have really enjoyed working with the
volunteers to maintain the property. They have been rewarded with a BBQ lunch every time, for all their hard work they
put in during the morning. The personal development group have really enjoyed their term. They have been working on
various projects and had a few outings. The Genealogy and Scrap booking groups visited the Immigration Museum. All
found this very interesting and looked up their family history. Everybody has worked hard over the term and we are
looking forward to term 3. Sandra seems to have slotted into Cranbourne 8 nicely and works well with every one. As it’s
the last week everyone is really looking forward to the bowling presentation. All involved will receive a trophy and light
lunch on Wednesday. We all hope you have a great break. See you next Term.

McCelland Gallery—One of our favorite things to do on a Friday is to visit the Mc Celland Art Gallery. There is a lovely
lake there and we get to feed the bread to the ducks. They come all the way out of the water and take the bread out of
our hands. After that we like to go for a walk and look at all the sculptures. On one of the days Ann Marie decided to
take some photos of us “being one with art”. Some of the things we like the most are the Echo Balls, the Grass
sculptures, the iron sculptures, the clear boxes and many more. We also like to trick the staff by hiding in the
sculptures. We enjoy this area very much and we work up a great appetite.

Drama—We are doing really well with the Drama rehearsals. We are lucky enough to have Tysone from Langwarrin join
our Drama group. The performance is very funny and we intend to make everyone laugh. Rick took the camera to
rehearsals and got some great photos of the group wearing their masks.
We will keep working hard and may have a few surprises in store.

Ann Marie—Team Leader
            P AGE 7                             I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

                      FRANKSTON UPDATE
It has been a busy time for me since transferring from the Cranbourne site last term. As most of you know I
will be going on Long Service leave in September. This could possibly be my last newsletter. I have found it
to be a great challenge to be invited back to the Frankston site and have found that a lot of the clients have
grown in their independence and confidence in this environment.

Frankston has had a very busy Term 2 with clients doing voluntary work in the Frankston Area. Most clients
are now going straight to their activities rather than coming into the office.
We would also like to welcome Emma Burger a student from Naranga and Cassie Basset, our new volunteer.
Emma will be attending the Frankston site two days a week, she will be doing community research on
Tuesdays and Community Kitchens on Thursdays.
Our Volunteer Cassie will be working with our clients on a Monday and also joining the weekend activities.
Cassie will be assisting a couple of our clients on a one on one basis, this is to help them with their
banking/budgeting and their journals.

With the help of our volunteers this gives the staff the opportunity to pursue different avenues for our
Rowan has taken on the role as an interviewer and has been visiting the different sites interviewing clients
and staff for the newsletter. We here at Frankston are very proud of the job Rowan is doing.

Another client has almost completed a course with Skills Plus (Crossroads to Employment) and will be
starting a new course with Wise Employment Hospitality which will be running for twelve weeks. This person
has grown in confidence and independence since attending these courses.

I would like to thank Marie and Cara for all their help and support since returning to the Frankston Site.
Dot Bearder

Cox Collins—On Mondays Kevin Desiree and myself catch a bus to Cox Collins Nursing home in Carrum
Downs. Desiree and I do the dishes and Kevin sings songs with the residents. When the singing has finished
Kevin does the vacuuming and Desiree and I wipe down all the tables. During National Volunteers week we
all received certificates for our hard work which we are very proud of.
Story by Claire Williams—pictured below
         P AGE 8                              I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

                   LANGWARRIN B UPDATE
This term has been one of adventure and exploration. The people of Langwarrin B have enjoyed the opportunity to
broaden their horizons and experience new programs, activities and environments. We began a program this term
at Bunning's in Frankston. We have four people attend with staff assistance, Mark, Tysone, Bradley and Jody. They
undertake a wide variety of activities within the store. Lyn Callow from Bunning's has set up a program where the
guys have had the opportunity to make personalized cork board to take home, they painted a ceramic pot and
then planted a pansy in it for Mothers Day. They have made some masks using feathers and molded masks. This
week they have made their own ribbon (similar to the gymnastic style ribbon) to take home. This program has
been valuable for the people of Langwarrin B, as the staff of Bunning's offer support and show keen interest in
what the guys are making. We have been able to offer this program again for Term 3.

On a Wednesday each week, Brett and Chris have set up a program for the men of our site. This group, Tysone,
Chris, Bruce and Bradley have all had the opportunity to visit the Aviation Museum at Moorabbin Airport, they have
been on a tour of the Point Nepean National Park and to the Pearcedale Conservation Park. These trips have given
the guys an opportunity to experience new places and environments. Brett and Chris are now investigating other
exiting places to explore for Term 3. Options are the Police Academy at Glen Waverly, Bimbimbie Animal Park at
Upper Pakenham as well as the possibility of undertaking some painting of the rear yard at the site (beach and
Bathing box theme)

Jody Butler has joined our site this term and has blossomed into a valued member of the group. Jody has joined
many of our current activities, as well as undertaking activities with Joanne Cargill or Vincent Edwards on
independent activities. Jody has joined in our Journal program and also has been given some new make up and
nail polish, which she loves, for a grooming program.
This year we have had two new ladies join our group, Susan M and Susan L. It has been a big term for these
ladies as they have also had the opportunity to experience new activities. Susan L had her first train ride and
enjoyed the experience. Susan M has joined a number of our swimming programs and loves it. Both ladies have
also participated in bowling for the first time.
Regards Belinda Ellis (Team Leader)
           P AGE 9                             I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

                         7 DAY ACTIVITIES
What a wonderful opportunity for our clients at PAST. Earlier in June we sent out a new survey regarding
the 7 day activities. We have had some great feedback and some new clients have taken up the opportunity
to be involved. With the new changes every month we will be sending out the new timetable where the
clients will be able to choose from any activity that they would like to be involved in. Sandra Delongville and
the clients at Cranbourne will now be searching for new and fun things to do on the weekends. They will
research different activities on a Friday and will be getting together with all involved to choose what they
would like to do. This will then be added to the monthly timetable, which will be sent home.
There has been some great activities with the clubs including the regular Dance club night at the
Westernport Hotel,. We are also involved in a Rock n Roll dance night at Peninsula Skateworld in Seaford
where clients learn to dance. This will be a regular Sunday night activity. The Cove Hotel Karaoke night is
also a big hit with the group. We have also seen some great live shows at the Kingston Arts Centre including
Johnny Young from Young Talent Time and a beautiful Jazz singer called Nilusha. The guys and girls have
also been attending the football at Telstra Dome and the MCG on the weekends.
And last but not least thank you to all the staff and volunteers who are involved in the weekend activities.
Without you this would not have been a success.
Jody—Admin Support
             P AGE 1 0                              I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

             ROWANS REVIEWS
Rowan is a new member of the Newsletter Team. Rowan attends our Frankston Site.
Rowan loves writing stories, so every term Rowan will be attending each site
interviewing staff and clients with a questionnaire. We will publish a new client and staff
in every newsletter. Rowan Gadsby (Pictured Right)

Staff Questionnaire
Name: Ann Marie Bassett

What is your role in the organisation ? I am currently the Team Leader at Cranbourne

How long have you been working at P.A.S.T? I have been with the Organisation since August 2006
Why do you want to work at P.A.S.T? I want to be able to make a difference

Have you worked at other centers before? I have worked in the field for 10—12 Years

What do you think could be done to improve P.A.S.T? Just working together
Do you participate in any of the weekend activities that the clients do? I occasionally do
a weekend activity

Do you have any children? Yes Two. One is a volunteer for P.A.S.T at Frankston
Do you have any Hobbies? I like a good book and going to the movies or out for dinner
with friends

Do you have any pets? I have a dog named “Dante” and two cats named “Fatboy” and “Marmalade”

Client Questionnaire
Name : Maria D’Alesio

What do you hope to achieve at P.A.S.T? To do my own nails and cook my own lunch

What's your favorite activity at P.A.S.T? Ladies Grooming
How long have you been at P.A.S.T? 2 months ( started in 1997)
Do you participate in the weekend activities? No

Do you have pets? Yes a dog
Do you have any brothers and sisters? One brother & 2 sisters

What are your hobbies? Watching DVD’s and videos. Dressing up
              P AGE 1 1                           I N A ND A B OU T P .A .S .T

                               CHANGE IN STAFF
Hi everyone
Over the last few weeks we have been implementing a change to the Management structure as an interim approach for
the next 12 months. We have employed John Tame as Operations Manager for this time so that I can move into a
Project Management role to focus on some large projects we have on the go. I will also be moving to part-time hours so
that I can spend more time with my children as they have started prep this year.
John comes to our organisation with many years experience in the field and has served on many industry, council and
community committees. He is a Past president of the Rotary club of Frankston North and has been a member for 24
years. We have also employed a new Client Services Manager—Murray Foley. Murray has worked in the field for 16
years and has a great depth of experience in all settings within disability. Murray will be based at our Langwarrin site
where he will be central to all of the sites. Over the next few weeks as John and Murray learn their roles, we will keep
you up to date as to any changes that make directly affect you.

We would also like to welcome two new drivers, Leanne Miller who started with us on the 10th of May and Fred Kekena
who started with us on the 28th of June. Both Leanne and Fred come to us with a broad range of experience in many
different fields of work. They both show a keen interest in learning more about the field of disability and have started
their driving position already. Fred will also be taking on the role of our Maintenance/ Gardener position person for each
of the sites in between his driving.

We have had a change in Team Leaders at 2 of the sites. Belinda Ellis has moved to Cranbourne from Langwarrin B.
Ann-Marie Bassett has become the Assistant Team Leader for Cranbourne. Brett Bean has now become the Team
Leader for the Langwarrin B site. All other Team Leaders remain at the site they were last term.

We would like to farewell Daryl Bowman and Colin Allen from the drivers team and thank them for their support whilst
they worked with us. We wish them both all the best in the future.

Kath Moodie—Operations Manager

                                     Ritches Benefit Card
We applied a few years ago for Ritchie's Community Benefit cards. I was recently
informed that PAST is not receiving any donations from purchases made even though
people are using their cards/tags. The reason for this is that we must have a minimum
total purchased amount spent of $1000 for each month. Once this figure has been
reached within the month, P.A.S.T will receive 1% of the total purchases. I have been
given another 100 Community Benefit cards and tags to hand out to staff/parents and
carers. If you, your family or friends shop at Ritchie's, please consider using the
cards/tags and give me a call so I can arrange to pass them onto you. It is a very easy
way to fundraise and all the money donated to P.A.S.T will be mentioned in the
quarterly newsletter.

Ros—Admin Manager

                                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY
August— Ayesha Annetts, Ben Draper, Helmut Egger, Rowan Gadsby, Gary North, Martin Webster, Dom Spencer,
Kylie Davis, Peta Whackett, Vanessa Saunders, Wendy Morrison, Wendy Odgers.
September Andrew Beare, Claire Danielides, Jesse Duncan-McGann, Tegan Hall, Travis Harkin, Stephen Langenhoff,
Sebastian Najder, Jeannie Ross, Brodie Vearing, Edwin Clover, Harry Leek, John Tame, Lianne Le Nepveu,

October Craig Ambrose, Paul Mahony, Anna Marino, Tysone Palmer, Timothy Rose, Annette Schreurs, David Thatcher,
Claire Williams, Anne de Zwart, Ann Marie Bassett, Celine Sharratt, Jenny Stephens, Kath Moodie, Sharon Mason,
Visjna Calic
            & TRAINING                             HOW YOU CAN HELP P.A.S.T
                                                   P.A.S.T appreciates the gifts of supporters to help meet the ever
                                                   increasing needs of its community. If you can help, simply fill out this
                                                   form and send it, along with your donation, to Administration.
    Peninsula Access Support & Training
    Suite 3, Level 1
    108—120 Young Street                           YES I would like to help
    Frankston Vic 3199                             Name__________________________________________________

    Phone: (03) 9775 7333                          Address_________________________________________________
    Fax: (03) 9775 7300
                                                   Postcode______ (H)_____________ (W) ____________________
    E-mail: past@past.org.au
    Web site: www.past.org.au

                                                   Enclosed in my donation of

                                                   $25 $50 $75       $100             other amount __________

                                                   Enclosed is my cheque/money order payable to Peninsula Access
                                                   Support & Training

                                                   All donations of $2 or more to PAST are tax deductible. Donations
                                                   will be acknowledged and a receipt provided for taxation purposes.


Hastings are looking for :
•     Large shirts/Art smocks

•     Old cards and calendars

•     Wooden or cork coasters
                                                   If you or any of your friends
•     Wrapping paper

•     Shampoo bottle tops
                                                   are interested in becoming a
If you can help out please contact Kerrie at the     volunteer with us, please
Hastings office
                                                      contact Administration.

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